Five Things You Want to Know About Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands which people call the islands of permanent spring because the weather here is good all year round, about 18-27 C. In the second half of June, we stayed on the south of the island in the town of Adeje.

Tenerife is a slightly unusual vacation place and I’d like you know why.

1. Its beach is not a golden-yellow color, but grey-black, and the surf is not silvery-white, but black. I had the constant impression that an oil tanker had wrecked somewhere not far away and we were seeing the consequences. But in fact, this sand (and the island, too) is made by a volcano, and the color of the sand has nothing to do with an ecological disaster. This is simply exotic. In short, don’t bring a white swimsuit on a Tenerife vacation.

However, fans of pebble beaches can also find those here.

2. The food is good in most cases, but have your lunch and dinner not in a hotel, but in any of the numerous cafes in the city or on the beach. Fresh seafood dishes and gazpacho (cold tomato soup) are especially good. Compared with London, Tokyo, or Moscow, the prices are wonderfully low.

Check every bill carefully. Local waiters can simply include the charge for a liter of Sangria you didn’t order, and it will be about 12 Euros extra! Sellers in Indo-Arab shops along the beach may try to give you change from your ten Euros as if you had given them five.

3. Select excursions carefully. Many of them are far-fetched, and if you buy them, the sensation of lost time and money can appear very soon. However, I highly recommend visiting the Loro Parque. Why? I will write about it in the near future.

People say the excursion to the crater of the volcano of Tenerife is breathtaking. We have not been there and don’t know, but we believe it.

4. A permanent pleasant breeze blows from the Atlantic Ocean, so you don’t feel the burning sun; however, its rays are very strong. If you tan quickly, like me, the wise step would be to buy a broad-brimmed hat and long-sleeved shirt, and take the sun bath as gradually as you would do in Egypt or Thailand.

5. Spanish waiters are not very smiley. Here, you will not get as many smiles as in Italy, but don’t take it personally. Maybe this is a national feature. Tenerife and all the Canary Islands still smile at you.

Now you know! Happy vacation!




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