Gifting an experience in Tenerife; the best gift for anyone

A teddy bear or a box of chocolates are not always a good lasting memories, gifting an experience in Tenerife is a great gift that would not be forgotten

Knowing what to give to our loved ones can be a hard task. Between trying to give something meaningful and that they would like, there is plenty of room for disaster. Gifting an experience in Tenerife can actually be pretty easy if you think that something that most people like is to travel. A memory is something that can last a lifetime and that actually shows the appreciation you have for them. That is why we believe that giving a trip to Tenerife is the best present you can give to anyone.

A trip to Tenerife is, in itself, a great idea, but if you also give them amazing activities to do around the island it can be even more spectacular. Gifting experiences in Tenerife is not hard a task, this incredible island is filled with things to do in it and for every type of person.

Gifting experience in Tenerife

Adrenaline shooting experiences

If the person you love is pretty active, Tenerife offers a huge variety of things to get fun in anyone. The Forestal Park is a natural park that has different circuits with ropes that can make you feel like the true king or queen of the jungle. On the other hand, if jumping in nature is not the most ideal experience, but you still want a fun activity, the Karting Las Américas is the best way to have a different day filled with adrenaline. And if you want to sunbathe differently, Siam Park is the ideal place for that. This water park has been named the best in the world by Trip Advisor in two year and offers the best aquatic attractions. It also has an artificial wave pool, in which you can get that beautiful tan that you wanted.

For the animal lovers

Giving a little time in nature and meeting a diverse species of animals can be an excellent present. The Loro Park is the biggest zoo on the Island and has won several environmental awards. This amazing zoo has a huge, diverse variety of special species like red pandas and capybaras. It also protected whales and an astounding show with beautiful sea lions. The Loro Park has been certificated with the European Certificated for Environmental Responsibility since 2005.

Another experience with nature that is unforgettable is visiting Camel Park. Without having to go too far, you can meet some camels that have been taken care of since birth in the first center of baby camels in Tenerife. It also has a little farm where you can meet some animals and have a ride in some camels.

Gifting an experience Tenerife

For the wine lovers

A glass of wine is always well received, and Tenerife offers a huge variety of wineries. These places offer one of the best wines on the island, and the most famous is Bodegas Monje. This winery has been working for over 100 year and has one of the most interesting stories about wine making on the island.

A good rest is always the best gift

A beautiful room, amazing pools and the best service. These are a few of the reasons that make giving a stay in Vanilla Garden the best gift ever. A good couple of days of rest and unwind is the best present anyone can wish for. In Vanilla Garden you don’t only have a nice stay guaranteed, but also you can pick from the different packs they offer to make your gift even more special to the ones you love.



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