Trips and Fishing from South Tenerife Marinas

There are so many ways to experience the sea around Tenerife’s unique coast. The main resort beaches of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos offer numerous whale and dolphin watching trips, and jet ski hire. Marinas tend to offer a wider range and more specialist choices so here are some of the ways you can indulge your interests.

Los Gigantes has a large bustling marina and the towering cliffs that give the resort its name look even better when you are looking up at them from the sea. Boat hire is very competitive and you usually need a driving licence, one of the exceptions is Boat Tours & Rent A Boat just below the harbour wall. They don’t require a licence if you hire a boat of up to 15 horse power. Above that power level you can hire one with a captain, either way you have 13kms of coast to explore with partly submerged caves. Cueva del Guanche, and Cueva del Espejo are surrounded by crystal clear water and, once up close, you can appreciate why smugglers were so fond of them. It is also possible to picnic in the mouth of the many barrancos (ravines) that open into the sea. Boat hire is from €35 per hour, call (0034) 687 151 060 for more info.

Fishing is also a big attraction but some excursions are limited in what types they offer. Tambo Excursions don’t just do trawling, they mix and match to suit conditions and response. Jigging and bottom fishing increase your chances of getting a good catch. Tuna and Wahoo are among the most plentiful options and a four hour trip will give you plenty of scope, from €75 with fishing or €50 for a basic trip.

Moving down to Costa Adeje, you will find Puerto Colon marina down from the main road through San Eugenio. Staying with fishing, The Rodfather also does four hour trips, these are €65 with an experienced fisherman or €45 if you fish unguided. How about going underwater? Safari B.O.B Diving is perfect for those with no diving experience. The large open sided scooter does the work for you and the large bubble helmet gives you great visibility. At all times you are under the guidance and control of a specialized instructor. All this from €55 per person, at pontoon 4.

Maybe you prefer to be up in the air? Parascending is from a boat with the flyer attached to a large parachute type sail that is lifted up by the wind as the boat pulls you along. Alone or with up to three people you can experience the sensation of flying from €40 per person as you look over Torviscas and Fañabe. For a lower level flight there’s the new sport of Flyboarding where water is sucked up and propelled out with enough force to lift you off the water. Tenerife is always on the crest of new thrills, there is also a slightly different version called Jetovator which can be set for different techniques. Both of these choices are €75 per half hour.




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