Valentine’s Day at Tenerife, a unique trip

To experience Valentine’s Day at Tenerife is to mix love and paradise. You don’t need to go to the southern hemisphere to enjoy the good weather in February. Celebrate this special day with us.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, that special moment every year when we celebrate love with the person with whom we share our life. February 14th is an opportunity to surprise your partner with a wonderful gift or a unique experience. How about a Valentine’s Day at Tenerife?

St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on the 14th of February and has its origins in ancient Rome, where the pagan festival of Lupercalia was commemorated. Over time, the Christian church associated this date with the martyrdom of St. Valentine, a saint believed to have been executed on February 14th by Emperor Claudius II. From the 4th century onwards, the Catholic Church began to honour St. Valentine as the patron saint of lovers.

During the Middle Ages, the tradition of sending love cards on St. Valentine’s Day became popular in England and France. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day to express love and affection through gifts, cards, chocolates and romantic dinners. Although its origins are linked to religion, Valentine’s Day has become a secular holiday that celebrates love and friendship around the world.

Valentine’s Day Tenerife

Valentine’s Day at Tenerife

Valentine’s Day is a special date to travel with your partner. There are many romantic cities around the world that offer the perfect setting for a couple’s getaway. From beach walks to city tours, romantic dinners and luxury hotels, there are many ways to enjoy the love and excitement of a trip together. Moreover, travelling on Valentine’s Day is a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories and strengthen your relationship.

Tenerife is an island, as we have explained many times before, which allows for all kinds of plans, which encourages all kinds of experiences and which, due to its size, climate, orography and services, allows you to enjoy a wide range of activities, suited to the tastes of each couple. If you are a nature lover, you have unique beaches and mountains; if you are a fan of sporting activities, you have an ideal climate and a multitude of water and land sports options to enjoy; if you like comfort, relaxation and gastronomy, there are wonderful hotels and restaurants all over the island. There are endless leisure opportunities to enjoy with your loved one.

Tenerife is a real paradise for lovers. We recommend you to look for the wide network of viewpoints all over the island. Our rugged terrain offers incredible views of the sea and the cities of Tenerife from easily accessible points. All over the island you will find places of this type, perfect for stopping off and enjoying a romantic moment with the person you love.

Valentine’s Day at Tenerife

Vanilla garden on Valentine’s Day

If you need a personalised and romantic experience, Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel is the right place for this February 14th. It is the ideal place to celebrate love and share a unique stay.

If you want to have a special detail with your partner, you can book the romantic pack in your room. This pack consists of a bottle of cava, chocolate and rose petals. A wonderful welcome to love. In addition, the hotel has a jacuzzi and swimming pool, a luxury restaurant, chill out area, wellness experiences and leisure and entertainment activities. A complete experience for a couple’s holiday.

Visit Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel this February and enjoy a Valentine’s Day at Tenerife. You can make your reservation by visiting our website, where you will find great offers just for you.



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