If you’re thinking of booking a well-deserved holiday in Tenerife, you might want to add some adrenaline to the equation by booking active tourism activities.

Many people visit the Canary Islands and after 3 days of relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Islands or in our vibrant swimming pool, they need to look for new experiences but that allows them to know in depth the place they have chosen for their holidays.

Tenerife is an island of contrasts, its volcanic sandy beaches are just a clue to the grandeur of its mountains, ravines, sea beds … Today we tell you some active tourism activities that you might want to add to your ‘things to do in Tenerife’ list.

What is Active Tourism?

Active tourism is that way of travelling that involves developing certain activities in natural environments. Most of the time, these are excursions with a certain amount of physical exertion but with a controlled level of risk. Without a doubt, this is a different way of getting to know Tenerife and it makes the visitor get involved with the environment and enjoy an adventure holiday.


Sports tourism

First of all, we propose you some mountain tourism activities that perhaps fit well with what you are looking for.

Trekking: One of the most classic aspects of mountain sports tourism is to enjoy the countless trails that Tenerife has for trekking. Discover the greenest and wildest part of the island by walking along the summits of Anaga to the coast in Las Vueltas de Taganana; enjoy the path that leads to the beach of Antequera, you will pass from a thick laurisilva forest to an almost deserted beach where you can enjoy the sun and sea; finally, another example that you should know is the path of Alto de Guajara, with some amazing views of Teide and where, on clear days, you can also see other Canary Islands.

Canyoning: Another way to do mountain tourism but that will trigger your adrenaline is to practice canyoning. Jumps into the water, rappel down, connect with the wild and adventurous side of nature… The ravine of Arcos, Los Carrizales or La Sabina are some of the best known but there are many places to practice this sport in Tenerife.

Active tourism in the water

It is possible that if you have arrived here, we have already met you to practice active tourism during your holidays in Tenerife. But you may still be reluctant to move from the beach to the mountains, don’t be afraid! You can practice sports tourism without getting out of the water, how?

Kayaking in Los Gigantes: How about spending the day kayaking on the cliff of Los Gigantes? It’s certainly a unique experience with incredible views of Tenerife’s coastline as you alternate it with bathing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Diving: We have talked about the great characteristics of the coast and mountains of Tenerife, but you can also practice sports tourism underwater. Reach the depths of our Island to know more than 600 marine species that inhabit the south coast of Tenerife.

Don’t doubt it! Get into the rewarding experience of active tourism activities during your holiday in Tenerife – you’ll get to know our island like never before! In addition, the whole Vanilla Garden team is at your disposal to help you organise as many activities as you want and, if you haven’t found it among our recommendations, please contact us!



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