Collect memories, the best tips for summer

It’s time for a unique summer and experiences you’ll never forget. These are the tips for summer that you must not forget.

For many, summer has already come to an end. However, for many others the summer period has only just begun. Summer is the time to get out of the routine and dedicate time to ourselves that we normally don’t have or spend on something else like work. This is the time of year when we not only want to look better than ever but also want to bring out the best in ourselves.

We continually come across an endless amount of superficial summer tips. “How to get the perfect tan”, “how to get the perfect body this summer”, “the trendy look for this summer” and so on, forgetting those things that are really important. That’s why we bring you 6 summer tips that will make this summer unforgettable.

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Reconnect with yourself

Be present. We often find it hard to get out of our routine and focus on everything that is happening to us. We get into our own bubble and don’t enjoy all the amazing things that are happening to us, it’s time to look around us, let go of the past and the future and live in the now. We live in a world full of distractions and over-information in which it is difficult to be present and this is why life slips away from us without us realising it. It is time to appreciate, take advantage of and value everything we have and live. Being present will help you to be happy and to live a carefree life.

Enjoy every second. Don’t think about “what if”. Do whatever you are passionate about and don’t regret it. Life goes by fast and by the time we realise it, more than half of our lives have passed and we still haven’t done many of the things we dreamed of doing when we were young. If your dream is to paraglide, do it. If your dream is to rent a quad bike and feel the adrenaline rush, go for it. If your dream is to live a peaceful summer in the perfect hotel, now is the time. The time is now.

Eat what makes you happy. Yes, you read that right. Although summer is the time for restrictive diets and the famous “operation bikini”, it is also the time to go out with your friends and family. It’s the time to have meals that turn into dinners and never stop making plans. This is the time to enjoy your loved ones and not to be measuring how much you have eaten or what you have eaten. Give yourself a break and take advantage of the incredible possibilities that the gastronomic world offers us and don’t regret doing something as simple as enjoying yourself.

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Prioritise your wants and needs

Set aside an hour for yourself every day. Life is balance, everything tends to balance. It is detrimental not to take time for yourself, just as it is detrimental to work more than you should. Sometimes we are busy doing things for everyone and we find it hard to refuse requests from others, making our life revolve around people who are not ourselves and this is definitely a big mistake. We all have the right to express our needs and to organise our time according to our wishes and not those of other people. So it’s time to prioritise yourself and do whatever makes you happy, whatever it is.

Go for a walk. Physical activity should be an essential part of our daily lives. We don’t need to do a triathlon or spend 3 hours in the gym. Something as simple as a daily walk can improve our quality of life. When we exercise we release serotonin, better known as the happiness hormone, which improves our mood and considerably reduces stress levels. Summer is the ideal time to do those things that we don’t normally have time to do. With the routine it is sometimes difficult to enjoy the small pleasures of life such as a long walk in your favourite park or on the beach. Make the most of your free time and invest it in yourself.

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