Are you thinking of travelling alone? Are you looking for destinations to travel alone? Today we bring you the main advantages why a solo trip can be a rewarding gift for yourself.

We know that travelling alone can seem like an experience that doesn’t convince everyone. That’s why today we bring you the main reasons why you should enjoy a pleasant holiday alone so that you don’t hesitate to visit Tenerife for an instant. Our island is a unique experience, surrounded by exceptional places and a lot of activities to do. Without a doubt, it should be in your ranking of ‘trips to do alone’.


1. Decide without consensus which places you want to visit

As we told you, and surely you have already investigated, Tenerife hides a million secrets to discover. Unique places to visit, beaches to swim on, sunsets to enjoy alone with your thoughts, spaces for shopping, museums to discover the history of the Canary Islands … An endless number of possibilities where you will be the one who sets the limit and pace of what you want to do. We encourage you to visit our blog to discover some of the best plans for your idyllic holidays.


2. Make new friends


One of the indisputable advantages of traveling alone is to leave your comfort zone and open yourself to meet new people. Vanilla Garden Hotel is only for adults so you will find people willing to share new moments without worrying about the time of arrival. Making new friends can lead you to share a thousand anecdotes, practice languages or even, who knows, start a love story. In any case, the main rule for traveling alone should always be to enjoy your holidays, relax and, if you feel like it, interact with new people. As we told you, you make the rules!

3. Enjoy your side of the bed!


When you travel with someone, you often have to come to a consensus about which side of the bed is for everyone. This time… the bed is all for you! Enjoy Vanilla Garden’s modern, comfortable rooms and return from your vacation with renewed energy after enjoying a unique space designed to make you feel at home. In addition, you will not only enjoy a spacious and cozy room, but also a large terrace where you can relax and enjoy the best climate on the island.

Canary Islands are the favorite destination of many tourists and those of us lucky enough to live here know the reason. It’s a fantastic place that in 7 islands concentrates great diversity of landscapes and activities to enjoy alone, in couple, with the family and with the friends.

The nature was generous giving the Canary Islands a perfect climate and magical places. There are beautiful beaches, lush forests, deserts off the beaches, breathtaking sunsets, magnificent views, mountains, volcanoes and also snow.

The highest peak of all Spain we have it in Tenerife, with 3718 m of altitude. This Christmas is dressed in white to dismiss 2016 and receive the New Year with its entire splendor.

The Tenerife Cabildo has already reopened the TF-28 road that gives access to El Teide National Park so that we can all enjoy this majestic white Christmas playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate.

Whoever travels to Tenerife and has not visited this place, is lost from what is considered the most emblematic natural monument of all the islands. It is one of the most important tourist attractions of the archipelago, Spain and all Europe. Globally it is classified as the second most visited national park.

For the daring and romantic, the night in El Teide bare the sky and let see stars and nebulae, ideal to make a trip with a telescope and delight the eyes with a visual journey into space.

For the curious, the place has been several times the scene of films recognized internationally. And the diversity it offers is great. No snow is a volcanic desert with stunning views and with snow is a majestic peak crowned in white.

Are you going to miss it? Enjoy this place and the diversity of activities that you can perform alone or accompanied.

What are you waiting for? Come and play in the snow in El Teide!




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