There is no doubt that among the most impressive charms of the Canary Islands are the waters of Tenerife and the amount of treasures that it offers, both in surface and in the depths.

Whichever way you visit it is possible to enjoy and live unique experiences, such as diving or snorkeling.

If you have never dived or do not have much practice in this fantastic sport, do not worry because this may be the ideal environment to start you in the best conditions and accompanied by the most professional.

The Baptism of Diving in Tenerife is recognized worldwide by many of the tourists who have visited us.

A quick and very easy way to enjoy the underwater landscapes, accompanied by instructors to ensure your safety while enjoying the experience.

During the excursion you will be able to fascinate with the varied fauna underwater like turtles and great amount of fish.

Snorkeling is another of the options offered by Tenerife to enjoy its wonderful aquatic backgrounds.

It is an activity where the athlete dives just below the surface of the water, using as tools a tube or snorkel to breathe under the water and also fins to expedite their movements in the water.

Perhaps this is a lighter form of diving, especially for those who do not like to dive completely underwater or just want to take a curious look.

The clarity of the waters in some coves of Tenerife help to visualize with greater ease and without needing to submerge. In these beaches you can see all kinds of local fauna and a great variety of aquatic curiosities.

The climate and the overall environment of the island are simply perfect and give it recognition among its visitors as one of the best areas to dive or snorkel.

Do not you feel like going into the water or are you a little afraid? Do not worry because a boat ride might be the perfect choice for you.

You can even go with your family or with friends to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes on the coast of the island, the stunning views of the cliffs, sunrises or sunsets, cetaceans swimming and many more things.

It is only a matter of choosing the aquatic activity that best suits your preferences.



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