Natural pools in Tenerife

The Canary Islands are known, among many other things, for their great natural beauty: black sand beaches, trails through ancient forests and majestic mountain scenery, but have you heard of the natural pools in Tenerife?

Natural pools, also known as puddles, can be found all along the coast of the island of Tenerife. From north to south, for those looking to take a dip in a different natural environment away from the crowds, the natural pools in Tenerife are the ideal place.

Tenerife’s coastline is full of secrets

One of the main attractions of the natural pools in Tenerife is that many people do not know about their existence, even the locals, so they are not very popular destinations where you can enjoy nature in peace and quiet.

In today’s blog we will tell you which are the best natural puddles in Tenerife, how to get to them and what measures you should take into account to enjoy an unforgettable experience while complying with all safety measures.

tenerife natural puddles

Let’s start in the south

If you are thinking of embarking on your route through the natural pools of Tenerife in the south, remember that our hotel, Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel, is in a privileged location that will allow you to easily access all of them.

Charco de Golete

Small in size and little known, it is an ideal option to start visiting the natural pools in Tenerife, as it is easily accessible.

It is in the municipal term of Güímar. On the South Highway motorway, take the turn-off signposted Punta Prieta and La Caleta. Then, you cross the bridge that crosses the main motorway. After that, turn right and you will soon come to a sign for Golete. By the way, golete means relax!

Charco de La Virgen

Another secret gem on the south coast of Tenerife, in this case located in Arico, in the La Jaca little town. Intimate and very quiet, it is described by the locals as a ”natural jacuzzi” of crystalline waters. It is also easy to access.

To get there you have to go towards the small beach and the little jetty in the village, to find it at the end. But make sure that the tide is low, otherwise it will be completely covered.

Charco de La Jaquita

This natural pool is a little out of the ordinary, but it is still a great place to visit. Large in size and close to a more touristy area, this pond is the ideal alternative for those looking for a natural environment next to points of interest with multiple services.

It is located in Guía de Isora. To get there, we make a stop in Alcalá, specifically in the car park next to the Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora hotel, and an extensive area for walking, sports and entertainment unfolds along the coast, where we find the puddle.

natural puddles in tenerife

We finish in the northern area

Now it is the turn of the natural pools in Tenerife’s northern area, whose coastline also hides many secrets. If you want more information about the natural puddles in Tenerife you can visit this website.

Charco Verde

One of the most beautiful puddles on the island, with crystal clear waters and infinite calm, where you can enjoy nature in all its splendour. However, enjoying this natural wonder comes at a price, as access is on foot and not very easy.

It is located in San Juan de La Rambla. El Charco Verde in Tenerife is located between Playa del Potro and Playa Salvaje. To get there you need to park in a designated car park and then follow some narrow paths on foot for a few minutes.

Charco del Viento

Easily accessible, ideal for children and families. One of the best natural pools in Tenerife, it is made up of four natural pools of great beauty located in a large and unique spot. Access is easy, thanks to its convenient car park and it is very comfortable, as the current is usually gentle. Adventure is more than guaranteed in complete safety.

You must go to the municipality of La Guancha. To get there, all you have to do is follow the well-marked signs on the main road in the Tenerife municipality of Icod de los Vinos.

Charco La Mareta

One of the most hidden puddles on the island, which even the locals don’t know about. Its beauty surrounded by rocks and crystal clear waters make this puddle one of the best. Although it has become very famous over the years, it is well worth a visit. We recommend you get up early in the morning to get a place in the small car park available.

To get there you must go to Punta de Juan Centella. Once there, the adventure begins, as you have to walk along several paths. When you are ready to go you must take the exit at Camino La Punta de Juan Centella. Although there is currently no signpost, you will be able to recognise it by a bench with a green painted dragon tree and some rubbish bins located at that point.

Security first

Now that you know 6 beautiful puddles on the island of Tenerife, and to finish, we would like to recommend some safety measures. First: don’t forget to wear booties, as you’ll need them when you enter the puddle if you don’t want to hurt yourself on the stones at the bottom. Second: wear shoes suitable for the access, as remember that many of them require you to walk along paths beforehand. Third: always take water and sun cream with you. Fourth: it is ideal to go accompanied to these places, you never know what might happen.

And that’s it! It’s time to set off on your adventure and discover the mysteries of the natural pools in Tenerife.



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