Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Tenerife

Valentine’s Day is coming, perhaps you still haven’t found the perfect gift to surprise your partner or perhaps you’re about to embark on a romantic holiday in Tenerife and want to surprise her or him with something extra during your stay at Vanilla Garden.

One of the most special days of the year requires one of the hotels in Tenerife for the best-valued couples you can find. In addition, they can also be the perfect excuse to look for plans to make as a couple and enjoy your romantic getaway in Tenerife.

We know that this 2019 on February 14 falls on a Thursday, which can make it a little more complicated to celebrate as a couple. However, we believe that this is the perfect excuse to take Friday off or simply postpone this well-deserved romantic plan in Tenerife until the weekend.

If you already have a reservation at our hotel in Tenerife for couples and you have just realized that ‘Valentine’s Day’ falls during your idyllic holiday in Tenerife, we remind you of some of the services we have available for you.

Surprise your partner with a romantic pack


Imagine you arrive at our hotel after a long trip, check in at our reception, pick up your key, head for your room and, when you open the door, a romantic welcome awaits you inside. Rose petals will run through every corner of your room, you can toast with a bottle of cold cava and also combine it with the taste of chocolate. Without a doubt, a wonderfully welcome surprise to start your holiday as a couple in Tenerife in style.

If you want to give a more sensual touch to your stay. We recommend our erotic pack, composed of some elements that will raise the temperature of your room so that the passion loses its brake. In addition, we also have other options with which to surprise your partner to improve your stay and ensure a dream vacation.

vanilla-garden-hotel-chef-damien-restauranteDinner at Chez Damien

A Valentine’s Day classic is inviting the person you love to dinner. That’s why we invite you to discover all the secrets of our French Cuisine Restaurant, Chez Damien. This is a unique place open to the public, so even if you’re not staying at Vanilla Garden, you can enjoy a succulent dinner for two.




vanilla-garden-playas-tenerife-vacacionesPlans for couples in Tenerife

To conclude, we propose some of the most romantic plans in Tenerife that you could imagine. We know that you have programmed your holidays especially to break the routine, relax and enjoy. But they can also be the perfect excuse to look for plans to make as a couple and enjoy your romantic getaway in Tenerife and, above all, when it comes to date as important as Valentine’s Day.





We hope we have helped you find the perfect plan for a romantic holiday in Tenerife. If you have any other ideas in mind, maybe our team can help you carry them out. Don’t hesitate to contact us!



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