Your guide to enjoying a Beach Club in Playa de las Américas

Ready to immerse yourself in a fun-filled beach paradise? We’re about to explore why a beach club in Playa de las Americas is the hidden gem of your holiday.

What is a beach club and why should you visit one?

Picture this: soft sand caressing your feet, the mesmerising sound of the waves dancing to the rhythm of your bliss and a refreshing cocktail in one hand as you sway in a comfy hammock or lounge on a Balinese bed – that’s a beach club, my friend! It’s like someone has taken all your holiday fantasies and merged them into one magical place.

Want to feel like an old-school movie star without the budget of a blockbuster? A beach club is your VIP pass to that experience. Relax as the waiters serve you culinary delights that look like something out of a gourmet cooking show – don’t be surprised if you start speaking with a French accent and wiggling your eyebrows like a master actor!

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Dive into Water Fun and make friends!

But wait, there’s more! At a beach club, you don’t just relax; you can also unleash your adventurous spirit. Take a splash in the crystal clear waters with a paddle surf session or try other activities such as jet skiing or surfing. There is always a moment to inject adrenaline into your body during your break. In the beach areas you will get multiple options of water activity centres with these options and many others.

Remember what it was like to make friends when you were a kid at the playground? Well, at a beach club, that’s coming back into fashion, but with a drink in your hand and music in the background. Meet people from all over the world, swap travel stories and maybe even end up doing some spontaneous choreography with someone you only met 10 minutes ago. Ah, the wonders of summer!

Delights for the Palate, the Stomach and the Soul

And there’s nothing better to complement summer than a good menu. From fresh seafood, to gourmet burgers, to colourful cocktails that make the rainbow jealous, the party isn’t complete without your palate tasting the magic these places have to offer! Your Instagram followers are going to love your posts.

beach club Playa Américas

Beach club in Playa de las Américas

In the area of Las Américas you can find a multitude of places to enjoy a day at the beach at the highest level. Places like Monkey Beach Club or Papagayo Beach Club are well known by all locals and foreigners for this type of activities.

There are many other nearby options such as La Palapa, Le Club, Kaluna Beach Club, Coco Beach Sunset Bar, etc. Now it is your turn to choose the best option according to your location and tastes and enjoy a wonderful day out. Las Americas is a first class tourist area, with first class gastronomic and festive options.

What if we stay at the hotel?

Having comfort at your fingertips, a wonderful bar at the hotel pool with first class cocktails and snacks… It is no longer necessary to visit a beach club in Playa de las Americas.

At Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel we have a pool area with Balinese beds, live music, summer parties, happy hour, Jacuzzi and many more surprises. What more could you ask for during your holidays? First class service and beautiful rooms in the tourist centre of the south of Tenerife. We have it all.



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