Golf tenerife campo de golf las américas Vanilla Garden

Enjoying golf in Tenerife is one of the favorite experiences of golf lovers. From Vanilla Garden we encourage you to practice it and go from hole to hole enjoying the landscapes that give the best golf courses in Tenerife. There is nothing like playing matches on any of the existing pitches and with ideal temperatures all year round. The island is one of the most privileged places to play, with such a magnificent infrastructure that makes it one of the main destinations due to the golf offer.

South Zone


Very close to our hotel and in the heart of Playa de Las Americas, one of the best known tourist centres in the south of Tenerife, is Golf Las Americas. Your club has a terrace area where you can enjoy the course and follow the game in total comfort. The 18-hole course is par 72 and has a total distance of 6,051 metres. Without a doubt, it is one of the most stimulating courses due to its magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and, on clear days, of the island of La Gomera. Its route will gladly encourage you to live an unrepeatable experience.

Golf Tenerife campo de las américas Vanilla Garden


Facing the sea, Amarilla Golf presents an 18-hole course with impressive views. Playing here is an experience for the senses. Its 5th hole stands out, without a doubt, as one of the most spectacular on the course due to its proximity to the sea. A real jewel for golf lovers, where palm trees, Canary Island pines and water obstacles animate a course that also offers fantastic views of Mount Teide. This is an absolutely unique environment for golf.

Golf Tenerife Vanilla Garden Amarilla golf


Located in Arona, Los Palos Golf Course, with 9 holes and Par 27, is ideal for beginners, players who want to improve their short game or for complete families. Practically without unevenness and animated by refreshing water obstacles, it is a real garden with lots of vegetation. Its pleasant terrace makes it easy to see the whole course.

Vanilla Garden Los palos

North Zone


The Real Club de Golf de Tenerife is one of the most important golf courses in Tenerife. Founded in 1932, it is the second oldest club in Spain and still retains a typically British feel. It’s 600 meters above sea level and has a total of 18 holes, with a total course length of 5740 meters and a par of 71 strokes. It stands out for its undulating terrain and its spectacular view of the Teide. The ravines come into play in several holes and the abundant native trees give the course great beauty.

Real Club golf de Tenerife Campos de golf


Designed by Severiano Ballesteros, it is one of the most visited golf courses in Tenerife. Located very close to spectacular cliffs and practically in the Teno Rural Park, Buenavista Golf is ideal for golfers who are looking for a real golf experience very close to nature. The course has 18 holes, par 72 and a total length of 6,150 meters. Some of these holes are so close to the coast and they give the player the feeling of hitting the ball directly into the ocean. A large central lake and a waterfall animate this unique course in the north of Tenerife.


We hope we helped you schedule your golf vacation in Tenerife! Our main goal at Vanilla Garden is to make sure that you spend a complete vacation staying with us. Our entire team is at your disposal to ensure that you enjoy your golfing experience in Tenerife. Don’t hesitate to ask us, we can help you!


Today’s mobile phones are an indispensable tool for immortalizing your memories. When we go to a destination like Tenerife, in addition to the experiences we learn, there is a key point that cannot miss, your couple photos on holiday

These images will accompany you forever and must reflect the essence of your stay on the island. So, when you’re back to routine, a little scrolling through your gallery can be a pleasant surprise. From Vanilla Garden, we propose different ways to take your photos to be original and to have amazing photos in your Instagram feed.

If the selfies have any function is to allow us to take the most beautiful and romantic photos of our holiday as a couple. In order for our photos to truly reflect the moments we spend together; it is important to know some tricks:

couple-photos-on-holiday-vanilla-gardenUse the angles in your favour:

Some are more flattering than others, so it is important that you know how to use them in your favour. Your photo will be more beautiful and your face more stylized if you take the photo from above or from the side. A contrasting angle is less flattering because it will make your face look bigger.

Distance is important:

Whenever you can avoid taking photos too close, it reduces the free space around the face, called ‘air’ in photography, and produces a strange visual effect. Extend your arm or use a selfie stick to get a little more distance.

Play with position:

You don’t always need to be at your partner’s side and at the same distance from the camera. You can try some distance, for example, a few steps back, leaning over your partner’s shoulder, jumping or looking like a casual photo.

Details and nothing else:

Photography is experimentation and letting your imagination run wild. If you want a different selfie try to focus attention on the details of the face. In this way you will get a photo and fun.

During the sunset:

One of the most romantic moments to take photos with a couple during the holidays is the dusk. Due to the light it is difficult for the faces to look good, but the silhouettes will stand out. We suggest that you have your profile picture taken at the moment of kissing or just looking at each other.

Colour or black & white?

It is one of the most common doubts when we take a photo. Black and white is a great way to give our photos a vintage touch, while colour is ideal for highlighting details and bringing the image to life. Thanks to the different filters that we have in the mobile you can try the two effects in the same image so that your photo as a couple is perfect.


Forget the poses during the typical study sessions or class borders. Be yourself and enjoy the moment letting yourself go. If you manage to be spontaneous you will be able to reflect the most real image of yourself in your photo as a couple.

Different places:

If you are in a destination with a nearby beach, as is the case when you are staying in Vanilla Garden, take advantage and take a photo underwater. Another option on the beach is to write a phrase on the sand and photograph yourself and your partner with a nice romantic memory at sunset.

We hope we have helped you to discover how to get the best photos for your holiday in Tenerife. Vanilla Garden is an ideal hotel to visit as a couple and get the best memories together. Our entire team will be happy to help you with anything you need, we will make your holiday unforgettable! In addition, so that your holidays are complete we also propose you other activities from our blog.

vacaciones en pareja

The couple holidays come and, after a whole year of routine and stress, we are faced with our desired free time.

From Vanilla Garden we want to give you some advice so that everything goes according to plan during your holidays as a couple. It can become one of life’s best experiences, although it will always depend on the type of person.

Common Destination

It is important to know which is the destination that each one wishes to visit and to obtain one that fulfills the expectations of both. It is also important that, when choosing a destination, you know what you want to do in the place and what we are going to visit. You must have a clear idea about what you expect to do during your holidays and that my partner also shares the same expectations.


Preparing your romantic holidays in Tenerife together is a vital step for both of you to enjoy your stay in Vanilla Garden. Not only is it important to choose the perfect hotel, but it is also important for both of you to bring some plans you want to do during your stay on the island. In our blog you will find some amazing ideas, from the best beaches to the activities that will trigger your adrenaline. So don’t let your partner take care of everything, take an active part in the preparations of your holiday as a couple and you’ll see how you find the perfect balance.


Determining the budget to be used on the trip is always important. We know that you have been working hard all year to enjoy a more than deserved vacation. It is important that you reach a consensus together on how much you want to spend during your holidays in Tenerife. However, we cannot forget that holidays are to enjoy, sometimes you have to put your worries aside and enjoy the moment, even if it means spending a little more than you had in mind!

Cultivating Romanticism

couples holidays

A romantic dinner at Chef Damien, one of our exclusive romantic packs, a walk on the beach or dancing together under the moonlight. If you don’t cultivate romance or passion during a trip, when are you going to do it? Not only will it help you to rejuvenate the bond, but you will show him that only one getaway is necessary.

Complicity is one of the best weapons of any couple and improvising during a trip can increase it more than you imagine. Skip the established and travel to that place that did not enter into your plans. Do something that simply wasn’t planned during your vacation and make a difference!

At Vanilla Garden you can get to your room in the most romantic way through a path made of rose petals.  You might want to make sure you book one of our Jacuzzi rooms on the terrace and share moments together while toasting with champagne.

Have fun!

Let yourself be carried away by the moment! Don’t concentrate on everything being perfect on the trip or the relationship, enjoy your surroundings and the positive aspects of the experience. Always keep in mind that the goal for both of you should be to have fun and be happy. All you need is the desire to spend an incredible holiday as a couple.

We hope to have been able to help you draw in your mind how to enjoy a couple holidays. Vanilla Garden is an ideal hotel to spend a couple holiday as we have everything you need to make your romantic break perfect with our packs. All our team will be delighted to help you in everything you need, we will make your holidays unforgettable! In addition, so that you can have a fantastic holiday with your partner, from our blog we propose other activities.

Travelling to Tenerife in October

If you’re looking to go on holiday avoiding the summer months and the crowds travelling to Tenerife in October is a really good option.

Have you ever spent your October holidays lying on the beach? Or practising your favourite water sport? The best thing about the mild Canarian climate is the freedom it gives you to make plans during any season of the year. What plans? As many as you want, in the city, on the beach or in the mountains. It’s your choice!

From Vanilla Garden we want to offer you some of the reasons why travelling to Tenerife in October is one of the best decisions to make your holidays fantastic.

First of all, it is an ideal month to travel due to the temperatures that still exist on the island. Many travellers seek refuge from the cold that is already present in their countries of origin.

Secondly, these temperatures allow you to do a lot of outdoor activities. For example, you can practice any water sport, as well as hiking trails, visit paradisiacal beaches or watch incredible sunsets from a Beach Club or a charming viewpoint.

In the south of the island there are many beaches and natural pools to visit, such as Playa del Duque, the Alcalá natural swimming pools, Playa de los Gigantes, Playa Fañabé, who would have imagined that you could do it in the middle of October? In many of these southern beaches you can also take advantage of water activities such as snorkeling, paddle surfing, riding jet skis, scuba diving, etc. During the month of October there will be no problem to book these activities because the beaches are less crowded. Also, if you need help booking your experience, remember that you can contact our team to make your day perfect.

paddle-surf-viajar a-Tenerife-octubreAnother activity that the weather allows on these dates is to see the stars outdoors without the low temperatures being a nuisance. In addition, Tenerife is considered a light reserve as the island has the ideal conditions to see the firmament. In fact, you will find the Teide Astronomical Observatory, where you can get some of the best photos of space in high resolution – this observatory can be visited! So that you can also enjoy this unusual activity.

In our blog, you will also find some guides in case you want to travel to Tenerife in October. How to enjoy an alternative holiday to disconnect from the routine. You can also take the opportunity to take some relaxing walks through some of the villages that you can not miss during your holidays.

As we pointed out at the beginning of this post, doing routes during the month of October is a great choice as the climate is very similar all over the island. One of the most visited places is the Anaga Rural Park, where you will find spectacular mountainous landscapes of the north-east of the island, signposted and easily passable.

senderismo-viajar a-Tenerife-octubre

In addition, so that you can enjoy the magnificent weather in October and get your more adventurous side during your trip to Tenerife, we leave a recommendation of trails along the island for you to immerse yourself in the nature of the island. We believe you will find truly spectacular places for a perfect holiday.

We hope we have convinced you that travelling to Tenerife in October is a great choice. Vanilla Garden is an ideal place to spend this October holiday with an incredible environment to make your holiday unforgettable. Our entire team will be happy to help you with anything you need, we help you make it possible!

primeras vacaciones en pareja

The first couple holidays are more important than we think, because we spend all our time with a person with whom we normally only share our free time. That’s why at Vanilla Garden we want to give you a few tips to know what to do at each moment so that your first trip Will be perfect.

Sometimes, a couple vacation is the first step before your commitment goes further. If during your stay in Tenerife the chemistry is positive, maybe it is a sign to go a step further. At the end of the day, this small cohabitation can be a small experiment before moving in together, for example.

Planning the trip

First of all, your holiday starts even before you reach your destination. You will have to discuss with your partner where the first vacation together will be. Talk to your partner to find out what your preferences are. You may want to visit a place where you can rest or maybe you prefer a vacation in a city, nature or adventure. Another factor to keep in mind is your budget. You must think of an amount of money that you want to spend and combine this variant with the place you want to go.

Use each other’s skills for mutual benefit. For example, if one of the couple is used to making reservations for airplanes or hotels, let hi mor her take care of that part of the trip and, who has a better sense of direction can search Google Maps for sites that would be good to visit. It’s about benefiting from the couple’s skills so that it’s a trip in which both of them feel part of.

At the destination

primeras vacaciones en pareja

Do not overload your time of activities, especially if you do not have many days! It is important to reserve some time to rest. Always have a margin for what may arise in the destination and we do not have planned.

For example, if we decide that we would like to know and enjoy the nightlife of Tenerife, perhaps in the morning some can get up late and do not want to spend all day visiting the island. Therefore, you have to be flexible and talk about what you want to do during your first holiday as a couple. The same happens at lunchtime, if your tastes are very varied, you might want to choose a restaurant with an extensive menu. Also, if you want to surprise your partner with a special dinner one night, visit our French restaurant, Chez Damien!

One of the keys to your first couple holiday is the quality of the time. You can still have your daily routine of drinking coffee alone or taking a walk early in the morning without your partner, for example. The important thing is that the time you spend with your partner is pleasant.

In case some plan can not be carried out or something unforeseen arises, do not blame your partner. The best thing in these cases is to stay calm and find a solution together that is beneficial to both. Discussing during the first couple holidays can cause it to become a habit in the long term.

Holidays are a good opportunity not only to rest, but also to reflect with your partner. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about anything you can think of. Anything that helps communication will contribute to the well-being of both of you. You can live the best vacation of your life if you realize that having a good time is not a matter of chance, but of preparation, working as a couple and, above all, of having a positive attitude towards life.

first couple holidays

We hope that we have helped you to find out what you should know for your first couple holidays. Vanilla Garden is an ideal place to spend your first holidays with your partner in an incredible environment and with many activities to do during your holidays. All our team will be happy to help you in everything you need to make your first trip with your partner perfect, we help you make it possible!


If you want to enjoy an alternative holiday this summer, we present Tenerife as never before.

We know that during your holidays you want to forget about the stress of work and the madness of living in a city. That’s why we offer you a different holiday in 2019. Whether you’re one of those people who likes to take long walks on the beach, stay close to the Vanilla Garden swimming pool or if you like to experience new adventures. Today we offer you many different ways to live an alternative holiday in 2019.

Alternative vacations for adventurers

If you want the adrenaline to run through every inch of your body we propose some plans that you can’t resist.

Let’s cross Tenerife’s sky!

alternative holidays

How about a paragliding adventure watching from on high like you’ve never done before? Let yourself be carried away by the thermal currents and experience the adrenaline rush admiring the breathtaking views of Tenerife from the sky. Make the most of a very intense experience flying more than 1000 meters off the ground – this activity is designed for beginners and experts! In addition, some of these experiences will take you to know the Barranco del Infierno, one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Snorkelling among turtles

alternative holidays

Diving in Tenerife is a great opportunity to dive into the depths of an indescribable environment. The Canary Islands have a beautiful seabed that is worth visiting. In ‘El Bufadero’ a diving and snorkelling area near Los Cristianos, you will see several turtles and bishop-rays. In addition, the Puertito de Armeñime of Arona is a popular area for diving with green turtles.

Alternative vacations only for adults

alternative holidays

Another way to live a different holiday in 2019 is to stay in a hotel just for adults. Vanilla Garden is a boutique hotel just for adults that will allow you to live an alternative vacation. Our Only Adults Concept is based on offering a completely stress-free stay and is those looking to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere combined with parties. The best music, delicious and refreshing drinks, incredible pool parties, modern facilities, great chill-out area, private spaces filled the silence … The ideal hotel to visit in a couple or with your friends!

Alternative vacations to disconnect from the routine

Sometimes to be able to disconnect you need a little push, we make it easy! We want to make you feel completely renewed, what do you think about these methods?

Massage and beauty

Did you know that a hand massage is a quick and easy way to relieve stress There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself! At the Vanilla Garden Hotel, we have a space reserved for people who like to take care of their bodies. That’s why you can enjoy our manicure and pedicure service outdoors, without leaving the pool!


There’s no better way to relax than with a yoga session. If you also add the sound and the sea breeze, you can enjoy a completely enriching experience. Yoga is based on three pillars: meditation, breathing and asanas (postures). In addition, to practice this sport you will not need material to bring from home since the two fundamental pieces that you need to do yoga is your body and your mind.

We hope we helped you to plan an alternative holiday for this summer! Our main goal at Vanilla Garden is to make sure you have a pleasant vacation staying with us. Our entire team is at your disposal for whatever you need and, we’ll help you make it possible!

Trails of Tenerife

The hiking routes in Tenerife are the perfect alternative to spend a completely different day during your holidays. If you want to know 3 of the most magical trails you will find on the island, then we tell you here everything you need to know.

Although Tenerife is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical landscapes, the island also has other attractions that you may want to know. Enjoying a few hiking trails in Tenerife during your holiday can be a great opportunity to get to know the greener aspects of the island. Its contrast between very green and arid areas, and other mountainous areas facing extensive beaches, make enjoying the trails of Tenerife an unparalleled experience.

It is important that if you decide to do any of these walks in Tenerife wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, plenty of water and even food. Many of the routes we are going to talk about below do not have nearby places to stock up, so you must be prepared. Some trails in Tenerife lead to the beach, it will be advisable that in addition to the things we have mentioned above, you have at hand a swimsuit. It is important that, although we do a route on foot, the climate will remain sunny, so it is vital that we continue to use sunscreen to avoid burning.

Trails of Tenerife

‘El Infierno’ Ravine

The first path we want to share with you is the route through the ‘Barranco del Infierno’.  This is one of the most visited routes in the south of Tenerife, so it is important to book your assistance. This trail is a space where only 300 people a day are allowed to enter, in order to preserve the environment in the place. Access is open every day from 08:30 to 14:30. This walk is estimated to take about three and a half hours. The route is 6.5 KM and its difficulty is low.

The Masca Ravine

This other ravine located in the southern area of Tenerife will take us approximately 3 hours walk.  It starts from the ‘Caserío de Masca’ and its descent will take us to a magical beach that can only be reached through this path or by boat. Many people choose to return to the pier of Los Gigantes by boat or kayak. This will be one of the routes for which you will have to take a bathing suit and even a towel. If you are looking for a trail in Tenerife with beautiful scenery that you can combine with other water activities, this is the route you were looking for!

Las vueltas de Taganana

This hiking route in Tenerife North is located in the Parque Rural de Anaga. This trail will be where you can best appreciate the contrast between the greenest areas of the island and end up near one of the most magical beaches you’ve ever seen. The distance of this circular path of Tenerife is 11.3 KM, which is about 3.5 hours of simple travel. The end of this path is next to the beach of Los Roques, Taganana and Benijo, 3 black volcanic sand beaches that will leave you breathless.

We hope that these 3 trails in Tenerife have encouraged you to spend a completely different day during your holidays in Tenerife. Also, if you have any questions about these routes, you can contact the Vanilla Garden team and we will be happy to help you.


We know that you are already working to schedule your paradisiacal vacation on the sunny island of Tenerife. The countdown is already underway, do you let us show you some amazing boat trips to enjoy even more your stay?

We are sure that you already know that one of the biggest attractions of Tenerife are its crystal and clear waters where sail, its beautiful coastline, the beaches that can’t be reached on foot or its extensive and exotic marine fauna. So, if you are thinking about an amazing boat trip during your holidays in Tenerife, today we bring you some ideas.

Boats to see marine fauna

Many of these boats depart from Los Gigantes, as Flipper Uno. They are specialists in dolphin and whale sightings on the coasts of Tenerife, they will give you the opportunity to photograph them and you will travel with a guide that will tell you the secrets of the Canary seabed. In addition, this tour has lunch included and time to relax with a refreshing swim in the sea.

Where you can not get there by car

Perhaps what you are looking for is a boat trip to get to some of the best beaches in Tenerife, which, unfortunately, you can’t reach on foot. Today we bring you our two favorites.



If you want a different holiday, we recommend you the walking tour through Masca ravine. An authentic treasure of nature hidden among the rocks that flow into a spectacular beach of black sand. In general, the most exciting option is to go to El Caserío de Masca, by taxi or bus, and descend by walking along a route of just over 3 hours. When you get to the beach, you can take a break, enjoy a refreshing swim and then return by one of the boats that await you there (we recommend booking it before). Another possibility that adventurers use is to go back in a kayak, although it requires a good physical shape. One of the companies which you can carry out this activity is Teno Activo.

Antequera Beach


This is undoubtedly one of the most recognized beaches in Tenerife. It’s a beach that is difficult to access, hence its charm is also born. There are many boat trips that go from Santa Cruz and San Andrés. Another possibility is to reach this beautiful beach with gray sand on foot, you must do it following the path, although we realize it is quite complicated and you need a good physical condition and hiking experience. If you are determined to spend the day on this beach, Náutica Nivaria is a tour company and taxi boat you can count on.

La Gomera


Enjoy a day at one of our little neighbors! La Gomera island is only 50 minutes by boat from the pier of Los Cristianos. We encourage you to spend a different day of your holidays and discover the charms of this Island. Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of this natural Biosphere reserve. Here you will discover species already disappeared in other parts of the world. For this excursion, consult the services of Fred Olsen company.

Party on a boat


We know that it is possible that, what you are really looking for, is a party boat with your group of friends. Don’t worry! We also bring you a plan that adapts perfectly to your needs. Boat Party Tenerife offers you a unique experience in a boat of up to 150 people, DJ’s, live singer, saxophonist, free bar time and barbecue with the best electronic techno house and dance music.

Don’t hesitate! Enjoy a vacation that you will remember for a long time thanks to our Hotel Vanilla Garden and you are unparalleled boat experiences during your holidays in Tenerife.



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