What souvenirs to buy in Tenerife?

When we visit a new place we always ask ourselves the same questions; what gift should we bring for our loved ones? Today we will find out what souvenirs to buy in Tenerife.

The souvenir culture is very popular with tourists all over the world. We all want to take home that little souvenir of our visit. The key ring in the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, the fridge magnet with the skyline of Rome or a typical New York baseball cap. In addition, we always try to give the most original gift to the most special person, something original and different that shows the interest we have in the other person. I was in a wonderful place and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. What souvenirs to buy in Tenerife? Let’s try to answer that question.

Our island is a very small place in space and time. Few traces remain of the Guanche culture and its influence before the Castilian conquest around 1500. A short but intense history, which has left influences of English, Portuguese and Spanish in our culture and traditions. Nature and its fruits, the volcanic origin of our island or the most ancestral traditions are the basis of the best memories you can take away from our territory.

Souvenir Tenerife

Tenerife wine

There is no better gift than a good bottle of wine. Elegant, with personality, distinguished and representative of the place we are going to. Even the bottle, once it has been drunk, can serve as a fantastic souvenir. Tenerife has five denominations of origin, due to its varied microclimates and the different grape varieties that have developed on the island over hundreds of years. Abona, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Valle de Güímar, Valle de La Orotava and Ycoden-Daute-Isora. Five different wine-growing regions with a common denominator, the volcanic soil of our islands.

Vine cultivation has become one of the main crops on the islands. Whites, rosés, reds and Malvasías, an endless number of types for the most demanding palates. This tradition and business model began to spread in the 15th century, with wines being exported all over the world and being recognised by authors such as Shakespeare in his most acclaimed works. Visit a winery on the island and take away unforgettable memories.

Cheeses from Tenerife

There is no better way to share a bottle of wine than with a good cheese. The Canary Islands and Tenerife have a wide variety of this product. Goat’s cheeses are the most common, although there are also sheep’s cheeses and mixed cheeses. In terms of typology, fresh cheeses predominate, although some cured cheeses are also produced. The importance of cheese in our culture is reflected in the fact that the Canary Islands is the autonomous community with the highest consumption per inhabitant in Spain.

If you are visiting the island, make the most of the opportunity, beyond any souvenirs, to find a good guachinche where you can try grilled cheese with green and red mojo and a good home-grown wine. Other important gastronomic products include gofio (a type of flour) and honey, authentic Canarian flavours for your most special gift.

buy in Tenerife


Bedspreads, napkins and tablecloths are some of the products that can be made with this beautiful technique of working with fabrics; calado. With cotton or linen, precious shapes and patterns can be achieved, all by hand and with centuries of experience. Pottery and ceramics are worked in clay and bright colours.

Aloe vera and related products are also very common on the islands. This plant with medicinal powers offers a multitude of uses and benefits.

And finally, remember one thing before visiting Tenerife. The volcanic rocks of the Teide National Park cannot be taken as souvenirs. We must work together to maintain the natural environment that surrounds us. Let’s respect the essence of nature and buy products manufactured and produced on the island. We hope that we have helped you to know what souvenirs to buy in Tenerife.



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