Tenerife is a unique island that is perfect for excursions of all kinds. It hides many corners full of curiosities and incredible natural landscapes that you will love to meet. But there is a place on the whole island that stands out for many reasons that you can check with your own eyes when you […]

Why do we celebrate the Canary Islands Day?

All the places have a history and the one of our archipelago is very particular. Many will wonder why we celebrate the Canary Islands Day and here we leave you a few reasons. This festival turns out to be special, not only for the historians but also for the inhabitants of the islands. And is [...]

Live fabulous experiences under the waters of Tenerife!

There is no doubt that among the most impressive charms of the Canary Islands are the waters of Tenerife and the amount of treasures that it offers, both in surface and in the depths. Whichever way you visit it is possible to enjoy and live unique experiences, such as diving or snorkeling. If you have [...]

5 ideal places to have a drink in Tenerife and enjoy

If you are looking for the perfect place to have a drink in Tenerife, to relax with your friends and spend a enjoyable time, you can choose betwen many options in all the island. Here are 5 we most recomend in Vanilla Garden Hotel in the south: Papagayo Beach Club – Las Américas Day and [...]

Only Adults Concept: What means in Vanilla Garden?

Some wonder why we have the Only Adults Concept at  Vanilla Garden Hotel and others just do not question anything, because they know that sometimes we need a well deserved rest of responsibilities and concerns. There are those who feel special empathy for children, especially if they are their children. Other people simply do not [...]

Do you want more Carnival? Come to Los Cristianos!

In Tenerife we ​​have celebrations for all audiences, dates and places. Did you go to the Carnival in Santa Cruz? And those of Puerto de la Cruz? The north of the island stands out for these festivities, for their costumes, colors and atmosphere. But the south is no less when it comes to having a […]

Do you know what the Burial of the Sardine is?

In Tenerife every year enjoyment and laughter are guaranteed thanks to the celebration of the Carnival. There is a special day in the schedule of your schedule in which there is a very particular reason to go out to the street. This year will be held on the first Wednesday of March, at 9:00 pm […]

Come to Tenerife’s Carnivals!

If something distinguishes the island of Tenerife in these dates is precisely the cheerful and colorful atmosphere that the carnival paints in its streets. It is a show of music, smiles, humor, glitter and fun where people of all ages participate with costumes, dances, murgas and much more. The Carnivals of Tenerife are recognized in […]

Most romantic sunsets of Tenerife

Few places are as magical and spectacular as the natural landscapes offered by the island of Tenerife. Beaches of infinite sand, mountains of colors and varied sizes, forests full of green and leafy pines that give off the aroma of freshness, a perfect climate and above all, very romantic sunsets. The sunsets at these places […]

Do you know our Special Packs? | Vanilla Garden Hotel

We have created Special Packs to customize your stay, adapting to your specific needs and creating an ideal environment for the experience that you want to highlight. In Hotel Vanilla Garden we have many ways to make your vacation even more special. So check this! Here are some of the things we put at your [...]