Tenerife’s hidden places to visit

If you want to go on vacation and have a unique experience, Tenerife’s hidden places will blow your mind and create unforgettable moments for life.

Tenerife is an island with a lot to offer. With sixteen microclimates and a diverse range of landscapes, it is impossible to not spend everyday living the best experience ever. Even though places like The Teide and Anaga are a must-see when you come, Tenerife’s hidden places can make your visit 100% times more unique. If this is not the first time you come, and you want to see other things, this is the list for you too.

Tenerife lugares escondidosPath of Rambla de Castro

Now, if you want to take a walk around nature and get to know some history of Tenerife, this walk is the best for you. It starts at the Viewpoint of San Pedro and to get there you can go by car taking the TF-5 or you can easily use the public buses. It is in this viewpoint where it starts the path to this wonderful walk that doesn’t take more than an hour and half going down. Along this path you are going to find signs that will tell you how to get to some of the historical places that you can see like Fortín de San Fernando or the Elevator of Waters of the Gordejuela.

By the end of the walk, you will find a nice beach that is a lot different from the ones you can normally see. Playa del Castro is a rock beach with huge waves that offers another type of aquatic experience. We recommend that for this walk you take some comfortable shoes and some beach shoes so that you can walk comfortably at the beach.

Viewpoint of 500 steps

It can sound tiring, but this little place in the town Tacoronte hides one of the best views of the sunset on the whole island. Getting there is not as hard as it seems, this wonderful spot is located just at the end curve of Urbanización Jardín del Sol, from there you can see where the 500 steps begin and how it goes down to the coast. It’s here where you can see the sun go down along the horizon and appreciate how the colors of the sky make the view of the Teide look like a painting. To make sure you can see the sunset, we recommend that you look for the time the sunset begins in Tacoronte 

Diego Henández Beach

This beautiful cove on the south of the Island, it’s mostly unknown to a lot of locals. It can be found just under the Golf Course of Costa de Adeje, around a place called La Caleta. Here you can enjoy a little swim at peace due to how few people know of the existence of this gold sand beach. If you go make sure to check the weather because on a perfect cloudless day you can see the Island of La Gomera in all its glory.

Lighthouse at Punta de Teno

Tenerife hidden places

This might not be one of Tenerife’s hidden places, but it’s one of the most incredible points of the Island, and not a lot of people go there. It only takes 20 minutes by a bus you can get from Buenavista del Norte, and then you will see the amazing lighthouse set on a cliff. In Teno you can also enjoy a delightful swim at some totally crystal clear caves around. We recommend you to check the canary buses website to know the times and buses you have to take to visit this amazing place.

A deserved rest

After seeing and walking to all of Tenerife’s hidden places, the only way that can finish the day on a high note is resting at a beautiful place. Vanilla Garden Hotel has just the rooms and facilities to not only give the best time of relaxation, but to actually unwind of everything and enjoy these wonderful days of vacations.



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