Say hi to the good weather in Tenerife’s best beaches

Spring is finally here and we feel anxious to open up the sun season with a good bath in the beach. Even though Tenerife can boast about soft temperatures during practically all the year, the best season to enjoy the water is just starting. If you are thinking of visiting the Vanilla Garden Hotel in the next months, you are very lucky, in fact, you will be able to know our best shores with an insured good climate. Take note of these recommendations:


Fañabé Beach

Very close to our hotel, in Adeje, we find this fabulous 600 metre extension of white sand. The blue flag, which is a guarantee of the environmental quality standard, is especially important to develop the sustainable tourism. With spectacular sunrises and twilights, it is one of the most active places of the island and it is really appreciated by the locals. The visitor will find many services such as toilets, showers, hammocks and sun umbrellas. It is also an ideal place to visit with kids cause it has a children’s área and the train of waves is very quiet.


Troya Beaches

Also in the south of the island we will find two star beaches on the Adeje coast. Its sand is volcanic, which is an experience that visitors do not be missed. It is ideal for practicing aquatic activities in the shore thanks to its quiet swell. On the seaside promenade you will see many shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, cash machines…. or simply and space to walk and enjoy the atmosphere.


El Médano and La Tejita

Two of the most special and spectacular places of the island. First of all, El Médano, ideal for windy activities like windsurf or kitesurf, or for a refreshing bath. Its relief and distribution make this beach one of the most special to visit and your pictures with the red mountain at the end of the beach will be the envy of all your contacts in Social Media. On the other hand, if you are looking for a wilder experience or just a nudism option, do not hesitate to go to La Tejita.


Abrigo Beach

On the East side of the island there is a black sand jewel, especially unusual for the traveller that never have enjoyed of the volcanic substratum. Its waters are transparent and moderate train of waves, and the atmosphere usually is very quiet without a great attendance. There you will also find the Roques de Fasnia, a natural landmark with the constant impact of the waves, which is a unique spectacle to see.


Benijo Beach

It is not strange that locals always boast about Anaga’s Natural Park, which is one of the spaces that give more identity to the island and it usually is a must for tourists. With views to the iconic Roques de Anaga we find an amount of beaches with a great beauty: Taganana, Benijo and Almáciga. There is no doubt that Benijo is te queen of all of them, whose access could be complicated through a row of steps –almost- endless, but that make you spend one of the most magical journeys of your stay. Waves tend to be huge, so we recommend to take attention to the signals and, obviously, responsability.


El Bollullo Beach

Another jewel of the north of the island, with a deep dark sand and big waves. It is very close to La Orotava, there are many volcanic figures that are very characteristic and the water is as fresh and clean as full of energy. As in the case before, it is important to maximise precaution at the moment of taking a bath.


Las Gaviotas Beach

Perfect for those who want to disconnect and communion with nature. It is very common the nudism practicing, but if you prefer not to do it, the respect and harmony between visitors are guaranteed. The swell is strong, but if you take the right precaution, it is an ideal place for going with children.



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