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A lot of rhythm, color, humor and imagination is what we will find in the streets during the Carnival of Tenerife 2020. Internationally famous, it is considered the second most popular carnival in the world. It’s no surprise that it was declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest in 1980. 

Originally, the Carnival of Tenerife it consisted of a parade where participants dressed up and wore masks and other types of decorations. But with the passing of time, it has become a great party without comparison, with an important follow-up and with the celebration of different competitions and open-air events for all tastes and ages.


Carnival is a celebration that takes place just before Lent. The dates usually vary between February and March. In this edition the carnival of Santa Cruz will be between January 24 and March 1.


The inauguration of the carnival began on 24 January, and throughout the month of February different events and competitions take place, but the main events that you should not miss are:

On 19 February the great Gala Election of the Queen of Carnival of Tenerife 2020 takes place, a contest in which the candidates parade wearing costumes called “fantasy” that can exceed three meters in height and 100 kg. They’re true works of art, the result of the work carried out by members of the different teams throughout the year, and which are assessed and chosen by a jury to represent the carnival throughout the year. This is one of the star events of the Tenerife carnival.

The next essential date takes place on Friday 21st. La gran Cabalgata Anunciadora will flood the streets of Santa Cruz with colour, batucadas and the best possible atmosphere. A huge parade in which the Queen of the Carnival, thousands of people and dozens of carnival groups take part and tour around the streets for hours. When it ends, the party begins with dancing and performances by great orchestras.

Carnival in the streets

From Saturday 22 February to 1 March, the carnival begins in the street and can be at night or during the day. The party consists of the celebration of dances and performances on the different stages that are usually spread around the city. The live performances, the kiosks and the decorated cars or floats, offer a great variety of music for all tastes. From here, the population of Tenerife, the carnival par excellence, gathers together with other carnival-goers from other islands, the rest of the country or the world around the most legendary carnival meeting places, such as El Corinto or El Águila. Check the programme, mark the days on the calendar and all that remains is to enjoy and dance!

The culmination of the carnival will take place on March 1st. There will be a series of concerts and performances, an antique car competition, a tour of the streets of the city by all the groups participating in the carnival and for the final closing, there is a great pyrotechnic exhibition that you cannot miss.


For the people of Tenerife, the making of costumes is a tradition. They meet in groups for long sessions of sewing and creativity to develop the designs. Others, on the other hand, with little time to do so, decide to improvise and be more practical, although no less colourful. The fantasy of the costumes (this year dedicated to ‘Los coquetos años 50’) and the cheekiness of those who wear them offer a unique spectacle. If you don’t want to be out of tune, you’ll have no choice but to dress up. Put on some brightly colored fabric, some funny wig or a funny mask. The important thing is to feel comfortable and free to dance and enjoy yourself all night or day.

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  • Carnival days are long and intense and uncomfortable shoes can take their toll. Use the most comfortable footwear you have and don’t mind getting them dirty.
  • Don’t neglect the weather and adapt your costume to it. Use warm and waterproof clothing.
  • Don’t neglect your belongings and always keep the essentials well stored: money, documents and telephone.
  • Use public transport. The services are reinforced on the occasion of the carnival and you do not have to worry about parking in a Santa Cruz saturated with traffic and people.

Now we are ready to enjoy the Carnival of Tenerife 2020. Let the fun begin!


If you don’t want to go all the way to Santa Cruz, the carnival doesn’t end there. In Arona, very close to Vanilla Garden, the Arona Carnival is celebrated. Los Cristianos, one of the most important tourist areas of the island, also celebrates its own carnival from March 12th to 23rd. As usual, the streets of the municipality host the election of the queen of the festivities and an attractive carnival program. Check out the programme for Arona’s carnival and don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know the essence of the island’s carnival.

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There is no doubt that the Canaries are such a paradise in every way. If you are looking for the perfect place to go for drinks and dance in Tenerife you will find many options and have a hard time deciding just for one.

To help you in your decision, at Hotel Vanilla Garden we have thought of giving you some suggestions, which will surely serve you a lot when choosing where to spend a pleasant time. Everyone will look ideal!

La Terrazza del Mare

It is located on Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina, in Las Américas, very close to our Hotel Vanilla Garden! Great terrace to enjoy watching beautiful sunsets facing the sea, enjoy delicious and varied drinks, snack or taste rich dishes of Italian cuisine. It has a chick and minimalist style that recreates a very peaceful atmosphere. Good music to soften the moment and highlights the excellent attention of its staff.

Lava Lounge & Bar

The nights in Lava are usually quite busy. Here the atmosphere is of music, with rhythms that rise. You will also enjoy refreshing and delicious cocktails, lots of dancing, beautiful people and all the best vibes. You will see live music shows and beautiful girls cheering the night with their choreographies. You can walk from our hotel quietly because it is very close, in Las Verónicas. You’re going to have a great time!

Monkey Beach Club

One of the most famous places in the south of Tenerife is “El Monkey”, as its most loyal customers call it affectionately. You can find it in Playa de Las Americas, in Arona. It is a place that is different from the others by its famous Beach Parties, themed parties and the private events that attend the party elite of the island. The variety in drinks is excellent, as is the music and the unique atmosphere that you can enjoy there. Everything a Must in Tenerife ”

Tibu Discoteca & VIP Lounge

In Calle México number 3 Playa de las Americas you will find a place with a very warm and cozy decoration, with the best atmosphere of party and beautiful people. Here you can drain all your desire to spend an incredible night. You will enjoy the animation of beautiful girls dancing to the beat of varied music, delicious cocktails, special smoking area, very comfortable and beautiful armchairs … We love the Tibu! And we know you will like it too because it is the ideal place to go for drinks and enjoy with friends or meeting new people.

Have you visited any of these places? Tell us how your experience has been!

In Tenerife we ​​have celebrations for all audiences, dates and places.

Did you go to the Carnival in Santa Cruz? And those of Puerto de la Cruz? The north of the island stands out for these festivities, for their costumes, colors and atmosphere. But the south is no less when it comes to having a great time.

If you are one of those who chases a party, those who want more, if you missed the other carnivals or just feel like going out to have a good time, this is the time and the perfect place to come for your vacation.

The other side of Tenerife celebrates the International Carnival of Los Cristianos, Arona 2017 or better known by locals as the Southern Carnival. Very popular for being later than the conventional dates of carnival that is celebrated more to the north of the island and in the capital.

The southern enclave to collect this holiday is Playa de Los Cristianos, in the municipality of Arona. This year’s theme is Las Vegas and it comes with a very varied program with galas, murgas, dances, festivals, contests, concerts, parades, wigs, costumes, choreographies and much more.

It opens its calendar of events from March 17, when it will take place the Presentation of the Candidates to Queen Children, the Adult and Queen of Carnival 2017.

Afterwards you will be able to enjoy the Drag Queen Gala and the elections of all the queens of the International Carnival of Los Cristianos, Arona 2017.

Do you still want more party? Then you can not miss the 2017 Day Carnival scheduled for Saturday, March 25 from 11:00 a.m. If you go out on Friday night, you can tie the party and rest on Sunday!

But keep forces in your body for what remains…

On the penultimate day in the planning of these carnivals there will be an exhibition of classic and old cars where you can relax a bit, admire these works of art and then get some air, because the march continues with the Great Aposoic Coso of the Carnival.

And if your body does not give more, but it gives you regret that the holidays are over, you are invited to the Burial of the southern Sardine to bid farewell to these days of celebration. You have to wear black, but with a lot of glitter and above all a lot of humor, satire, laughter and the desire to have fun.

On Monday, March 27, starting at 9:00 pm, the end of the Southern Carnival begins and also is the beginning of your holiday planning to return next year.

You will see how much desire you will have to repeat!



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