Canary Islands activities

It’s time to celebrate something very special for everyone. Check out some of the Canary Islands Day activities you can do to keep up the spirit of the islands.

On the 30th of May, all the islands celebrate this special date to commemorate “canariedad”. Many Canary Islands Day activities are held in the archipelago as a tribute to 30 May 1983. On this day, and after many decades of dictatorship, the first president Pedro Cabrera led the ceremony following the approval of the Statute of Autonomy of the Canary Islands the previous year.

It is a significant date for all Canary Islanders, a holiday on all eight islands and a commemoration of modern and ancestral traditions. There are many leisure and cultural activities to enjoy on this day.

Today we are going to make you a series of suggestions so that you can spend the Canary Islands Day in an authentic way and supporting the traditions of the islands. It is very important that the locals preserve the rich traditions of our region and that visitors get to know the true essence of our way of being and acting.

Autochthonous sports

The Canary Islands is a land of great sportsmen and women of international prestige and its own sports passed down from generation to generation. It might be a good day off to take up one of them. The weight of history will make you feel a little more islander.

  • Lucha Canaria. The islands’ national sport par excellence. In this type of combat sport you don’t try to hurt your opponent, you just need to unbalance him and make him touch the ground before you do. On a circular court it is sometimes more important to have skill than strength to be an expert in this sport.
  • The bola canaria is a very popular sport on the islands. It comes from the Iberian peninsula and has been modified to have a longer length and heavier balls. It is similar to petanque.
  • Another sport with a long tradition is the game of palo. A noble sport that aims to touch some area of the opponent’s body in a battle with wooden sticks.

Canary Islands Day

Traditional Canarian music

On the 30th of May we forget about pop-rock, reggeaton and trap. It’s time to listen to some traditional music from our islands. There are countless concerts of local groups or parrandas that take place in the villages of Tenerife on this day. Let’s get to know some of the most relevant traditional Canarian music.

Canarian music is very rich and the isas, folías or malagueñas arise from the mixture of traditional aboriginal music, Castilian, Portuguese and even the Caribbean music of the emigrants who returned. We should also mention the timple, our most popular instrument. It is a string instrument with five strings, similar to a guitar but smaller.

Canary Islands Day activities

Iconic places

A picture is worth a thousand words. The Canary Islands is beauty and unrepeatable landscapes, so a visit to any beach or mountain on the islands is the perfect tribute to enjoy Canary Islands Day. A lunch in Tajao, a dip in Armeñime, a stroll through the volcanic landscape of Teide, a walk in Anaga, a guachinche in the north of the island, a visit to La Laguna and much more. A thousand and one places to enjoy the true essence of our island and our people.

Celebrate Canary Islands Day as you wish, carry out the activities that best identify you and feel proud to belong to a fantastic place or to be a guest in our land. Remember that at Vanilla Garden Hotel we have a special price for residents, we will be delighted to share with you the day of our community.

All the places have a history and the one of our archipelago is very particular. Many will wonder why we celebrate the Canary Islands Day and here we leave you a few reasons.

This festival turns out to be special, not only for the historians but also for the inhabitants of the islands. And is that this holiday represents that longed desire of the Canaries to have greater representation and autonomy.

The 30 of May of 1983 was the first of the sessions of the Parliament of Canarias and was celebrated in Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife. This was the starting point to give greater voice and vote to the Canary Islands in the country.

Around this day there are endless activities to remember the devotion of the people for their islands, displaying flags and decorating balconies with flowers.

The children also become protagonists of the commemoration, dressing with their finest costumes of typical costumes and offering tastings of the most delicious dishes and wines of the islands.

The native flora and fauna are a primordial part of their exhibitions and highlight information of interest around the perfect climate of this paradise.

It is certainly a special day for all the canaries, but also for the thousands and thousands of tourists who visit us every year.

Thus our guests are well received, not only in our wonderful and unique beaches, leisure areas, hotels, parks and other tourist attractions. They are also invited to be part of the rich and varied culture of our archipelago.

Happy Canary Day!



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