Bring out your wild side in the best zoos in Tenerife

If you are an animal and nature lover, these are the zoos in Tenerife that you can’t miss. The best time to get to know new wildlife.

There are people who are born with an innate passion for nature and all that it entails. They know each and every species that exists in the animal world. They are incapable of seeing an animal in danger and not going to the rescue. They are the kind of people who organise trips to strategic destinations where they can enjoy their favourite company, the company of animals.

These people are capable of putting their lives in danger just to get a closer look at the animals they admire. Some animal lovers are attracted to domestic animals and their homes look like small farms. However, there is an immense number of people who feel a great affinity for wild animals. If your heartbeat races every time you are with an animal and you are looking for the ideal place to take your next trip, this is for you. Get to know the best zoos in Tenerife and live a unique experience on the island.

zoos in Tenerife

Benefits of animal company

Without a doubt, animals are the best company man can have. Despite not being able to communicate directly with them, animals transmit an indescribable peace. Psychological studies have shown the benefits of animal company and how much they impact on the lives of human beings, especially the youngest ones. In general, the company of animals helps to maintain not only physical but also mental balance. It also reduces stress and lowers the rate of depression.

In the case of children, as well as providing all the above-mentioned benefits, it contributes to their social and educational development. The presence of animals in children’s lives serves as a behavioural stabiliser and, most importantly, helps to boost joy and reduce the sadness and fears of childhood. For this reason, whether you are travelling alone or with your family, you should visit these zoos on the island. Tenerife has an infinite number of enclosures dedicated to animals, but these are some of the most impressive.

The well-known Loro Parque is the main reference in terms of zoos in the Canary Islands, but as we all know their commitment to animal care and the large number of species they have, we are going to focus on two animal protection areas in the south of the island, which are perhaps less well known worldwide.

zoo Tenerife

Monkey Park

In the south of the island you will find a small zoo that will not leave you indifferent. Only 9 minutes by car from our facilities you will find this jewel of Tenerife. The main attraction of this destination is the large number of primates that you can discover and meet. In Monkey Park you will find monkey species that will surprise the youngest and the oldest ones. You will be able to meet Balomebe his male Dril, this species is in danger of extinction. It is typical from central Africa and is characterised by its aggressiveness towards other animals and its kindness towards humans.

You will also be able to observe the Angolan tapolines, which tend to be a favourite for the youngest visitors due to their grace and ability to climb trees. Finally, in this zoo you will not only find monkeys, but also reptiles and birds of all species. Dare to immerse yourself in the world of our ancestors.

Jungle Park

Also in the south of the island, this time 17 minutes away from our hotel is the Jungle Park. Just like Monkey Park, you can enjoy the company of its animals. From birds to primates, felines and alligators, at Jungle Park you will be amazed by them all. One of the icons of this zoo are the eagles and falcons. Thanks to the speed these animals reach and their majesty, they conquer everyone’s heart. In addition to increasing your passion for the animals in their facilities, you will be able to enjoy adventures that will be engraved in your memory forever. Most people’s favourite is the BOB, a 800-metre-long slide with breathtaking views. You can’t miss it!

Ultimately, if you are a lover of animals and the adrenaline that their presence brings, Vanilla Garden is the place for you. Visit the best zoos in Tenerife



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