The best places to see the sunrise in Tenerife

It doesn’t matter if you are on the beach, on a mountain or in your hotel room, seeing the sunrise in Tenerife is a must for your vacations.

Visiting Tenerife is one of the best experiences you can have thanks to the huge range of activities and places you can enjoy. It does not matter when you come, Tenerife would make sure to make the most mundane activities into an unforgettable experience. Even if you have a lot of places to see, you have to make sure that you can squeeze in a day to see the sunrise in Tenerife. All the natural places this island has to offer would make getting up early worth it.

Starting the day in the highest point

Deciding where to start the day can seem like a hard task, but it is actually a no-brainer. You must see it in The Teide. This is the best place to see the sun come out due to its high altitude. El Teide is a currently inactive volcano that has an altitude of 3715 above sea level, this makes it the highest point in Spain, and it’s the third-highest volcano in the world. Just going to see this amazing place it’s an activity of its own, but if you get up early you can watch the most beautiful sunrise that Spain has to offer. It is the combination of being surrounded by nature, seeing the clouds so near and the fact that even cell service works at a lower point, but the Teide gives you zen-like feeling that would leave you in a total peace.

Sunrise Tenerife

Waking up at the beach

Going to the beach is the activity to do in Tenerife, and it makes total sense to go there to watch the sunrise sitting in the sand and hearing the relaxing sound of the waves. Even if all the beaches on this island are beautiful, not in all you can have a moving experience like in the Playa de Benijo. This is a totally different beach; it has black sand, and it is in between two rocks called Benijo and La Rapadura. To get to the beach you must do a little bit of walking, but it is actually part of the experience, and it would be worth it when you are sitting on this amazing beach that not everyone goes to.

If the walk to get to Playa de Benijo seems too hard, but you still want to have this experience and go to a different type of beach, we recommend you to go to Playa de El Poris. This beach has this gorgeous combination of sand and little rocks that makes the view totally special. And if you just want sand you can go to Playa Grande that is near El Poris but has a different, more typical kind of vibe.

Now, if you do not want to spend most of the time in the car or in the public transport going to all these places, the nearest option is to go to the overlook of Las Teresitas Beach. This trip will only be for around 15 minutes from the city center, and then you can have the whole day to explore what Santa Cruz de Tenerife has to offer.

Sunrise Tenerife south

In the comfort of your room

If all of these places seem a little far and waking up before 6 am seems like too much of a vacation, you can still enjoy watching the sunset and the comfort of your hotel room. It is a way to start the day differently, but without taking off the comfort of your pajamas. The best place that has great rooms and a balcony in most rooms is Vanilla Garden Hotel. This one is located in the south of the Island where the weather never disappoints and has all the facilities to make your away time even more relaxing. It is also near the beach Las Americas so if you still feel like watching the sunset on a beach but do not want to move too far this is a great place to stay.



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