Tenerife is LGBT friendly

Rainbow flags have been flying proudly in the Canary Islands since they consolidated as an ”LGTB friendly” destination more than 50 years ago for the millions of people belonging to this community, both locals and tourists. In today’s blog we will talk about why Tenerife is LGBT friendly.

The most important  islands offer a wide variety of activities aimed at celebrating diversity in different forms and colours that are organised throughout the year. From the Fuerteventura LGBTIQ Film Festival in January, to the Carnival in February and the Disco Night Urban Race Lanzarote in May, to the Winter Pride Maspalomas in Gran Canaria in November, among many other events.

It’s clear: the Canary Islands are strong on diversity and are often the international focus of the community. In today’s blog we will focus on the main LGTB events that we find on the island of Tenerife: That´s why Tenerife is LGBT friendly!

Tenerife is LGBT friendly

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival

The first important event of the year, not only at a canarian level, but internationally. In the case of Tenerife is celebrated throughout the month of February, where the murgas, costumes and music become the protagonists, permeating a festive atmosphere in the hearts of the canaries and the streets of the city. 

The Tenerife Carnival is of special relevance, as it is considered one of the best at international level. As it cannot be otherwise, the LGTB community plays an essential role during this celebration.

Without going any further, for this year 2023, the Carnival doubled the areas destined to the collective. One of them acquired the name of the Alameda de la Libertad, in allusion to this year’s carnival motif (New York) and the name of the place where this area was located. During the festive week of the ”carnival in the street”, artists such as Dita Dibois, Eva Harrington, Iristerika de los Nervios, Drag Nilo and Drag Vulcano, referents in the LGTBI community, attended the event.

Canbegay Film Festival

This event oriented to the most cinephiles of the community is a reference in the local LGTB community in Tenerife. It usually takes place in March and is a very interesting option to experience diversity in a different way. Tenerife is LGBT friendly and cinema knows it.

It is held in several locations in the capital of Tenerife and it screens short films, feature films and documentaries, as well as other activities such as exhibitions, meetings or conferences.

ARN Culture & Business Pride

We cannot talk about why Tenerife is LGBT friendly without mentioning the renowned ARN, the most important event of the year in the Canary Islands, along with Pride month itself. Tenerife has become the permanent venue for this international event, celebrating its sixth edition from July 23 to 28, 2023. This event brings together all the LGBT talent in Tenerife from multiple sectors: business, art, innovation, culture…

It is committed to a format of participatory conferences that seek to generate in-depth discussions and foster synergies, where a wide range of topics of great interest will be addressed, from vindicatory and social aspects to the culture emerging from various LGTB sectors. Issues related to gender and identity will also be addressed. Undoubtedly, an event not to be missed and where you can enjoy the company of great personalities such as Conchita Wurst, Samantha Hudson, Loreen, Gigi Goode or Drag Vulcano. Tenerife is LGBT friendly!

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Pride

Tenerife LGBT friendly

If there is a month of special relevance for the LGTB community in Tenerife, it is the month of June. On Wednesday, June 28, the International LGBT Pride Day 2023 will be celebrated, which is why the streets will be filled with a festive atmosphere, rainbow flags and people shouting to the four winds for freedom, tolerance and equality.

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island, a multitude of activities will flood the streets of the city, which will be decorated with the colours of the flag with colourful benches and crosswalks that are painted for the occasion, as well as huge canvases that dress the most emblematic public buildings of the city, such as the City Hall or the Cabildo. The idea is only one: Celebrate Pride Month!

At this point, you already have an idea of the wide variety of LGBT plans in Tenerife that you can do throughout the year and we encourage you to come and enjoy all of them to soak up the diversity. 

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