Live a different experience; Introduction to dive in Tenerife

Go on an adventure and discover the depths of the sea on a introduction to Dive in Tenerife. Take the first step to become an expert scuba diver.

As any person can imagine, a introduction to dive in Tenerife is the first experience that a human being makes in the company of professional experts in the sea. The introduction dive normally does not exceed a couple of hours and it is only a first contact with the marine environment, there is no need to be afraid, it is only the first step towards an experience that can change your life.

With a price between 60 and 100 euros you can get these first and important lessons on the subject. You need to know essentially the theoretical part and then carry out the practical part, the real heart of diving. The theory of diving and responsibility at sea is just as important as the actual practice. Once you know everything you have to do and how to behave, it is usual to go for an equipped dive at a depth between 5 and 12 metres, this will determine your first underwater experience.

In your initial process in a pool or on a beach you will learn how to compensate for the pressure in your ears when descending, how to empty the water from your goggles if it has leaked a little, or the usual signalling when you want to communicate with your instructor while you are at depth. A basic and brief learning process, but very useful for enjoying a sometimes dangerous environment, the sea.

Introduction to dive in Tenerife

Keys to getting started in scuba diving

Diving, like many other physical activities, requires an optimum state of health to be able to do it. In Spain, a medical check-up is required to assess your ability to carry out the activity. Previous pulmonary pathologies, pregnancy or special medication may limit your ability to begin this adventure. Fun is great, health is essential.

Another factor to take into account is age, normally between 8 and 12 years old is the initial stage of this sport. We must be responsible with the involvement of children in this activity, which although it is not dangerous, requires safety and good sense. It is advisable to feel comfortable in the water, it is not necessary to be a great swimmer, but it is necessary to have some basic notions about swimming and to be familiar with the aquatic environment.

Introduction dive Tenerife

Duration, depth and equipment

A diving activity usually lasts for more than half an hour, rarely extending beyond that for beginners. Normally the initial stage is held at depths of around 12 metres. You should be aware that once you are officially certified, you can descend to depths of up to 40 metres.

The equipment is normally provided by the company you hire for the activity. With a weight of about 20 kg, you should take this factor into account when it comes to feeling comfortable at depth. The basic equipment usually consists of a wetsuit, weights, regulators, pressure gauge and depth gauge, compensating waistcoat, compressed air bottle, mask, snorkel and fins. As you progress in the activity you will be able to take care of your own equipment.

Diving areas in Tenerife

There are many attractive dive sites on our island, which is inevitable when you are surrounded by the sea. The small port of Armeñime, the wreck of Tabaiba, Garachico, Montaña Amarilla, El Bufadero. North, south, east and west, ready for you to explore the Canarian seabed and its many mysteries.

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