Travelling to Tenerife alone, an experience to relax

Our islands offer wonderful activities to do in vacations and there are a lot of kind people to meet when you are travelling to Tenerife alone.

Travelling to Tenerife alone is an experience that we highly recommend. There are a lot of people that dare to visit the Canary Island with only their adventurous spirit as company. Tenerife is a place filled with open-minded and kind people that are very used to seeing tourists from all countries. We are in a region in which tourists are common and we make them feel like home. It is part of our personality and philosophy.

Besides, Tenerife is a pretty safe place, with low crime rates and with a very effective emergency services, another key point when choosing a place to go alone.

Travelling to Tenerife alone

Activities to do during your trip

The real way of enjoying your vacations does not depend on how many people you go with. You can have fun without needing a huge group of people, or just have a great time traveling alone. We will recommend you a list of activities to do if you are alone, even though you can do them with people.

Trekking: Tenerife is a place with a lot of rural places around the Island. Walks that end in the mountain, others that get you to see the sea, and others in which you can have the two: mountain and sea. A perfect mixture of the most beautiful scenery. Get to know the Laurisilva forest or get on top of the highest mountain of our country. Activities to get in touch with your inner self with a nice weather and routes to help get inner peace.

Let’s go to the beach: Sun, sand, the sea and you. Nothing sounds better to start your trip and to know the Island. There are two options when you are traveling alone to Tenerife and if you want to see great beaches. We have the ones with white sand and great places to sit and enjoy a drink; or you can go to the special volcanic beaches that Tenerife has to offer, great wild beaches with dark sand. If you like the first idea you can visit Las Teresitas or the beach Troya, there you can meet a lot of people. And if you liked the second option, you can go to the beaches Los Patos o Antequera.

Go out and party: Tenerife is the place to go to a nice party, we have amazing clubs and bars that you can find along the Island. A perfect place to meet people and enjoy great music. Try visiting Las Americas, Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz or La Laguna to find what you are looking for.

Travelling alone

Advices to travel alone to Tenerife

Let things happen. Even if you have your trip very planned, there’s always a space to improvise when you are alone. You don’t have to convince anybody of changing ideas, and you don’t have to involve anyone in an improvised plan. Grow as a person, explore and live a unique experience.

Is the moment to do new hobbies and activities that you always wanted to try and that you can finally get around to on this trip. In the Canary Islands, we have a lot of cultural sports and traditions that are worth doing and understanding. Canary wrestling, traditional dances, our special connection with cultivating bananas and our vineyards. An endless list of plans and new beginnings.

Forget about fear and shame. These two factors are the most hateable travel buddies, it is better to travel without them. Ask, start a conversation and open your mind to meeting new people.

Stay in a place that makes you feel like home. Let the best in the hotel world take care of your safety, of you and that allow them to grant all your wishes. There is no better recommendation for this than Vanilla Garden Hotel Boutique. Travelling to Tenerife alone and trust in our company.



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