Travelling to Tenerife in October

If you’re looking to go on holiday avoiding the summer months and the crowds travelling to Tenerife in October is a really good option.

Have you ever spent your October holidays lying on the beach? Or practising your favourite water sport? The best thing about the mild Canarian climate is the freedom it gives you to make plans during any season of the year. What plans? As many as you want, in the city, on the beach or in the mountains. It’s your choice!

From Vanilla Garden we want to offer you some of the reasons why travelling to Tenerife in October is one of the best decisions to make your holidays fantastic.

First of all, it is an ideal month to travel due to the temperatures that still exist on the island. Many travellers seek refuge from the cold that is already present in their countries of origin.

Secondly, these temperatures allow you to do a lot of outdoor activities. For example, you can practice any water sport, as well as hiking trails, visit paradisiacal beaches or watch incredible sunsets from a Beach Club or a charming viewpoint.

In the south of the island there are many beaches and natural pools to visit, such as Playa del Duque, the Alcalá natural swimming pools, Playa de los Gigantes, Playa Fañabé, who would have imagined that you could do it in the middle of October? In many of these southern beaches you can also take advantage of water activities such as snorkeling, paddle surfing, riding jet skis, scuba diving, etc. During the month of October there will be no problem to book these activities because the beaches are less crowded. Also, if you need help booking your experience, remember that you can contact our team to make your day perfect.

paddle-surf-viajar a-Tenerife-octubreAnother activity that the weather allows on these dates is to see the stars outdoors without the low temperatures being a nuisance. In addition, Tenerife is considered a light reserve as the island has the ideal conditions to see the firmament. In fact, you will find the Teide Astronomical Observatory, where you can get some of the best photos of space in high resolution – this observatory can be visited! So that you can also enjoy this unusual activity.

In our blog, you will also find some guides in case you want to travel to Tenerife in October. How to enjoy an alternative holiday to disconnect from the routine. You can also take the opportunity to take some relaxing walks through some of the villages that you can not miss during your holidays.

As we pointed out at the beginning of this post, doing routes during the month of October is a great choice as the climate is very similar all over the island. One of the most visited places is the Anaga Rural Park, where you will find spectacular mountainous landscapes of the north-east of the island, signposted and easily passable.

senderismo-viajar a-Tenerife-octubre

In addition, so that you can enjoy the magnificent weather in October and get your more adventurous side during your trip to Tenerife, we leave a recommendation of trails along the island for you to immerse yourself in the nature of the island. We believe you will find truly spectacular places for a perfect holiday.

We hope we have convinced you that travelling to Tenerife in October is a great choice. Vanilla Garden is an ideal place to spend this October holiday with an incredible environment to make your holiday unforgettable. Our entire team will be happy to help you with anything you need, we help you make it possible!



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