Limousine service in Tenerife

Discover the best options for limousine service in Tenerife and give a touch of class to your events and trips.

If you are a lover of luxury and class, your holidays can have a touch of distinction if you visit our island. There are many ways to live new experiences that we do not live in our usual environment, that key point that makes our holidays unforgettable. At Vanilla Garden we believe that the best way to remember a trip is by creating unique and differential experiences. Therefore, in today’s article we recommend you the limousine service in Tenerife.

The island of Tenerife has two main motorways that converge in the area of the capital, popularly known as the north motorway and the south motorway. In either case, you can get from one part of the island to the other in less than two hours. This makes transport in our area easy, convenient and fast. Therefore, limousine hire in Tenerife can be a good way to get to know the island and spend a different day touring certain zones, as the freedom of choice is quite wide in the companies of the sector.

Tenerife Limousine

What activities can we do with a limousine service in Tenerife?

  • Private excursions are the main reason for renting this type of vehicle on our island. There are many excursion options that are organised. Visit the Teide, visit the small villages in the north, visit Santa Cruz de Tenerife and even visit other islands with a boat trip.
  • Weddings are another of the most common events for booking this type of vehicle. The bride and groom or their guests can announce their arrival in the most spectacular way possible. Comfort and convenience for such a special day. No expense can be spared on one of the most memorable days of our lives.
  • And before the wedding, the bachelor party, another party where we must have class and distinction. We are sure that travelling in a limousine will attract the attention of all passers-by. A fun way to experience this gathering of friends.
  • Other events such as parties and birthdays or activities where you need comfort, such as a transfer to the airport or a business meeting.

Limousine Tenerife

Limousine hire companies in Tenerife

There are several companies dedicated to this sector on the island. Today we are going to know two of them and briefly tell you about their services and capabilities. For more information we leave you the links to their websites.

Limousines Tenerife has a large fleet of vehicles of all types. From minibus, to high-end vehicles, to Lincoln Gotham limousines in black and white. The list of activities and destinations they offer is endless and their range of products is very wide. A benchmark for luxury transport in our archipelago.

At Chofix you can find a wide range of limousines for hire. Among them, the very popular Hummer limousines. In various colours, black, white and pink you can find Pontiac, Chrysler or Ford limousines. An ideal intermediary if what you need is to evaluate many options before making the right decision. No doubt, with them you will make a difference.

Vanilla Garden and your luxury holiday

And if you want your luxury limousine holiday to be complete, you need to find accommodation that is up to your standards. For this purpose, Vanilla Garden is the best option. A modern, spacious Boutique Hotel with the best quality services and facilities.

In our hotel you will find superior rooms with independent jacuzzi, spacious terraces and all the comforts of a luxury suite. Moreover, this type of room is located on the upper floors, which gives you the chance to enjoy the views. All you have to do is go to our website and make your reservation.



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