Enjoy a drink at the best beach bars in Tenerife

Do you want to have a drink but don’t know where? Get to know the best beach bars in Tenerife and have the best cocktails near the most amazing beaches.

Tenerife has the most unique and beautiful beaches you can find. Taking a swim in the Atlantic Ocean and enjoying the great weather are just the basic plans for your trip. If you want to take your trip to a whole new level, going to the best beach bars in Tenerife is the idea you were looking for. Beach bars are a typical place on the island, you can find them at any beach, but not all can give you the comfort and luxury that you want. Most beach bars can be plain local business, so in this post we are going to recommend to you some of the best places on the whole island to take a drink and have a gastronomical experience near the beach.

beach bars Tenerife

Just around the city center

Santa Cruz is the capital city of Tenerife, but if you think that because of that it is far away from a nice beach, you are wrong. At just 15 minutes from the city center, you can go to two of the best beach bars and enjoy a cocktail while seeing the amazing beach that is Las Teresitas. The Strasse Beach is one of the most known places in the city and there you can have a drink, enjoy an amazing lunch or see the sunset while you have a great dinner. Also, if you want to enjoy the beach, you can rent a hammock to sunbathe as you please.

El Caracol is another incredible place in this amazing beach, in which you can have a few drinks and walk around the sand. If you are also looking to have a bit of music while relaxing or be able to go to a great event without getting too far away from the center, this is the ideal place for you. Any of these two places are a great option that you can go by bus, car or by walking from the Avenida Anaga.

A nice time in the south

To have a special day with all you can think of, the south of the island has the most incredible beach bars in which to do more than just have a drink near the beach. Massages, water sports, live entertainment, a variety of diverse dishes and more, are the things that LeClub has prepared for you. This diverse beach bar does more to give you more than just a plain day at the beach, taking care of you and giving you all the luxury and relaxation you need.

And if you want a day in a pool,a nearby restaurant and have your VIP cabin with sea view, Kaluna Beach Club is your place. This beach club in Costa Adeje has a great terrace with an infinity pool, beds and hammocks in which to sunbathe and have a few special cocktails. Besides, they have an amazing restaurant where you can have an unforgettable dinner without the need of going too far away.

beach bars in Tenerife

Beach and party

If you don’t want the day to end, we have the best places to have an incredible night out near the beaches of Tenerife. Restaurant, brunch and place to party ; in Andana Beach you can have a fancy nice dinner and then enjoy great music with the best beach vibes you can get, besides you can take this day to get to know one of the most beautiful of Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz.

And for a true party, Papagayo Beach Club is one of the hottest places to dance on the island. They have different DJs every night to put the best mix of most genres and would make you want to prolong your trip a bit more.

If you prefer the tranquillity of your hotel, at Vanilla Garden you will find an adult atmosphere and drinks from the best brands. In addition, our summer is full of events and pool parties that you can’t miss.



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