New Year Eve in Tenerife

If you want to experience New Year’s Eve in Tenerife, Vanilla Garden is the ideal place to have fun and start the new year with enthusiasm.

After several years without massive parties, without chimes in public squares, without getting together with all our loved ones in this exciting period of the year, we are looking forward to welcoming 2023 with a good party at a New Year’s Eve in Tenerife. Smiling, having fun, being superstitious, toasting, eating grapes, putting on our best clothes… there are many gestures that commemorate the last and most special day of the year.

At Vanilla Garden we believe that it is very important to celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. For this reason, we have prepared something very special for you and your loved ones, the best way to start the year. Elegance, class and distinction for a magical new year.

New Year's Eve Tenerife

Gala dinner

At Chez Damién we have prepared an unforgettable New Year’s Eve menu, with the best quality products prepared by the best chefs. We would like to remind you that this special dinner is open to half board guests, who will enjoy it free of charge in their rate, bed and breakfast guests who can pay the price of the dinner or external visitors who would like to join us on this special day.

The menu will open with a welcome drink, as a toast to good omens is required, and a surprise appetizer from the chef. The next dish to arrive at our tables will be the medallion of foie gras marinated in Sauternes and onion marmalade. It sounds delicious and our mouths are watering. Next we will be able to try the artichoke flower confit, truffle sauce and pancetta. An unmistakable blend of flavours.

Let’s skip a paragraph to avoid the previous temptations and focus on the red mullet fillet on fennel confit and tapenade. An opportunity for lovers of good fish to enjoy their dinner as well. The last main course will be the duck confit over sweet potato purée and thyme jus, the finishing touch to a magnificent dinner. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the sweet tooth, the dessert is a crunchy caramel and crème anglaise. We hope you are not reading this article at lunchtime.

The end of the year is upon us

As the clock strikes midnight on 31 December 2022 and your nerves are on edge, you can start putting on your cotillion decorations and thinking about your new projects for the new year. The night will be enlivened by live performances and lots of music. Once we have eaten the twelve grapes, be careful not to choke, we can continue to enjoy music and fun in the hotel.

All in all, a wonderful way to start the year with a good atmosphere, nice people and the best service at Vanilla Garden Hotel Boutique.

New Year's Eve in Tenerife

Traditions around the world

And we are going to say goodbye to this article as it deserves, with a list of curiosities to celebrate the end of the year around the world, maybe some of them you can use in your experience with us.

  • In Japan they have joined the chimes, but theirs are very different. There are 108 chimes to purify the soul of sins. They are rung in Buddhist temples and their name is “joya no kane”.
  • The Uruguayans on this special night throw a bucket of water out of the window, remember that it is summer there, so they can refresh someone. Its real purpose is to throw away bad vibes.
  • In Brazil they pay homage to the goddess of the sea, Lemanjá. To do so, people visit the famous Copacabana beach and throw valuables or flowers into the sea while jumping in the waves. A real summer spectacle.
  • The Filipinos, for example, dress in polka-dot clothes. In their culture, polka dots, because of their circular shape, symbolise wealth.

You will be able to try these and many others this year when you visit us. Happy New Year.



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