Overcoming stress

When we have a very hectic pace of life, sometimes it is difficult to find the best time to relax and rest. The good news is that overcoming stress is easier than you think and achieving well-being in your mind and body is simple. These are some tricks that are sure to work for you, such as, for example, a massage in Tenerife south during your holidays.

We know that routine can sometimes be devastating and both the body and mind resent being active for long days which can lead to stressful situations. The way to control these moments of anxiety, worry, and tension, goes through different steps that today we wanted to bring for you.

Deep Breathing

You may want to take some time to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to listen to the tranquilizing stimuli around you. In the Canary Islands, we are fortunate to be able to sit near the shore, close our eyes and take deep breaths of air while listening to the sound of the sea. This advice may be too basic, but did you know that deep breathing helps to get a lot of oxygen and activate our body’s relaxation response? Maybe there’s still a little time until your next holiday so if you’re stressed out, we suggest you think of some relaxing days at Vanilla Garden. Use us as your happy place and let your mind fly to our pool while you hear our soft chillout music!

Playing sports

Playing sports is an easy way to eliminate the tension accumulated in the body during the day. Beyond helping to distract the mind, exercise releases endorphins, a brain chemical that makes us feel better. In addition, as an added value, it will help to improve your physical fitness and show off your body in our Balinese beds. It may be important for you to know that Vanilla Garden has a complete outdoor gym where you can continue exercising your muscles during your holidays as well. Also, if you are a running enthusiast, a few meters from our hotel you have a wide avenue where you can train every morning by the sea.

A good massage

As it could not be otherwise, a good holiday will be even more complete if you decide to enjoy massages in Tenerife south. Enjoying a wellness session in Tenerife can be that little extra push for your body to relax and overcome the daily stress you were dragging before you arrived at your deserved holidays. Request information from our hotel team and we will provide you with complete information on the most effective treatments to overcome stress.



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