Boat trips in Tenerife to elevate your trip with your partner

When it comes to surprising your partner with a romantic gesture, a getaway to somewhere paradisiacal, such as Tenerife, is always a good option. The biggest advantage of choosing this island for your getaway is that you can enjoy boat trips in Tenerife and reserve time for equally special plans or other more conventional holiday activities.

If you and your partner like to experience new adventures, Tenerife is the perfect place to live a different romantic experience and keep it in your memory as an unforgettable memory.

A boat trip can be an exciting way to get to know the island, as one of the jewels of Tenerife is undoubtedly its blue Atlantic waters. One of the most attractive aspects of this activity is the opportunity to get away from the noise to enjoy the calm and serenity of being in the middle of the sea.

Although a boat trip in Tenerife is already a very exciting plan, the truth is that there are other leisure and relaxation activities which, combined with this one, will enhance your adventure at sea. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

Boat trips in Tenerife: whale and dolphin watching.

Boat trips in TenerifeTaking boat trips in Tenerife means being able to explore the island from a very different perspective, and plans such as whale and dolphin watching give you the chance to see fascinating animals such as dolphins and whales in their own habitat.

Snorkelling with turtles

Another of the most popular activities and for which the aquatic environment of Tenerife is the perfect setting for you and your partner to connect in a different way is to snorkel and enjoy swimming with sea turtles, while discovering other impressive treasures of nature.

If your intention for this trip is to live a really special moment, enjoying a boat trip will certainly make it happen. It is a sensory experience, perfect to add the magic touch to your romantic adventure and surprise your soul mate.

Test your balance with Paddle surfing

Boat trips in TenerifeIf there is a sport that has become trendy in recent years, it is paddle surfing, and it is the ideal activity to combine sport with entertainment. With a board and a paddle, it’s perfect for having fun with your partner and competing in a very friendly way, surrounded by the stunning nature that so characterises this Canary Island.

Enjoy the sunset and connect with your partner

The ultimate holiday plan is to admire the unique sunset of each place, so being able to enjoy it from a boat is an unbeatable way to elevate your holiday experience. This can be a dream moment, and it is undeniable that Tenerife has one of the most spectacular!

A stay that elevates the passion of your romantic getaway

When organising a trip for your partner and if your main aim is for it to be a romantic experience, make sure you book a staycation to help you plan the getaway you want. The biggest advantage of choosing this Canary Island as your destination is that you choose one that suits your desires, whether they are boat trips in Tenerife, enjoying its customs or making the most of all the leisure activities it has to offer.

At Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel, we want to offer you the stay you deserve, and become your ideal place to rest, but also a refuge where you can live a high level romantic experience with your soul mate. Contact us and ask us all your questions, we will be delighted to answer them! Our main goal is make you to live the perfect holidays.



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