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The weather in Tenerife is a real privilege. During the summer season a mild weather prevails, while in winter the warmth is noticed as a moderate continuation of the summer. The sun shines here all year round and temperatures range from 17ºC in winter to 25ºC in the warmer months. Many are the aspects that intervene in this privileged weather of Tenerife and that make this island an ideal place to enjoy a holiday in the open air all year round.

Many are the guests of Vanilla Garden who check year after year the privileged weather of Tenerife. The weather is usually refreshed by the sea breeze and the trade winds, which are responsible for compensating for the long days of sunshine. In addition, the island’s own orography makes it possible to find very different climates in one area and another, the so-called “microclimates”. In this way, it will be possible to enjoy the green forests and high mountain landscapes and, on the same day, sunbathe and swim in any area of the island’s coastline.


One of the most striking phenomena of Tenerife’s climate is that during the winter, pleasant and warm temperatures are maintained at any point along the coast. Meanwhile, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful views of the Teide landscape from your hammock on any beach in the south or from the swimming pool in your hotel. The south of the island, where Vanilla Garden is located, has more hours of sunshine per year, while in the north the climate varies significantly with more humidity. This creates different landscapes and shades worth admiring when it comes to getting to know the island.

One of the phenomena worth admiring is the sea of clouds. This is an impressive effect created by the trade winds, which push the clouds against the northern mountain slopes of the island creating the illusion of a calm and spongy sea.

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There is no doubt that Tenerife can be enjoyed at any time of the year. With an average annual temperature of 23ºC, thanks to its ideal location near the Tropic of Cancer and the aforementioned trade winds. All this results in a pleasant and mild climate, which allows you to enjoy nature, sun, sea, gastronomy and the historical heritage of Tenerife 365 days a year.


This privileged weather in Tenerife means that you should pack cool clothes to help you fight the temperatures at their highest peaks during the day, but also slightly less cool clothes for the hours when the sun goes down. You should not forget to your sunscreen because you risk burning your skin when exposed to the sun’s rays. For full protection, include sunglasses to protect the eyes and a hat to avoid direct exposure to the face and neck. All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy without worrying about the weather, because as we’ve been saying, it’s privileged!

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