Beach clubs, discos … Don’t miss the irresistible opportunity to enjoy the most exclusive fashion venues, the best music, along with the sea breeze and creating unforgettable memories of your holiday in Tenerife. To be on party till at dawn, a romantic date or enjoying a tasty cocktail with your friends, discover the best parties in Tenerife a few meters away from the beach!

Mana Nui

The best way to enjoy the beach and spend a nice day with friends is near a nice beach bar in which to cool off the heat, enjoying music with a beautiful sunset. Mana-Nui is located in Montaña Amarilla, Costa del Silencio, in the south of the island. Enjoy a delicious barbecue, fresh fish, some snacks, fruits and natural smoothies, and some alcoholic cocktails, while you can Enjoy a welcome dip and the sun’s rays.

Chiringuito Pirata


We continue our journey through one of the favorite options to spend a pleasant afternoon in an idyllic setting. Located on the beach of La Tejita, in El Médano, it has an affordable cocktail menu to refresh you with views of Montaña Roja. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with good vibes in an unbeatable landscape.



If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more exclusive environment, at Playa de Fañabé, in Costa Adeje, Le Club is a beach club where you can enjoy food, drinks, cocktails, in a comfortable Balinese bed while listening to their resident DJs or guest artists. An afternoon of “we can drink something” that can become a fun party on the beach. Do you sign up?

Monkey Beach

Undoubtedly, one of the best beach clubs on the island, with some of the best parties, a great professional team and entertainment, to liven up the days and nights of Troya Beach. Just a short walk from our hotel, enjoy its exquisite restaurant or its wide range of cocktails. The Monkey Beach Club is a benchmark in leisure and beach parties in Tenerife.


With a very modern design, a few meters from our hotel, this beach club has an attractive atmosphere, where you can enjoy intense sunsets or the best summer party when the sun goes down, whatever you choose! High level DJ, theme parties, the most exquisite cocktails, young atmosphere and eager to have fun, the best place to end your nights during your holidays in Tenerife!

You already know the best beach club and the best beach parties of Tenerife for this summer. Now you just need the desire to have fun and your best outfit to conquer the island’s nightlife. It’s fun to have fun!


One of the main reasons why every year millions of tourists come to the paradisiacal Canary Islands is the good weather, without a doubt, it is a destination of the sun. But do we take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from the sun?

Today we bring you some of the fundamental reasons why you should use sunscreen during the time you are exposed to the sun. This measure not only helps prevent premature wrinkling or skin spots but also more worrisome pathologies such as the possibility of contracting skin cancer.

Sunscreen protects your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is advisable to use these products regardless of skin colour. The protection against UV rays is fundamental throughout the year, not only in summer, since, as we anticipated, this can help us to prevent the possibility of contracting skin cancer.

Another one of the possible effects derived from a long exposure to the sun is the premature ageing of the skin. Although there are processes that we can not avoid, the use of sunscreen helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles or spots as much as possible. Remember that your brown skin is temporary, but the health of your skin is for life. Applying sun protection should become a routine as important as brushing your teeth.

How long is the effect of sunscreen?

The indicator that warns us of the protection time is called SPF. It is an index that tells us the ability of sunscreen against the sun’s rays. For example, if our skin normally burns in 15 minutes, with a sunscreen with SPF30 you will burn in 30 x 15 = 450 minutes. That is 7’5 hours.

You have to use a bronzer that at least has an SPF of 15 to 30, with 50 being the most protected. Dermatologists advise applying the cream half an hour before exposure to the sun so that the skin absorbs the cream.

Finally, in addition to using sunscreen, we must decrease our exposure to UV rays during the hours of maximum sun-penetration (12-15pm), we can use umbrellas, hats, sunglasses or drink plenty of fluids. Do not forget that in addition to protecting your skin, you can also use protection for your lips and hair as a preventive measure.

We believe that with these simple tips you can enjoy a pleasant holiday in Vanilla Garden without exposure to the sun will be a problem.

Few months like January awaken that longing for sun and beach that you are beginning to feel. We are in the middle of winter.

We just removed the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree. Even with the taste of nougat, family binges and New Year toasts with friends and colleagues, the idea of ​​taking a break is very suggestive.

Imagine taking off your coat, hat and scarf. Think about spending a few days relaxing, swimming pool and good atmosphere in the sun. Today we want to propose 3 irresistible reasons for you to decide to do it together with us.


The climate of Tenerife is characterized by the softness and warmth of winter, and by the constant presence of the sun during practically the whole year. Take a look at the official tourism website of the island and discover all the peculiarities of one of the most benign climates on the planet.
If you decide to come and spend a vacation in Playa de Las Américas, besides a great time, what you will find is a spectacular environment. This is one of the youngest and most lively destinations on the island. A place to find entertainment and relaxation in equal parts.


It is a time of sales; that means that in addition to enjoying a wonderful vacation in Vanilla Garden, a shopping trip awaits you that will amaze you. In the south of Tenerife there are large areas and shopping centers, where you can find fashion, accessories, electronics and everything you need, during these days, at lower prices. A plus to decide to come and spend a few hours of shopping, discovering real bargains.


Holidays to discover authentic natural gems. Days to live the vibes of cosmopolitan cities and the beach. Art, culture, sun, sport … Regardless of the type of vacation you seek in line with your preferences and your way of enjoying your destination, at Vanilla Garden we can make everything even more personal. We have many Custom Packs so you can find your perfect accommodation option. Now you have no excuse.

This is a good start to the year. We will wait for you!



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