a romantic getaway to Tenerife

If you are planning a romantic getaway to Tenerife, you may need to consult this small practical guide that we wanted to share with you so as everything Will be ready at your arrival. Surprising your partner has never been so easy! Organize a perfect romantic getaway in Tenerife thanks to Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel.

Tenerife Resorts for couples

The first indispensable step for a romantic getaway to Tenerife is to book a hotel that captivates all your senses. At Vanilla Garden, we have worked to create a space that invites tranquillity and eroticism. In addition, this is a hotel only for adults, we believe that we have managed to create an intimate and close environment. Enjoying romantic Tenerife Resorts for couples without families with children can be a factor to consider for your getaway.

a romantic getaway to Tenerife

Many couples decide to stay in our romantic rooms. For this reason, we have created special packs to enjoy as a couple. Imagine arriving at Vanilla Garden after a long trip and, when you get to your room, there is a romantic welcome inside. Rose petals running through every corner of your room as you toast with cava and combine it with the taste of chocolate, can you think of anything more romantic?

Perhaps you’d like to know that some of our rooms have a Jacuzzi on the terrace – a very romantic hotel with a Jacuzzi for a special sunset! Be sure to make a difference with your partner with a little extra that is well worth it during your getaway in Tenerife.

Finally, our hotel has different areas to make your rest easier, such as our Chill Out or our solarium, where we have designed a chic space with personality. Under the wooden canopies, comfortable armchairs await you and under the rays of the sun, wonderful Balinese beds, in both cases, a warm atmosphere that invites you to relax.

Romantic Dinner Tenerife

a romantic getaway to Tenerife

A classic way to create a special souvenir is with a romantic dinner in Tenerife. In the heart of Vanilla Garden we have a French Restaurant open to the public. So, whether you stay with us or not, we recommend you visit it to enjoy a highly romantic dinner.

If you need to surprise a special person with a spectacular dinner, you might want to enjoy an evening at Chez Damien, as we not only offer a breathless menu, but an exquisite atmosphere that will make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Romantic Plan Tenerife

If what you are looking for is a romantic plan in Tenerife to surprise your partner, we also have some proposals! You may want to hire a spa circuit, go up to Teide National Park to see the stars, spend a day aboard a catamaran watching dolphins or, for couples who love adrenaline, you can go scuba diving to get to know the seabed of the Canary Islands. In any case, you can always count on our hotel team to help you organize your romantic plan in Tenerife.

We hope that this little guide to organize your romantic getaway in Tenerife has been useful to you. The best way to conquer your partner is just 3 short steps: book a Tenerife Resorts for couples, enjoy a romantic dinner in Tenerife and prepare the best romantic plan in Tenerife. We will be waiting for you!

All the places have a history and the one of our archipelago is very particular. Many will wonder why we celebrate the Canary Islands Day and here we leave you a few reasons.

This festival turns out to be special, not only for the historians but also for the inhabitants of the islands. And is that this holiday represents that longed desire of the Canaries to have greater representation and autonomy.

The 30 of May of 1983 was the first of the sessions of the Parliament of Canarias and was celebrated in Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife. This was the starting point to give greater voice and vote to the Canary Islands in the country.

Around this day there are endless activities to remember the devotion of the people for their islands, displaying flags and decorating balconies with flowers.

The children also become protagonists of the commemoration, dressing with their finest costumes of typical costumes and offering tastings of the most delicious dishes and wines of the islands.

The native flora and fauna are a primordial part of their exhibitions and highlight information of interest around the perfect climate of this paradise.

It is certainly a special day for all the canaries, but also for the thousands and thousands of tourists who visit us every year.

Thus our guests are well received, not only in our wonderful and unique beaches, leisure areas, hotels, parks and other tourist attractions. They are also invited to be part of the rich and varied culture of our archipelago.

Happy Canary Day!



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