Without a doubt, you have made the best decision you could make for 2019, a well-deserved and relaxing holiday in Tenerife. One of the most important things organizing a trip is to know how you are going to manage the time you spend in the destination you have chosen. Sometimes the lack of organization can lead you not to enjoy all the attractions of an island as amazing as Tenerife. If you already have your Tenerife holiday booked, flight and Vanilla Garden stay confirmed, you may want to take a look at this complete itinerary that we have wanted to prepare for you.

Day 1 – Tenerife Beaches

During your first day on holiday in Tenerife, you may want to explore the surroundings of Vanilla Garden. Our hotel is situated just a few meters from some of the island’s most attractive beaches, plus a long promenade full of shops, restaurants and beautiful views of the coastline.

We propose you 3 different beaches to which you can access walking comfortably from our hotel. The first, a few meters away, is called Playa de Troya, the second is a short walk away and is Playa del Camisón, which you can reach by following the walk and, finally, Playa de Las Vistas is the longest of the 3 and has a river source that is well worth a visit.

After enjoying a day letting the sun tan your skin while enjoying a little music or a good book, how about a romantic dinner for 2?  We invite you to know the succulent letter of Chez Damien. A unique space that we have created within our modern hotel where you can share moments of warmth with an avant-garde menu full of flavors that will conquer your palate.

Day 2 – Siam Park

One of the most important visits during your stay is the most acclaimed water park by TripAdvisor users, being number 1 for several consecutive years, which is none other than Siam Park. If you want to enjoy a unique experience, loaded with adrenaline, high speed, long water slides, but also a beach of artificial sand, a slow river in which to relax and a decoration full of living nature set in the ancient Thai culture … You must mark on your calendar an unavoidable date with this water park that has comfortable travel to and from our hotel.

Day 3 – Visit Tenerife North

We believe that organizing an escape to Tenerife North and touring several stops of great interest can be a different way to know our island. For this day, we recommend you rent a car, for it, you can contact our reception team and help you with everything you need.

The first stop for this day is the capital of the Island, Santa Cruz, where you might want to do some shopping in La Calle Castillo, visit La Plaza de España, the Auditorium, García Sanabria Park… Next, a nice walk through La Laguna, a World Heritage city, its cobblestone streets, and buildings are full of history will give the cultural and architectural touch to your holiday. Following the road towards the green landscapes, the next stop may be La Orotava and then Icod de los Vinos and, having arrived here, it is worth the effort to reach Garachico, one of the most charming villages you will find in Tenerife. During your route through the north of the island, you may want to try the typical Canarian food, for that, you should look for what we commonly call ‘guachinche’.

Day 4 – Los Gigantes Cliff

For the fourth day of your holidays in Tenerife, we propose again a day at the beach but also of astonishing natural beauty. For us, another stop to contemplate is ‘Los Gigantes’. It’s a charming cliff, a small beach to disconnect from, a wide variety of water activities, kayaking, jet skis, whale watching… A different day where you can combine the options that best suit you!

Day 5 – Rest in Vanilla Garden

In any plan for your vacation, it is advisable to leave a day for rest. Choose one of the days and enjoy the Vanilla Garden facilities. You may have booked one of our Jacuzzi rooms, disconnected from routine in one of our Balinese beds, enjoyed a gin and tonic on our terrace or a dip in our tropical pool. In addition, during the summer months, we also have fun ‘pool parties’ where you can make your holidays the envy of Instagram. We want to surprise you because we know that, after a year of hard work, you deserve a holiday in Tenerife. Let us take care of you!


The year 2018 is almost coming to its end and perhaps you are already making a list of experiences and plans that you can not miss for 2019. That’s why we wanted to share with you what, for us, are unique opportunities you can’t miss in the new year.

Alone, with friends or with your partner, it’s time to stop postponing what you’ve always wanted to do and which, because of time, money or other circumstances, you’ve been postponing until now. It’s over! It’s the perfect time to commit a little madness and choose one of these amazing options for 2019.

Travelling to Tenerife

Tenerife is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean close to the African coast, one of the main reasons why we have an enviable climate 365 days a year. No matter what you decide will be that getaway you deserve, if you visit Tenerife, it is very likely that you will find sunny temperatures between 19 and 24 º.

Get to know the most magical and green corners of our island, exotic white or even black sand beaches, amazing discotheques and beachclubs, cultural areas, new flavours and much more! Choose a vacation to disconnect from routine and rest in an amazingly paradisiacal place. Even if your plan is to lie in a hammock, enjoy a good book and a cocktail, it’s also the getaway you’re looking for.

In addition, our hotel for adults only is a perfect option to rest in a modern space, with an exquisite catering offer, a great team at your disposal, a very central location and an atmosphere that can not be described in words.

Driving a jet ski

Traveling along the coast has some advantages you might not otherwise enjoy. We propose you to travel at full speed along our beaches in an experience that will trigger your adrenaline and will be one of your great memories of 2019.  If you want to live a unique moment and cross this experience off your list, just contact our team, they will provide you with detailed information on the best options and companies with which to hire this activity.


Tenerife is a beautiful place from many points of view, but how about observing it from the air?  Enjoy a unique and highly recommended experience getting to know the different contrasts that make our island unique. Sign up for a unique adventure and paraglide over Tenerife! In addition, we would like you to know that this is a safe activity because the companies with which it is possible to contract this experience in Tenerife, must pass mandatory security controls.

Diving in Tenerife

We have known different perspectives of our island but we are left with one that cannot be left behind. Diving in Tenerife is a great opportunity to dive into the depths of an indescribable environment. The Canary Islands have a beautiful seabed that is worth knowing. Fauna and flora that you haven’t seen until now can be the finishing touch to a holiday in Tenerife during 2019.

We hope we have conquered your senses with these options! If you have other activities in mind but you are sure to visit Vanilla Garden during 2019, contact us! We will do everything in our power to give you detailed information to cross off your list that experience you always wanted to do. We are waiting for you!


Tasting the typical Canarian food as you pass through Tenerife is an experience for your palate that you should not miss. The Canarian gastronomy has a wide variety of typical Canarian dishes that you should try. Without a doubt, a highly gratifying experience that you should not miss during your holidays.

If you are one of those people who like to experience new flavors and discover what places the locals on the island visit, today is your lucky day! We tell you where to eat in Tenerife.

Guachinches Tenerife

Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard this word, so we’ll bring you up to date. The guachinches are traditional and familiar places where you can enjoy the good wine cultivated in Tenerife and some of the most representative dishes of the Canarian gastronomy. These are some of our favorite places, we hope you like them!

Guachinche El Cordero


This guachinche is located on the Chafiras-las Galletas road, in Granadilla de Abona, in Tenerife south. This local has a large dining room where you will have no problem picking up a table. In the restaurant El Cordero you can try a wide variety of grilled food, in addition to some typical dishes. It is a very cheap option in which to have lunch or dinner with family or a group of friends in a green and cozy atmosphere and even sometimes has live music. Goat meat, puchero, ribs with potatoes and pineapple, rabbit in salmorejo … Try some of the delicacies of typical Canarian food.

Guachinche Casa Lito


Casa Lito is a familiar guachinche where you will be able to taste tasty wines harvested by them, accompanied by the tastiest traditional dishes that you will be able to find in the Island. This is a quiet place, with beautiful views of the north face of Tenerife, where we assure you will have a good time. You can find it in the town of Santa Úrsula and its prices are very affordable. estampido eggs, escaldón, meat to the ember… These are some of the plates that we recommended to you to try if you decide to visit this lovely place.

Restaurante Casa Edu

Casa Edu Restaurant is located very close to Los Gigantes, in the south of Tenerife. If you are going to visit this beautiful cliff, without a doubt, this is a good option where to make a small break to eat. Chickpeas, gofio, papas arrugadas, grilled meat, roasted cheese, ropa vieja, carne fiesta… Large portions of traditional food at an especially low price. Program a full day accompanied by some of the essential typical Canarian dishes.

Typical Canarian food

Your holidays will not be complete without trying the typical Canarian food. So if you don’t visit the guachinches and restaurants that we propose you, you can’t forget, even if it is, to taste some of the dishes that define the Canarian gastronomy.

You have probably heard about the most representative typical dish, the ‘papas arrugadas’. These are autochthonous potatoes, whose main characteristic is their small size, cooked with salt to be eaten with skin and accompanied by red or green mojo (sauce).

On the other hand, the scalded gofio, cooked with fish or meat broth, is a succulent dish accompanied by onion and mojo, with a very representative peculiar flavor. You will also have seen the wide variety of Canarian cheeses that you can find served fresh or roasted with mojo or honey. If you also want to know other dishes, you can not miss ropa vieja, ribs with potatoes, Puchero Canario, limpets with mojo … And a long etcetera! Also, as it could not be otherwise, we can not close this post without a quick review of some of the desserts you must try gofio amasado, bienmesabe, frangollo, Príncipe Alberto, Polvito Uruguayo … Bon appetit!


Beach clubs, discos … Don’t miss the irresistible opportunity to enjoy the most exclusive fashion venues, the best music, along with the sea breeze and creating unforgettable memories of your holiday in Tenerife. To be on party till at dawn, a romantic date or enjoying a tasty cocktail with your friends, discover the best parties in Tenerife a few meters away from the beach!

Mana Nui

The best way to enjoy the beach and spend a nice day with friends is near a nice beach bar in which to cool off the heat, enjoying music with a beautiful sunset. Mana-Nui is located in Montaña Amarilla, Costa del Silencio, in the south of the island. Enjoy a delicious barbecue, fresh fish, some snacks, fruits and natural smoothies, and some alcoholic cocktails, while you can Enjoy a welcome dip and the sun’s rays.

Chiringuito Pirata


We continue our journey through one of the favorite options to spend a pleasant afternoon in an idyllic setting. Located on the beach of La Tejita, in El Médano, it has an affordable cocktail menu to refresh you with views of Montaña Roja. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with good vibes in an unbeatable landscape.



If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more exclusive environment, at Playa de Fañabé, in Costa Adeje, Le Club is a beach club where you can enjoy food, drinks, cocktails, in a comfortable Balinese bed while listening to their resident DJs or guest artists. An afternoon of “we can drink something” that can become a fun party on the beach. Do you sign up?

Monkey Beach

Undoubtedly, one of the best beach clubs on the island, with some of the best parties, a great professional team and entertainment, to liven up the days and nights of Troya Beach. Just a short walk from our hotel, enjoy its exquisite restaurant or its wide range of cocktails. The Monkey Beach Club is a benchmark in leisure and beach parties in Tenerife.


With a very modern design, a few meters from our hotel, this beach club has an attractive atmosphere, where you can enjoy intense sunsets or the best summer party when the sun goes down, whatever you choose! High level DJ, theme parties, the most exquisite cocktails, young atmosphere and eager to have fun, the best place to end your nights during your holidays in Tenerife!

You already know the best beach club and the best beach parties of Tenerife for this summer. Now you just need the desire to have fun and your best outfit to conquer the island’s nightlife. It’s fun to have fun!


It’s summer and you deserved vacations! You maybe start asking yourself what you should or shouldn’t put in your suitcase. Space is limited and you must choose the most essential things well without leaving any behind. Today we bring you our top 5 of fundamental things that you should not forget to put in your suitcase this summer.



Sunglasses are more than a compliment, they will protect your eyesight and you will be able to fight against the excess of sun. Also wearing glasses favor your appearance and it is a trend this summer. From cat-eye glasses, aviator style, sports or ‘all-lens’ type, look for your most avant-garde style this summer while you are enjoying the sunny climate of Tenerife.



As we mentioned in our post about the importance of using sunscreen, it protects your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It is advisable to use these products regardless of skin color. Protection against UV rays is essential throughout the year, not only in summer, as this can help us prevent the possibility of contracting skin cancer. Check the maximum amount you can carry in your luggage and avoid having to leave it behind at the airport.



From your plane trip to the long days of rest in the pool, we believe that there should always be a space in your suitcase for a good book. Black novels, books of poetry, fantasy, biographies … The literature likes are changing and depend a lot on the reading scenario, but you will surely find a copy that can help you to get away from the pool noise or to fall asleep.

Comfortable clothes


Dresses, denim skirts, blouse, tops, jeans or summer kimonos, are some of the fashion items this summer. With them, you will enjoy the appropriate comfort to be able to perform all kinds of activities and, when the night comes, turn your look into a versatile, vaporous and with movement. No doubt, comfortable clothes to travel and take on your summer vacation.



Espadrilles are one of the favorite shoes in the summer season. It is the ideal element for those who want to go for a walk, get to know the island or go to the beach. Being a closed shoe, they are ideal to combine with any outfit since they transform a basic style into a modern look.


One of the main reasons why every year millions of tourists come to the paradisiacal Canary Islands is the good weather, without a doubt, it is a destination of the sun. But do we take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from the sun?

Today we bring you some of the fundamental reasons why you should use sunscreen during the time you are exposed to the sun. This measure not only helps prevent premature wrinkling or skin spots but also more worrisome pathologies such as the possibility of contracting skin cancer.

Sunscreen protects your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is advisable to use these products regardless of skin colour. The protection against UV rays is fundamental throughout the year, not only in summer, since, as we anticipated, this can help us to prevent the possibility of contracting skin cancer.

Another one of the possible effects derived from a long exposure to the sun is the premature ageing of the skin. Although there are processes that we can not avoid, the use of sunscreen helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles or spots as much as possible. Remember that your brown skin is temporary, but the health of your skin is for life. Applying sun protection should become a routine as important as brushing your teeth.

How long is the effect of sunscreen?

The indicator that warns us of the protection time is called SPF. It is an index that tells us the ability of sunscreen against the sun’s rays. For example, if our skin normally burns in 15 minutes, with a sunscreen with SPF30 you will burn in 30 x 15 = 450 minutes. That is 7’5 hours.

You have to use a bronzer that at least has an SPF of 15 to 30, with 50 being the most protected. Dermatologists advise applying the cream half an hour before exposure to the sun so that the skin absorbs the cream.

Finally, in addition to using sunscreen, we must decrease our exposure to UV rays during the hours of maximum sun-penetration (12-15pm), we can use umbrellas, hats, sunglasses or drink plenty of fluids. Do not forget that in addition to protecting your skin, you can also use protection for your lips and hair as a preventive measure.

We believe that with these simple tips you can enjoy a pleasant holiday in Vanilla Garden without exposure to the sun will be a problem.


Today is our favorite day of the year and it’s because today begins the summer!

Of the four seasons that take place during the year, summer is the warmest. That’s why we like it so much! It’s characterized because days are longer to be able to enjoy on the beach or in our pool. Nights are shorter, but only for the daylight hours because the night is always young.

Tenerife has an enviable climate all year round, but in summer it’s most! The island offers you a lot of plans to enjoy. Climate, nature, gastronomy, nightlife and, of course, its people. Here options are endless, you just need an insatiable desire to have fun.


As you may have guessed, our hotel is ready. We have prepared each and every one of the corners of our facilities so you can feel the summer in every minute of your stay. Enjoy a nice swim in our pool while you try our amazing cocktail menu, wines, beers, soft drinks … Bask in our Balinese beds or let yourself be surprised by one of our incredible pool parties.

Every week, during all the summer, the heart of the Vanilla Garden Hotel turn into the most tropical colors, lights the music and lets the good vibes flow. We invite you to join the rhythm of the best music with saxophone and DJ live, every week during the summer.

If you are looking for a relaxing summer, in a recently renovated hotel, with lots of fun and color in its facilities, we are what you were looking for! Our hotel is Only Adults Concept for getting a well-deserved break from responsibilities and worries. Without a doubt, we are the best option for a romantic getaway or have a great time with your friends.

Finally, remember that you can enjoy the paradisiacal facilities of Vanilla Garden Hotel without being staying with us, as we have a daily pass.

Don’t wait any longer and start enjoying summer with Vanilla Garden!



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