Traditional gifts from Tenerife

For souvenir lovers there are always possibilities on our island. Find out traditional gifts from Tenerife.

If you are the kind of person who needs to take back objects from your travels to remember the place more fondly or to give to your loved ones, you have come to the right article. The souvenir, a term of French origin, has been with us for many centuries, as it is not a concept, it is a way of being. It is a way of approaching holidays with the aim of collecting memories to relive our trip in the future. Today we are going to find out traditional gifts from Tenerife when you are a newly arrived tourist.

As far back as 700 BC, Homer recounted the number of objects that Ulysses collected during his travels. A perfect predecessor of today’s tourists. If we overlook ancient Rome and the religious souvenirs of pilgrimage sites, the germ of today’s tourist was born in the 19th century. The romantic and adventurous traveller who went to inhospitable places to discover the world and the constant improvement of means of transport meant that mass tourism grew exponentially throughout the 20th century.

This brought with it related secondary industries. At this time, souvenir fever was born, first as a handicraft and later as a symbol of today’s globalisation. Do you collect any particular type of souvenir?

traditional gifts from Tenerife.

Traditional gifts from tenerife

There are many souvenir shops all over the island, mainly in the tourist centres. Here you can find all kinds of typical objects and some surprising collectibles. Magnets, thimbles, snow globes, fans, key rings, mugs, etc. There are many objects that have become collector’s items when we travel and all of them comply with some basic premises: cheap, lightweight and easy to carry.

If we move away from the usual, Tenerife sells different types of ceramic figurines, mainly ceramic lizards, which are very successful. The Teide is also a reference within the different variants of souvenirs, a classic within the iconography of the islands. Another possible option is souvenirs related to the Guanche people, the aborigines who inhabited the island before the Castilian conquest.


If there is one thing we should definitely take away with us from the islands, it is some of its gastronomy. We know that it is a very brief memory. We will not be able to resist very much to taste those typical foods that are so successful all over the world.

We can do a little mojo tasting in our place of origin if we take the right purchases with us. Many small artisan companies sell green and red mojos from the islands that you can take with you in convenient containers. If we add another container of almogrote to this purchase, we are guaranteed to be a complete success with our friends and family.

Gofio is another easily transportable foodstuff with no near expiry date that we can take back home with us. This type of flour, unique in the world, can be used to accompany any type of dish or dessert. Try it during your stay and we are sure you will want to remember your visit with such a typical food.

What buy Tenerife

Our final recommendation

At Vanilla Garden we firmly believe that what is most worth buying in Tenerife are life experiences. Nothing matters as much as a memory built with our loved ones. Stop for a few minutes, buy the necessary souvenirs and continue enjoying the wonderful moments that await you during an unforgettable holiday.

The best memory is the feeling of enjoyment and the fondness with which you leave a place. Travel makes feelings and that brings with it the best thing for our memory; joy.



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