Few months like January awaken that longing for sun and beach that you are beginning to feel. We are in the middle of winter.

We just removed the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree. Even with the taste of nougat, family binges and New Year toasts with friends and colleagues, the idea of ​​taking a break is very suggestive.

Imagine taking off your coat, hat and scarf. Think about spending a few days relaxing, swimming pool and good atmosphere in the sun. Today we want to propose 3 irresistible reasons for you to decide to do it together with us.


The climate of Tenerife is characterized by the softness and warmth of winter, and by the constant presence of the sun during practically the whole year. Take a look at the official tourism website of the island and discover all the peculiarities of one of the most benign climates on the planet.
If you decide to come and spend a vacation in Playa de Las Américas, besides a great time, what you will find is a spectacular environment. This is one of the youngest and most lively destinations on the island. A place to find entertainment and relaxation in equal parts.


It is a time of sales; that means that in addition to enjoying a wonderful vacation in Vanilla Garden, a shopping trip awaits you that will amaze you. In the south of Tenerife there are large areas and shopping centers, where you can find fashion, accessories, electronics and everything you need, during these days, at lower prices. A plus to decide to come and spend a few hours of shopping, discovering real bargains.


Holidays to discover authentic natural gems. Days to live the vibes of cosmopolitan cities and the beach. Art, culture, sun, sport … Regardless of the type of vacation you seek in line with your preferences and your way of enjoying your destination, at Vanilla Garden we can make everything even more personal. We have many Custom Packs so you can find your perfect accommodation option. Now you have no excuse.

This is a good start to the year. We will wait for you!



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