Book your hotel in Tenerife during Black Friday

If you love great prices and travelling around the world, booking your hotel in Tenerife during Black Friday is a golden opportunity.

If you’re looking for the perfect time to enjoy a luxury holiday in Tenerife without breaking the bank, then you’ve come to the right place! Black Friday is the ideal time to plan your next holiday and take advantage of the amazing deals on hotels in Tenerife. Get ready to discover why this event is a real holiday for travel and online shopping lovers.

As you may already know, this year the day is celebrated on the 24th of November, but we can assure you that our offers will have a longer booking window – we wouldn’t leave you with just one day, you never know when you might run out of internet. We join this American tradition to offer you the best prices.

hotel Tenerife durante Black Friday

Irresistible prices

Black Friday is known for offering discounts that will make you enjoy the excitement. Hotels in Tenerife are no exception, and during this event, you can find truly irresistible prices. Can you imagine staying in a luxury boutique hotel in the south of the island for much less than you expected? It’s possible, we’re going to make it possible!

Exclusive offers

What makes Black Friday even more exciting is the variety of exclusive offers that hotels in Tenerife have in store for you. From discounted rooms to special packages including meals and activities, you’ll find offers to suit your needs and preferences – it’s like a feast of promotions specially designed for your enjoyment! We can’t wait for you to get to know ours and click on the book button.

More flexibility

Many Black Friday deals on hotels in Tenerife also offer flexibility in the dates of your stay. This means you can plan your getaway at a time that suits you, rather than being limited to specific dates. So, if you have a busy schedule or want to surprise someone with an unexpected holiday, Black Friday offers the perfect opportunity. We promise a large booking window so you can come and visit us whenever you like.

Additional gifts

Some hotels go the extra mile by offering additional gifts with your booking. This could include a relaxing massage, a gourmet dinner or even a bottle of champagne to toast your holiday – that little something that makes all the difference and will make your stay even more special!

hotel Tenerife during Black Friday

Planning ahead

Booking your Tenerife hotel during Black Friday allows you to plan your holiday well in advance. This is especially beneficial if you have specific dates in mind or if you want to make sure you get the room that suits you best. Don’t wait until the last minute; make sure you have everything ready for a perfect getaway.

Discover Tenerife in style

Tenerife is an island full of natural beauty, vibrant culture and exciting adventures. Booking your hotel during Black Friday gives you the chance to explore this Atlantic gem without feeling like you’ve spent a fortune. You can enjoy golden beaches, volcanic landscapes, theme parks and much more, all without worrying about the cost. At Vanilla Garden we make your dreams come true.

This day is for two types of people, those who like organisation and those who love to find real bargains. Booking your hotel in Tenerife during Black Friday is a smart decision if you are looking for a luxury holiday without spending a fortune. With irresistible prices, exclusive offers and additional gifts. So what are you waiting for, get ready to enjoy Tenerife in style and book your hotel during Black Friday!



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