It’s summer and you deserved vacations! You maybe start asking yourself what you should or shouldn’t put in your suitcase. Space is limited and you must choose the most essential things well without leaving any behind. Today we bring you our top 5 of fundamental things that you should not forget to put in your suitcase this summer.



Sunglasses are more than a compliment, they will protect your eyesight and you will be able to fight against the excess of sun. Also wearing glasses favor your appearance and it is a trend this summer. From cat-eye glasses, aviator style, sports or ‘all-lens’ type, look for your most avant-garde style this summer while you are enjoying the sunny climate of Tenerife.



As we mentioned in our post about the importance of using sunscreen, it protects your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It is advisable to use these products regardless of skin color. Protection against UV rays is essential throughout the year, not only in summer, as this can help us prevent the possibility of contracting skin cancer. Check the maximum amount you can carry in your luggage and avoid having to leave it behind at the airport.



From your plane trip to the long days of rest in the pool, we believe that there should always be a space in your suitcase for a good book. Black novels, books of poetry, fantasy, biographies … The literature likes are changing and depend a lot on the reading scenario, but you will surely find a copy that can help you to get away from the pool noise or to fall asleep.

Comfortable clothes


Dresses, denim skirts, blouse, tops, jeans or summer kimonos, are some of the fashion items this summer. With them, you will enjoy the appropriate comfort to be able to perform all kinds of activities and, when the night comes, turn your look into a versatile, vaporous and with movement. No doubt, comfortable clothes to travel and take on your summer vacation.



Espadrilles are one of the favorite shoes in the summer season. It is the ideal element for those who want to go for a walk, get to know the island or go to the beach. Being a closed shoe, they are ideal to combine with any outfit since they transform a basic style into a modern look.


Today is our favorite day of the year and it’s because today begins the summer!

Of the four seasons that take place during the year, summer is the warmest. That’s why we like it so much! It’s characterized because days are longer to be able to enjoy on the beach or in our pool. Nights are shorter, but only for the daylight hours because the night is always young.

Tenerife has an enviable climate all year round, but in summer it’s most! The island offers you a lot of plans to enjoy. Climate, nature, gastronomy, nightlife and, of course, its people. Here options are endless, you just need an insatiable desire to have fun.


As you may have guessed, our hotel is ready. We have prepared each and every one of the corners of our facilities so you can feel the summer in every minute of your stay. Enjoy a nice swim in our pool while you try our amazing cocktail menu, wines, beers, soft drinks … Bask in our Balinese beds or let yourself be surprised by one of our incredible pool parties.

Every week, during all the summer, the heart of the Vanilla Garden Hotel turn into the most tropical colors, lights the music and lets the good vibes flow. We invite you to join the rhythm of the best music with saxophone and DJ live, every week during the summer.

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Finally, remember that you can enjoy the paradisiacal facilities of Vanilla Garden Hotel without being staying with us, as we have a daily pass.

Don’t wait any longer and start enjoying summer with Vanilla Garden!



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