Today’s mobile phones are an indispensable tool for immortalizing your memories. When we go to a destination like Tenerife, in addition to the experiences we learn, there is a key point that cannot miss, your couple photos on holiday

These images will accompany you forever and must reflect the essence of your stay on the island. So, when you’re back to routine, a little scrolling through your gallery can be a pleasant surprise. From Vanilla Garden, we propose different ways to take your photos to be original and to have amazing photos in your Instagram feed.

If the selfies have any function is to allow us to take the most beautiful and romantic photos of our holiday as a couple. In order for our photos to truly reflect the moments we spend together; it is important to know some tricks:

couple-photos-on-holiday-vanilla-gardenUse the angles in your favour:

Some are more flattering than others, so it is important that you know how to use them in your favour. Your photo will be more beautiful and your face more stylized if you take the photo from above or from the side. A contrasting angle is less flattering because it will make your face look bigger.

Distance is important:

Whenever you can avoid taking photos too close, it reduces the free space around the face, called ‘air’ in photography, and produces a strange visual effect. Extend your arm or use a selfie stick to get a little more distance.

Play with position:

You don’t always need to be at your partner’s side and at the same distance from the camera. You can try some distance, for example, a few steps back, leaning over your partner’s shoulder, jumping or looking like a casual photo.

Details and nothing else:

Photography is experimentation and letting your imagination run wild. If you want a different selfie try to focus attention on the details of the face. In this way you will get a photo and fun.

During the sunset:

One of the most romantic moments to take photos with a couple during the holidays is the dusk. Due to the light it is difficult for the faces to look good, but the silhouettes will stand out. We suggest that you have your profile picture taken at the moment of kissing or just looking at each other.

Colour or black & white?

It is one of the most common doubts when we take a photo. Black and white is a great way to give our photos a vintage touch, while colour is ideal for highlighting details and bringing the image to life. Thanks to the different filters that we have in the mobile you can try the two effects in the same image so that your photo as a couple is perfect.


Forget the poses during the typical study sessions or class borders. Be yourself and enjoy the moment letting yourself go. If you manage to be spontaneous you will be able to reflect the most real image of yourself in your photo as a couple.

Different places:

If you are in a destination with a nearby beach, as is the case when you are staying in Vanilla Garden, take advantage and take a photo underwater. Another option on the beach is to write a phrase on the sand and photograph yourself and your partner with a nice romantic memory at sunset.

We hope we have helped you to discover how to get the best photos for your holiday in Tenerife. Vanilla Garden is an ideal hotel to visit as a couple and get the best memories together. Our entire team will be happy to help you with anything you need, we will make your holiday unforgettable! In addition, so that your holidays are complete we also propose you other activities from our blog.

vacaciones en pareja

The couple holidays come and, after a whole year of routine and stress, we are faced with our desired free time.

From Vanilla Garden we want to give you some advice so that everything goes according to plan during your holidays as a couple. It can become one of life’s best experiences, although it will always depend on the type of person.

Common Destination

It is important to know which is the destination that each one wishes to visit and to obtain one that fulfills the expectations of both. It is also important that, when choosing a destination, you know what you want to do in the place and what we are going to visit. You must have a clear idea about what you expect to do during your holidays and that my partner also shares the same expectations.


Preparing your romantic holidays in Tenerife together is a vital step for both of you to enjoy your stay in Vanilla Garden. Not only is it important to choose the perfect hotel, but it is also important for both of you to bring some plans you want to do during your stay on the island. In our blog you will find some amazing ideas, from the best beaches to the activities that will trigger your adrenaline. So don’t let your partner take care of everything, take an active part in the preparations of your holiday as a couple and you’ll see how you find the perfect balance.


Determining the budget to be used on the trip is always important. We know that you have been working hard all year to enjoy a more than deserved vacation. It is important that you reach a consensus together on how much you want to spend during your holidays in Tenerife. However, we cannot forget that holidays are to enjoy, sometimes you have to put your worries aside and enjoy the moment, even if it means spending a little more than you had in mind!

Cultivating Romanticism

couples holidays

A romantic dinner at Chef Damien, one of our exclusive romantic packs, a walk on the beach or dancing together under the moonlight. If you don’t cultivate romance or passion during a trip, when are you going to do it? Not only will it help you to rejuvenate the bond, but you will show him that only one getaway is necessary.

Complicity is one of the best weapons of any couple and improvising during a trip can increase it more than you imagine. Skip the established and travel to that place that did not enter into your plans. Do something that simply wasn’t planned during your vacation and make a difference!

At Vanilla Garden you can get to your room in the most romantic way through a path made of rose petals.  You might want to make sure you book one of our Jacuzzi rooms on the terrace and share moments together while toasting with champagne.

Have fun!

Let yourself be carried away by the moment! Don’t concentrate on everything being perfect on the trip or the relationship, enjoy your surroundings and the positive aspects of the experience. Always keep in mind that the goal for both of you should be to have fun and be happy. All you need is the desire to spend an incredible holiday as a couple.

We hope to have been able to help you draw in your mind how to enjoy a couple holidays. Vanilla Garden is an ideal hotel to spend a couple holiday as we have everything you need to make your romantic break perfect with our packs. All our team will be delighted to help you in everything you need, we will make your holidays unforgettable! In addition, so that you can have a fantastic holiday with your partner, from our blog we propose other activities.

primeras vacaciones en pareja

The first couple holidays are more important than we think, because we spend all our time with a person with whom we normally only share our free time. That’s why at Vanilla Garden we want to give you a few tips to know what to do at each moment so that your first trip Will be perfect.

Sometimes, a couple vacation is the first step before your commitment goes further. If during your stay in Tenerife the chemistry is positive, maybe it is a sign to go a step further. At the end of the day, this small cohabitation can be a small experiment before moving in together, for example.

Planning the trip

First of all, your holiday starts even before you reach your destination. You will have to discuss with your partner where the first vacation together will be. Talk to your partner to find out what your preferences are. You may want to visit a place where you can rest or maybe you prefer a vacation in a city, nature or adventure. Another factor to keep in mind is your budget. You must think of an amount of money that you want to spend and combine this variant with the place you want to go.

Use each other’s skills for mutual benefit. For example, if one of the couple is used to making reservations for airplanes or hotels, let hi mor her take care of that part of the trip and, who has a better sense of direction can search Google Maps for sites that would be good to visit. It’s about benefiting from the couple’s skills so that it’s a trip in which both of them feel part of.

At the destination

primeras vacaciones en pareja

Do not overload your time of activities, especially if you do not have many days! It is important to reserve some time to rest. Always have a margin for what may arise in the destination and we do not have planned.

For example, if we decide that we would like to know and enjoy the nightlife of Tenerife, perhaps in the morning some can get up late and do not want to spend all day visiting the island. Therefore, you have to be flexible and talk about what you want to do during your first holiday as a couple. The same happens at lunchtime, if your tastes are very varied, you might want to choose a restaurant with an extensive menu. Also, if you want to surprise your partner with a special dinner one night, visit our French restaurant, Chez Damien!

One of the keys to your first couple holiday is the quality of the time. You can still have your daily routine of drinking coffee alone or taking a walk early in the morning without your partner, for example. The important thing is that the time you spend with your partner is pleasant.

In case some plan can not be carried out or something unforeseen arises, do not blame your partner. The best thing in these cases is to stay calm and find a solution together that is beneficial to both. Discussing during the first couple holidays can cause it to become a habit in the long term.

Holidays are a good opportunity not only to rest, but also to reflect with your partner. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about anything you can think of. Anything that helps communication will contribute to the well-being of both of you. You can live the best vacation of your life if you realize that having a good time is not a matter of chance, but of preparation, working as a couple and, above all, of having a positive attitude towards life.

first couple holidays

We hope that we have helped you to find out what you should know for your first couple holidays. Vanilla Garden is an ideal place to spend your first holidays with your partner in an incredible environment and with many activities to do during your holidays. All our team will be happy to help you in everything you need to make your first trip with your partner perfect, we help you make it possible!



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