Recommendations for tasting food

Tasting the typical Canarian food as you pass through Tenerife is an experience for your palate that you should not miss. The Canarian gastronomy has a wide variety of typical Canarian dishes that you should try. Without a doubt, a highly gratifying experience that you should not miss during your holidays.

If you are one of those people who like to experience new flavors and discover what places the locals on the island visit, today is your lucky day! We tell you where to eat in Tenerife.

Guachinches Tenerife

Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard this word, so we’ll bring you up to date. The guachinches are traditional and familiar places where you can enjoy the good wine cultivated in Tenerife and some of the most representative dishes of the Canarian gastronomy. These are some of our favorite places, we hope you like them!

Guachinche El Cordero


This guachinche is located on the Chafiras-las Galletas road, in Granadilla de Abona, in Tenerife south. This local has a large dining room where you will have no problem picking up a table. In the restaurant El Cordero you can try a wide variety of grilled food, in addition to some typical dishes. It is a very cheap option in which to have lunch or dinner with family or a group of friends in a green and cozy atmosphere and even sometimes has live music. Goat meat, puchero, ribs with potatoes and pineapple, rabbit in salmorejo … Try some of the delicacies of typical Canarian food.

Guachinche Casa Lito


Casa Lito is a familiar guachinche where you will be able to taste tasty wines harvested by them, accompanied by the tastiest traditional dishes that you will be able to find in the Island. This is a quiet place, with beautiful views of the north face of Tenerife, where we assure you will have a good time. You can find it in the town of Santa Úrsula and its prices are very affordable. estampido eggs, escaldón, meat to the ember… These are some of the plates that we recommended to you to try if you decide to visit this lovely place.

Restaurante Casa Edu

Casa Edu Restaurant is located very close to Los Gigantes, in the south of Tenerife. If you are going to visit this beautiful cliff, without a doubt, this is a good option where to make a small break to eat. Chickpeas, gofio, papas arrugadas, grilled meat, roasted cheese, ropa vieja, carne fiesta… Large portions of traditional food at an especially low price. Program a full day accompanied by some of the essential typical Canarian dishes.

Typical Canarian food

Your holidays will not be complete without trying the typical Canarian food. So if you don’t visit the guachinches and restaurants that we propose you, you can’t forget, even if it is, to taste some of the dishes that define the Canarian gastronomy.

You have probably heard about the most representative typical dish, the ‘papas arrugadas’. These are autochthonous potatoes, whose main characteristic is their small size, cooked with salt to be eaten with skin and accompanied by red or green mojo (sauce).

On the other hand, the scalded gofio, cooked with fish or meat broth, is a succulent dish accompanied by onion and mojo, with a very representative peculiar flavor. You will also have seen the wide variety of Canarian cheeses that you can find served fresh or roasted with mojo or honey. If you also want to know other dishes, you can not miss ropa vieja, ribs with potatoes, Puchero Canario, limpets with mojo … And a long etcetera! Also, as it could not be otherwise, we can not close this post without a quick review of some of the desserts you must try gofio amasado, bienmesabe, frangollo, Príncipe Alberto, Polvito Uruguayo … Bon appetit!



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