Plans you can’t let slip away in 2019

The year 2018 is almost coming to its end and perhaps you are already making a list of experiences and plans that you can not miss for 2019. That’s why we wanted to share with you what, for us, are unique opportunities you can’t miss in the new year.

Alone, with friends or with your partner, it’s time to stop postponing what you’ve always wanted to do and which, because of time, money or other circumstances, you’ve been postponing until now. It’s over! It’s the perfect time to commit a little madness and choose one of these amazing options for 2019.

Travelling to Tenerife

Tenerife is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean close to the African coast, one of the main reasons why we have an enviable climate 365 days a year. No matter what you decide will be that getaway you deserve, if you visit Tenerife, it is very likely that you will find sunny temperatures between 19 and 24 º.

Get to know the most magical and green corners of our island, exotic white or even black sand beaches, amazing discotheques and beachclubs, cultural areas, new flavours and much more! Choose a vacation to disconnect from routine and rest in an amazingly paradisiacal place. Even if your plan is to lie in a hammock, enjoy a good book and a cocktail, it’s also the getaway you’re looking for.

In addition, our hotel for adults only is a perfect option to rest in a modern space, with an exquisite catering offer, a great team at your disposal, a very central location and an atmosphere that can not be described in words.

Driving a jet ski

Traveling along the coast has some advantages you might not otherwise enjoy. We propose you to travel at full speed along our beaches in an experience that will trigger your adrenaline and will be one of your great memories of 2019.  If you want to live a unique moment and cross this experience off your list, just contact our team, they will provide you with detailed information on the best options and companies with which to hire this activity.


Tenerife is a beautiful place from many points of view, but how about observing it from the air?  Enjoy a unique and highly recommended experience getting to know the different contrasts that make our island unique. Sign up for a unique adventure and paraglide over Tenerife! In addition, we would like you to know that this is a safe activity because the companies with which it is possible to contract this experience in Tenerife, must pass mandatory security controls.

Diving in Tenerife

We have known different perspectives of our island but we are left with one that cannot be left behind. Diving in Tenerife is a great opportunity to dive into the depths of an indescribable environment. The Canary Islands have a beautiful seabed that is worth knowing. Fauna and flora that you haven’t seen until now can be the finishing touch to a holiday in Tenerife during 2019.

We hope we have conquered your senses with these options! If you have other activities in mind but you are sure to visit Vanilla Garden during 2019, contact us! We will do everything in our power to give you detailed information to cross off your list that experience you always wanted to do. We are waiting for you!



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