Fun guaranteed; renting a quad biking in Tenerife

We can only recommend renting a quad biking in Tenerife. A unique experience to get to know the island while you put your energy and skill into driving these fun vehicles.

There are many motorsport lovers who like to experience the adrenaline of renting a quad biking in Tenerife. It is an exciting and different way to travel some routes on the island. The inventor of this type of vehicle, Royal Einfield, surely thought of the Canary Islands and its landscape as the perfect place for this type of experience.

It is very important that these routes are always carried out with maximum safety and using the regulatory measures for this type of vehicle. The regulatory helmet, the usual protections and a previous driving training. Obviously, underage children are not allowed to drive this type of vehicle and the traffic regulations of the place we are visiting must be respected. In this case, speed is a bad travelling companion. This experience is all about enjoying the scenery and the route calmly and with the indications of your guide.

Quad Tenerife

The best routes in Tenerife

Route through the Teide National Park. There is no better place to go quad biking than the Teide National Park. A volcanic, almost lunar landscape and kilometres and kilometres of well-surfaced and signposted roads. With an average altitude of 2,000 metres, the fresh air will reach your face as you get into your vehicle and enjoy this exciting experience. The national park covers 19,000 hectares and there are different and varied routes depending on the company you hire the activity with.

Arona – Vilaflor route. This route is totally different from the previous one because of a key factor: the real dirt roads and secondary roads that are so common on quad routes. This ascending tour has hidden paths through pine forests, steep paths and sharp bends. A tour for true nature lovers and driving enthusiasts. All your skills will be put to the test.

La Orotava Route. In the north of the island there are also possibilities to explore the green trails on a quad bike. There are totally natural routes and wild trails to test your skills at the wheel of these vehicles. The highlands of La Orotava, Santa Úrsula or La Victoria de Acentejo are ideal for getting to know the vegetation of the islands and reaching spectacular viewpoints.

Quad biking Tenerife

Some companies that can help you

Quad Safari Tenerife has more than ten years of experience in this type of tours. They are known for their respect for the environment and the safety of their experiences. They have routes through the Teide National Park and the forests of Vilaflor. They are based in the south of the island, where their activities begin. They also offer experiences with jeeps.

Quads 4 Fun offers personalised experiences according to ability, distance or chosen route. They offer a different activity along the coast. We can escape from the typical forest and mountain route and get closer to the sea. A beautiful quad bike ride along the coast. Another of the most interesting options is to enjoy the island’s gastronomy while we take a lunch tour. Experiences for all tastes.

The most exciting holidays by our side

Vanilla Garden is the perfect hotel for adventurers. A young and relaxed atmosphere where you will have a great time. Our staff will be able to provide you with all the necessary information about these and many other activities. Diving, golf, whale watching, quad biking in Tenerife and all the fun you need during your holiday.



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