Discover Tenerife wines and its great variety

The Canary Islands is one of the regions of Spain with more Denominations of Origin. In particular, Tenerife wines are some of the best known in the world.

If you are going to visit Tenerife, in addition to its beaches, nature, attractions, activities, etc. You must add to the list to taste some of Tenerife wines. Whether you are a wine lover or you want to discover new flavours: Trying these delicacies of our island is not something you should miss. Today we bring you the reasons why you should taste Tenerife wines.

The 5 Denominations of Origin of Tenerife wines

The ‘denomination of origin’ is a seal of quality that some products have which, fulfilling a series of characteristics, make them characteristic of a region. For example, in the case of wines, the grape that is grown in that place, the prestige and recognition, and some specific characteristics, regarding the way it is made and natural and human factors.

In the case of Tenerife wines, the richness of the island’s volcanic soils, the sunny climate, the proximity to the ocean and how it is cultivated by local farmers are some of the factors that makes possible that Tenerife has 5 Denominations of Origin: Abona, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Valle de Güímar, Valle de La Orotava and Ycoden-Daute-Isora.

Tips for tasting Tenerife wines


We would like you to know that temperature is the most important factor according to many experts. When we also drink wine in a place where good weather is a seal of identity, it is a fact to take into account. An inadequate temperature in a good wine can make it seem bad or mediocre.

The next step is to discover the aromas of the wine we are going to taste. One of the techniques is to turn the glass so that the wine releases its best aromas and discover all its nuances. Next, observe the colour of the wine and its density, in this way you will know if it is a lighter wine. In general, young wines have a colour more similar to grapes, while ‘crianza’ and ‘reserva’ wines are more like a tile colour due to the oxidation they experience in the barrel. Finally, try wine’s flavour and texture. You may find up to 3 basic flavours in Tenerife wines: sweet, sour or bitter.

Marriage of Tenerife wines


The Canary Islands have unique gastronomy. The gastronomy of Tenerife is characterized by being based on the products offered by the environment. Enjoy a glass of wine with a little roasted cheese with mojo, escaldón, ribs with potatoes and pineapple or with a fresh fish enjoying the coast, such as the Cherne or ‘la Vieja’. As you might have imagined, you can enjoy fish and seafood with a white wine and meat flavours pair perfectly with red wines. Don’t be afraid to experience the flavours of Tenerife’s wines, the combination is sure to be worth it.

We hope this post has woken you up to know the amazing wines of Tenerife. Remember that Vanilla Garden has an exquisite French cuisine restaurant where you can try some of the characteristic flavours of the Canary Islands. In addition, our team is at your disposal to make recommendations that best suit wines and the flavour you are looking for.



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