Hen party ideas in Tenerife, the best plan ever

Sea, sun, a marvelous tan and incredible parties; if you want to end this era with the best celebration ever follow our hen party ideas in Tenerife

Planning the hen party can be a bit difficult and sometimes can end in absolute chaos. If you have seen Bridesmaids or The Hangover, you might know that this is the best moment to do everything you have always wanted, close that single life door without any remorse and have the funniest memories ever. Besides, if you want to go down the aisle with a stunning tan that will make you look like you are glowing, you must celebrate this party in Tenerife. Here we will recommend you some of the best hen party ideas in Tenerife, to make sure that you put a nice bow to this end of an era.

Hen party ideas

Sun, sea and the idea tan

Being at the beach is always ten times better if you have an open bar. Now that the summer is starting, this is the ideal moment to have a party on a boat. Cross out swimming in the sea, partying like crazy and have that sun kissed color of your wishlist. Partying on a boat is that 3 in 1 that will leave you some amazing memories, not only for the party but also because, on the right days, you might see whales and dolphins. Besides, you can also ask to make a stop at a hidden beach that will look amazing in the photos for your Instagram.

Hen Party Tenerife

The best party ever

Now, if you come to Tenerife you always need to have that beach day; but here you can also have the best party ever without having to go too far. Papagayo Beach Club, Achaman Discopub, Monkey Beach Club or Le Club are some of the many disco places and lounges that will make you dance non-stop. We guarantee you that at any of them you will find the best music and an endless amount of drinks to your liking. Besides, most of them have a beach nearby, so if you have always wanted to swim at night on the beach, this might be the moment to do it.

But, if you want to know which are the dates that we think are the best to do your hen party in Tenerife. We must say that the Holy Week or in the summer are just right on point to celebrate it. Our first option will always be during Holy Week, not because you get more days to enjoy but also because on these days discos and pubs usually do special nights that you must go to. Also, during this week, there are some festivals that will make sure that you have the times of your life.

Our second special option is to come in the summertime, especially in August. On the 13 day of this month, there will be a huge festival called Sunblast. This is one of the most anticipated festivals in Tenerife every year. It has five stages and an open bar. This is the plan that has everything you were looking for.

A hotel with everything you need

One of the most important things you need to have clear on a trip, is where you are going to stay. It is important that you book a place that has incredible rooms that allow you to rest after so much partying, and that has everything you might need on those hangover days. In Vanilla Garden Boutique, you can find the perfect place to not have to worry about anything. Its location is perfect because it is quite near to most of the best discos, bars and beaches. It also has the greatest facilities for you to enjoy while resting or if you want to keep on partying with great cocktails and an amazing pool.

To actually put an amazing end to this era, you might want to have a special dinner in one of the best restaurants on the Island. Enjoy the best dishes and celebrate in the restaurant Chez Damien this new chapter in your life.



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