If you want to enjoy an alternative holiday this summer, we present Tenerife as never before.

We know that during your holidays you want to forget about the stress of work and the madness of living in a city. That’s why we offer you a different holiday in 2019. Whether you’re one of those people who likes to take long walks on the beach, stay close to the Vanilla Garden swimming pool or if you like to experience new adventures. Today we offer you many different ways to live an alternative holiday in 2019.

Alternative vacations for adventurers

If you want the adrenaline to run through every inch of your body we propose some plans that you can’t resist.

Let’s cross Tenerife’s sky!

alternative holidays

How about a paragliding adventure watching from on high like you’ve never done before? Let yourself be carried away by the thermal currents and experience the adrenaline rush admiring the breathtaking views of Tenerife from the sky. Make the most of a very intense experience flying more than 1000 meters off the ground – this activity is designed for beginners and experts! In addition, some of these experiences will take you to know the Barranco del Infierno, one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Snorkelling among turtles

alternative holidays

Diving in Tenerife is a great opportunity to dive into the depths of an indescribable environment. The Canary Islands have a beautiful seabed that is worth visiting. In ‘El Bufadero’ a diving and snorkelling area near Los Cristianos, you will see several turtles and bishop-rays. In addition, the Puertito de Armeñime of Arona is a popular area for diving with green turtles.

Alternative vacations only for adults

alternative holidays

Another way to live a different holiday in 2019 is to stay in a hotel just for adults. Vanilla Garden is a boutique hotel just for adults that will allow you to live an alternative vacation. Our Only Adults Concept is based on offering a completely stress-free stay and is those looking to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere combined with parties. The best music, delicious and refreshing drinks, incredible pool parties, modern facilities, great chill-out area, private spaces filled the silence … The ideal hotel to visit in a couple or with your friends!

Alternative vacations to disconnect from the routine

Sometimes to be able to disconnect you need a little push, we make it easy! We want to make you feel completely renewed, what do you think about these methods?

Massage and beauty

Did you know that a hand massage is a quick and easy way to relieve stress There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself! At the Vanilla Garden Hotel, we have a space reserved for people who like to take care of their bodies. That’s why you can enjoy our manicure and pedicure service outdoors, without leaving the pool!


There’s no better way to relax than with a yoga session. If you also add the sound and the sea breeze, you can enjoy a completely enriching experience. Yoga is based on three pillars: meditation, breathing and asanas (postures). In addition, to practice this sport you will not need material to bring from home since the two fundamental pieces that you need to do yoga is your body and your mind.

We hope we helped you to plan an alternative holiday for this summer! Our main goal at Vanilla Garden is to make sure you have a pleasant vacation staying with us. Our entire team is at your disposal for whatever you need and, we’ll help you make it possible!


One of the main reasons why every year millions of tourists come to the paradisiacal Canary Islands is the good weather, without a doubt, it is a destination of the sun. But do we take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from the sun?

Today we bring you some of the fundamental reasons why you should use sunscreen during the time you are exposed to the sun. This measure not only helps prevent premature wrinkling or skin spots but also more worrisome pathologies such as the possibility of contracting skin cancer.

Sunscreen protects your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is advisable to use these products regardless of skin colour. The protection against UV rays is fundamental throughout the year, not only in summer, since, as we anticipated, this can help us to prevent the possibility of contracting skin cancer.

Another one of the possible effects derived from a long exposure to the sun is the premature ageing of the skin. Although there are processes that we can not avoid, the use of sunscreen helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles or spots as much as possible. Remember that your brown skin is temporary, but the health of your skin is for life. Applying sun protection should become a routine as important as brushing your teeth.

How long is the effect of sunscreen?

The indicator that warns us of the protection time is called SPF. It is an index that tells us the ability of sunscreen against the sun’s rays. For example, if our skin normally burns in 15 minutes, with a sunscreen with SPF30 you will burn in 30 x 15 = 450 minutes. That is 7’5 hours.

You have to use a bronzer that at least has an SPF of 15 to 30, with 50 being the most protected. Dermatologists advise applying the cream half an hour before exposure to the sun so that the skin absorbs the cream.

Finally, in addition to using sunscreen, we must decrease our exposure to UV rays during the hours of maximum sun-penetration (12-15pm), we can use umbrellas, hats, sunglasses or drink plenty of fluids. Do not forget that in addition to protecting your skin, you can also use protection for your lips and hair as a preventive measure.

We believe that with these simple tips you can enjoy a pleasant holiday in Vanilla Garden without exposure to the sun will be a problem.



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