Volcanism! The ultimate guide of Tenerife wines

Volcanism is the key word to speak about the Canary wines, especially when we want to refer to the unknown wines of the island of Tenerife. With the influence of the always-present Portuguese wines, who were the responsable of the first vineyard field in 1947, Tenerife has the ideal conditions to a samll production, but also full of surprising shades. Humidity, freshness, mineral touches and, of course, volcanism! are some of the elements that define this wine culture worthy of knowing.

Tenerife is owning five certifications of origin in the whole island. As a real symbol of its idiosyncrasy, the vineyards take part of the iconography and landscape of Tenerife. The results are many options which are suitable to every palate, from the red and white ones to tasty rosés or even the famous malvasía wine, very popular in the European courts during the XVII and XIX centuries.

Starting from the south, the nearest area to Vanilla Garden Hotel, we find out Abona. The arid ecosystem that characterises this part of the island, the water shortage and the influence of the trade winds give rise to a kind of ground full of organic matter and a good drainage. The result? Some of the white wines that are more grateful to the palate of those who usually enjoy the fruit flavour and a hidden alcohol taste.

In Valle de Güímar also stand out the whites, that represent up to 65% of its production. The soft weather and the direct influence of the sea have helped to change the traditional vineyard to a trellis system, which is very useful to mechanize de process. Despite the characteristic whites, the perfect choice to eat fish, it is convenient give a chance to their sweet and sparkling wines.

The next certification of origin that we want to highlight is Ycoden Daute Isora, whose field come from the XVI and XVII centuries. Places like Garachico, Buenavista o Icod de los Vinos are ideal to taste this wine that include classic malvasías, every kind of red wine, rosés and the peculiar carbonic maceration wines, giving a unique flavor and smell.

Valle de la Orotava and the eternal presence of Teide volcano introduce in a perfect way the concept of Vulcanism. Its 400 hectares, from the “skirt” of the volcán to the sea, are all the territory of this certification of origin. The famous vineyards folded in braids, unique in the world, are a symbol of a rich wine with a high quality.

The last certification of origin from the island of Tenerife is Tacoronte Acentejo, the ideal way to understand the imaginary of the rainy towns of the north of Tenerife. This vineyard represents the 40% of the full Surface of the island and nowadays, is employing up to 1.800 viticulturists. The red wine of this área is very aromatic and fruity, consequence of a rich land that has been distributed in stepped terraces. The celebration of San Andrés is a great chance to taste this kind of wine. This is the day in which all the wineries usually open and the people always eat grilled meat and chestnuts.



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