Let yourself be carried away by the best drag shows in Tenerife

Experience years of history, magic, fantasy and great performance in a single night thanks to the best drag shows in Tenerife.

Tenerife, despite its size, is a multidisciplinary island. Whatever your tastes or passions are, we are sure that Tenerife has something to offer you. If you love surfing, the island has an infinite number of beaches where you can practise your favourite sport. If your passion is painting, there are a million places on the island where you can find inspiration and give free rein to your creativity. And if you are a fan of live performances, Tenerife is for you.

The island offers an infinite number of shows every day for you to enjoy during your stay. From operas and gospel to plays and musicals. But without a doubt, one of the most acclaimed and popular right now are the drag shows in Tenerife. Find out where to enjoy these shows.

Drag show in Tenerife

Meaning of “drag”

Before attending these shows we must take a look back, learn about its history and how this movement has evolved over the years. Although it is still not 100% known, it is believed that the name drag is an acronym for “Dressed as girl”, but there are many theories about where this term comes from. “Drag” is used to refer to a person who creates and performs an androgynous character (with unconventional features of their own sex) using platforms, extravagant accessories…

The main objective is to attract the attention of the public and serve as entertainment, although the real mission of drag shows, which very few people know about, is to mock the gender roles that society has created over the years.

History of drag shows

The beginning of the drag movement dates back to the middle of the 19th century in the UK and is an offshoot of the well-known transvestism that had gradually become normalised and expanded. The difference between travesty and drag is that the latter acts as a dramatic element, performing comical representations of social behaviour, gender roles…

As time went by, these shows became more and more popular and were usually performed in bars with homosexual customer base. Although nowadays the best known drag shows are those in which men dress up as women, at that time shows in which women usually took on male roles were also very common.

With the formation of the LGTBIQ+ movement, drag became another expression of transgender identity where drag shows, dance, playback… are now part of the LGBT pride.

Drag show Tenerife

Drag shows in Tenerife

The arrival of the drag world in the Canary Islands began at the end of the 90s when the well-known “reinonas” took over the famous Canarian Carnival. With their arrival at these festivities they managed to open a door to the drag world and were able to take their fantasies and shows to all corners of the Islands.

Glitter and platforms gradually took over the Archipelago and began to be relevant throughout the year, not just during Carnival. Nowadays, the designs and shows are appreciated all year round and are a source of pride for all Canarians. Several establishments have drag shows that have a customer base looking for fun, originality and glamour.

Close to our hotel, you can find the MHT (Music Hall Tavern Tenerife) where you can enjoy some jaw-dropping shows. For over 25 years Mrs T, Peggy Lee and a host of entertainers have been performing and entertaining guests in the Canary Islands and giving them the most fun night out of their holiday. They started in 1994 in a small venue in Lanzarote, and have welcomed tens of thousands of guests every year in their venues in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and, of course, in our first home, Lanzarote. There you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

A little further afield, in the town of Puerto de la Cruz, you can experience the show that Anderson’s puts on. An iconic gay bar with a history of more than 37 years. Every Thursday there is a show. The bar opens early in the morning and is the ideal place to enjoy a good drink, have a good chat and watch a good show.

Wherever you go, open your mind and experience years of history in one night.



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