Parapenting in Tenerife is one of the best ways to appreciate the landscape, as well as an unforgettable experience. Is an island that hides many corners full of curiosities and incredible natural places that you will love.

Tenerife is a unique island that is perfect for excursions and sports all year round. But it is just after October that the best season to practice Parapenting begins.

Although it also depends a little on the particular weather conditions of each place, in general the best time to fly is between October and April. Especially in some specific take-off areas of the island as we recommend you.

Whether you’re an expert, or you’ve never done it, you’ll enjoy a totally safe and enjoyable flight experience.

Do you know how to fly?

You can bring your own equipment and launch yourself to enjoy; or if you prefer, you can rent one.

For your particular take off we can suggest you go to La Corona, which is in the Realejos, to the north of the island. To the East is the slope of Güímar and to the southwest you will find Taucho or Adeje.

The last one is of very easy access and one of the well-known parapenting takeoff points of the island.

Keep in mind that none of these references have an official space or infrastructure to take off or land, so it is advisable to have the supervision of specialists.

Are you still a rookie or a little respectful?

Tenerife has clubs and companies where courses for beginners are taught.

There you will be taught to fly and you will also have the option of launching yourself from a two-seater paraglider. This way you will feel more secure in the company of some expert who gives you instructions, while enjoying the breathtaking views from the top.

Apart from the above, we can recommend other takeoff points such as Izaña or the Volcano of Fasnia, southeast of Tenerife or Ifonche, in Vilaflor, if you are in the northeast.

If you still have questions or need more information, you can contact the Federation of Air Sports FECDA for any query or enter their website.

Do you dare or will you stay with the desire? Take off, feel, observe and enjoy! You will not regret it.

There is no doubt that among the most impressive charms of the Canary Islands are the waters of Tenerife and the amount of treasures that it offers, both in surface and in the depths.

Whichever way you visit it is possible to enjoy and live unique experiences, such as diving or snorkeling.

If you have never dived or do not have much practice in this fantastic sport, do not worry because this may be the ideal environment to start you in the best conditions and accompanied by the most professional.

The Baptism of Diving in Tenerife is recognized worldwide by many of the tourists who have visited us.

A quick and very easy way to enjoy the underwater landscapes, accompanied by instructors to ensure your safety while enjoying the experience.

During the excursion you will be able to fascinate with the varied fauna underwater like turtles and great amount of fish.

Snorkeling is another of the options offered by Tenerife to enjoy its wonderful aquatic backgrounds.

It is an activity where the athlete dives just below the surface of the water, using as tools a tube or snorkel to breathe under the water and also fins to expedite their movements in the water.

Perhaps this is a lighter form of diving, especially for those who do not like to dive completely underwater or just want to take a curious look.

The clarity of the waters in some coves of Tenerife help to visualize with greater ease and without needing to submerge. In these beaches you can see all kinds of local fauna and a great variety of aquatic curiosities.

The climate and the overall environment of the island are simply perfect and give it recognition among its visitors as one of the best areas to dive or snorkel.

Do not you feel like going into the water or are you a little afraid? Do not worry because a boat ride might be the perfect choice for you.

You can even go with your family or with friends to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes on the coast of the island, the stunning views of the cliffs, sunrises or sunsets, cetaceans swimming and many more things.

It is only a matter of choosing the aquatic activity that best suits your preferences.

In Tenerife we ​​have celebrations for all audiences, dates and places.

Did you go to the Carnival in Santa Cruz? And those of Puerto de la Cruz? The north of the island stands out for these festivities, for their costumes, colors and atmosphere. But the south is no less when it comes to having a great time.

If you are one of those who chases a party, those who want more, if you missed the other carnivals or just feel like going out to have a good time, this is the time and the perfect place to come for your vacation.

The other side of Tenerife celebrates the International Carnival of Los Cristianos, Arona 2017 or better known by locals as the Southern Carnival. Very popular for being later than the conventional dates of carnival that is celebrated more to the north of the island and in the capital.

The southern enclave to collect this holiday is Playa de Los Cristianos, in the municipality of Arona. This year’s theme is Las Vegas and it comes with a very varied program with galas, murgas, dances, festivals, contests, concerts, parades, wigs, costumes, choreographies and much more.

It opens its calendar of events from March 17, when it will take place the Presentation of the Candidates to Queen Children, the Adult and Queen of Carnival 2017.

Afterwards you will be able to enjoy the Drag Queen Gala and the elections of all the queens of the International Carnival of Los Cristianos, Arona 2017.

Do you still want more party? Then you can not miss the 2017 Day Carnival scheduled for Saturday, March 25 from 11:00 a.m. If you go out on Friday night, you can tie the party and rest on Sunday!

But keep forces in your body for what remains…

On the penultimate day in the planning of these carnivals there will be an exhibition of classic and old cars where you can relax a bit, admire these works of art and then get some air, because the march continues with the Great Aposoic Coso of the Carnival.

And if your body does not give more, but it gives you regret that the holidays are over, you are invited to the Burial of the southern Sardine to bid farewell to these days of celebration. You have to wear black, but with a lot of glitter and above all a lot of humor, satire, laughter and the desire to have fun.

On Monday, March 27, starting at 9:00 pm, the end of the Southern Carnival begins and also is the beginning of your holiday planning to return next year.

You will see how much desire you will have to repeat!

In Tenerife every year enjoyment and laughter are guaranteed thanks to the celebration of the Carnival.

There is a special day in the schedule of your schedule in which there is a very particular reason to go out to the street.

This year will be held on the first Wednesday of March, at 9:00 pm at the Juan Pablo II location of the capital of Tenerife.

After a month full of costumes, parties, lights, glitter, music and good atmosphere, comes the day of the Burial of the Sardine, in spanish named as “El Entierro de La Sardina”. 

This is a typical ceremony of the dates that announces the end of the Carnival with parades of a more funeral style, but with a waste of laughter, jokes, nice jokes and a thousand other things.

Although it is a combination that may sound a bit strange, it turns out to be the perfect mix to have a great time.

The parades during the Burial of the Sardine are a parody of a funeral procession that is traditionally celebrated on Ash Wednesday, ending the journey with the sardine burning as a representative figure of the Carnival.

The carnival parties are then dismissed with this event and the beginning of Holy Week begins.

The Burial of the Sardine is also a symbolic way of burying the past along with errors, reborn clean, with more strength and experience.

If something distinguishes the island of Tenerife in these dates is precisely the cheerful and colorful atmosphere that the carnival paints in its streets. It is a show of music, smiles, humor, glitter and fun where people of all ages participate with costumes, dances, murgas and much more.

The Carnivals of Tenerife are recognized in the world as one of the best. Every year, a base theme of inspiration is chosen around which the parties, the poster, the colors, the costumes, etc. will turn out. This year 2017 has been selected The Caribbean as a star theme.

Of all the parties, this is a gala where the red carpet is replaced by a frost of multiple colors and the costumes become disguises increasingly original and graceful. It is a magnificent waste of imagination that residents and tourists live with intensity.

If you still do not have your costume, go running to get one, put on your mask and take to the streets to live the humor and the joy you breathe!

Let yourself be enveloped by the charm of Tenerife, multiplied by the magic of its colorful and spectacular parties.

Remember that at our reception you can find information on schedules, transportation and everything you need to know to enjoy these days and enjoy it to the fullest.


Few places are as magical and spectacular as the natural landscapes offered by the island of Tenerife.

Beaches of infinite sand, mountains of colors and varied sizes, forests full of green and leafy pines that give off the aroma of freshness, a perfect climate and above all, very romantic sunsets.

The sunsets at these places are ideal for spending a dreamlike afternoon together and perfect for an intimate getaway, especially now that important dates such as Valentine’s Day are approaching.

Here are some suggestions for you to enjoy with your partner, alone, with family, with friends or as you prefer because they are equally spectacular:

La Caleta

Located on Costa Adeje in the south of the island, this place offers wonderful sunsets that can be combined with a delicious cocktail in front of the beach. It is a place that attracts many tourists because of its beauty in the landscape and the variety of its shops.

Las Americas

It is very close to our Hotel Vanilla Garden. The sunsets on this beach invite to spend a fantastic time to admire the explosion of colors in the sky, as we walk along the walk with our partner, enjoying a rich ice cream or refreshing drink.


If there is a place with amazing sunsets in Tenerife, that is Benijo. It is great if you want to relax with our partner for the tranquility you breathe. Ideal to disconnect from the noise of the city and listen to the waves, wind and appreciate a beautiful sunset behind the Roques de Anaga.

Playa Honda

It is also very close to our hotel, in Las Americas. It is an incredibly charming place, romantic and with a beautiful view. It is the perfect setting to spend a dream day with that special person and take her by the hand as we watch the sun hide in the horizon of the sea and between the neighboring islands in front.

Palm Mar

It is located in Arona and just in front of the beach is a chiringuito decorated in the best Chill Out style, where they serve delicious cocktails. The views from this place are privileged, especially when you see other islands like El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma. The sunset has very colorful tones. We would certainly spend an unforgettable time here with our partner.

Punta de Teno

In the western part of the island we can find the lighthouse of Punta de Teno, which is one of the most emblematic places. Here you can enjoy the variety in the landscape surrounded by cactus, volcanic rocks, ocean and a movie sunset. Imagine how romantic a kiss would be in the sunset!


Not everything is beach! The king of the island offers the best and most privileged views for the more adventurous and original. At more than 3,500 meters in height you can see how the sun is hiding between the neighboring islands and the horizon of the ocean. The most romantic thing about the situation is that in the afternoon it starts to get a little cold and you have the perfect excuse to ask your partner to hold you very tight while enjoying the colors of the sunset.

Tenerife is an island that offers landscapes for all tastes and preferences. Its mountains, forests, mountains and beaches are as varied as we can imagine.

Among all there are 5 that you should visit without fail:

Playa Grande: quiet environment, with white sand and very close to the Poris. It is great to spend all day resting there.

Playa del Socorro: ideal for surfers and surfers. It is a paragliding runway and a starting point for hikers.

Charco del Viento: for the curious looking for something different, this is a cove hidden in the north of Tenerife, by the coastal area of La Guancha. Its waters are always calm by the rocks that surround it.

Playa de Benijo: Located in Taganana, on this beach you can see one of the most spectacular sunsets of the island, with privileged views towards Los Roques de Anaga.

Playa La Tejita: next to Montaña Roja, is the ideal beach for water sportsmen or hikers who want to climb the mountain and then take a refreshing swim. You can also practice nudism if you like.


Talking about beautiful places in Tenerife is practically redundant. It’s a majestic island, full of incredible places that offer a wide range of options, for all tastes and preferences.

The most common is that people recommend us to go to the north of the island when we look for information on places we can go; But the south of Tenerife also has many charming places that we should know.

The beaches can be seen with black, white, beige, fine sand, small stones, big stones, coves, with waves, without waves … Always with a fantastic climate that we can enjoy all year round.

  • El Médano, in the municipality Granadilla de Abona, is the beach par excellence for lovers of sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing. Space to fly a kite, take a walk on the sand or enjoy a beachfront mojito.
  • Playa Honda in Las Americas has ideal waves to have a good time with the surfboard. For those who have never done it, they can take classes right there. But there is also a place for those who prefer to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
  • Playa la Arena, in Puerto Santiago, offers a unique landscape with black and brilliant sand, great for making some very original photos.
  • Las Vistas, in Arona, is a wide beach, ideal to spend a day in family with the children. It is also in front of the Port of Los Cristianos, in case there is the idea of taking a walk to the nearest neighboring islands. By boat we can reach La Gomera or La Palma in about two hours, more or less.

But Tenerife South is much more than beautiful beaches. There are really lush landscapes that might astonish anyone.

  • The Los Gigantes cliff in Santiago del Teide is an example of this. It offers one of the most imposing landscapes in the Canarian archipelago. The Guanches (first inhabitants of the island) called the Wall of Hell for its height of about 600 meters and depth of up to 30 meters. Seeing the seafloor in this place is awesome and you can visit it by doing kayak or boat trips. This second option is great if you want to go with children because during the crossing you can see cetaceans swimming.
  • Barranco del Infierno in Adeje is another charming place in the south of the island. With an extension of almost two thousand hectares, between deep ravines and narrow hills shows a unique landscape. It is a place protected as a Special Natural Reserve, so access is limited to a maximum of 300 people per day, under reservation and with a strict schedule.

If you are looking for a quiet stroll in the south of Tenerife you can visit some charming villages, where you can taste the typical food, try some of the best wines in the area and enjoy the warmth of its people.

  • Vilaflor de Chasna in Granadilla de Abona is curiously the highest municipality in Spain, with approximately 1400 meters above sea level. Here you will find vineyards and wineries where you can taste wine of the best quality and prestige.
  • Arico el Nuevo in Villa de Arico, with only 180 inhabitants is a small town with much charm. Here still some old houses are conserved typical of the place, that is declared Historical Set with approximately half century of antiquity.

With all these examples it becomes evident that Tenerife is the perfect place to disconnect from the routine. It is varied and adaptable to all audiences. It offers beaches, ravines, mountains, spectacular views, magical villages, wonderful people, radiant sunshine with an enviable climate, warm waters, sports areas, leisure, relaxation and much more.

The world of wine in Tenerife are in luck. Coinciding with the feast of St. Andrew, the wineries open their doors and give entry to new wine. If you like to discover the destination through its flavors and new experiences, this is an event.

To understand the history of the Canary wines would be interesting to start by visiting the Casa del Vino. An old farm seventeenth century, which houses a museum and a tasting area and a restaurant with views of Mount Teide prodigious.

Delve into the largest of the Canary Islands, where you can taste wines with Designation of Origin Tacoronte-Acentejo and Orotava Valley wine region. The fantastic thing about this region is that along its route will take contact with the heritage, nature and stunning landscapes of this area of the island. The ideal place to sample typical Canarian cuisine place.

Aim these cities within your route: Tacoronte Tegueste, El Sauzal, San Cristobal de la Laguna and La Orotava are some of the municipalities that can be found within this region. Here you will find everything from large wineries to smaller and family. No doubt this is a highly recommended option ecotourism and a different way to discover and experience Tenerife in a unique way.

A buffer zone with all the flavor of the history

A.O. Ycoden-Daute-Isora is located in the northwestern region of Tenerife and its wines are heirs of the ancient “Canary”, a wine made from overripe grapes Malvasia which was already appreciated by William Shakespeare or Giacomo Casanova, among many featured leaders of the history. Here you will find very aromatic white wines and rosé and fresh grapes flavored. Malvasia have sweet and sour notes. If you like more tropical flavors, try the rosé of this region. You will be amazed.

The AO at Tenerife South

In the region of Abona, in the south of Tenerife, white bodied wines are produced, but also fantastic red and rosé. The key to success of these wines is the sun and the volcanic soil that stimulate to growing excellent grapes.

The white wines are the star of the wine production of the AO “Valle de Güímar”, which are characterized by a fresh and fruity taste. Rosé wines are prized for their aroma of red fruits, while the reds are recognized for their earthy notes. Other varieties are sweet wine, with hints of honey; sparkling wines with very fine bubbles and persistent, slightly acidic crown; and sparkling wines with notes of dried fruits and slightly spicy.

Is not suggestive? November is a good time to discover the island and its stunning nature, interesting history and culture so personal and unique. Make it through their wines will help you to see Tenerife through new flavors that we are sure you will love them. Enjoy it!


 I thought it might be timely for those planning their Tenerife holiday this year, to give some more up to date recommendations. As always, these are completely subjective choices so feel free to add your own.


El Rincón de Juan Carlos, Los Gigantes. It was top of my list in 2012 and it still is now. In my opinion, simply the best restaurant on the island and in 2015 received its first (long overdue) Michelin star. Top notch dining, not cheap but amazing value for money.
Favourite dish: pork cheek with French truffle (papada de cochino negro).


Lucas Maes, La Orotava. Another carry-over from my 2012 list and still as fabulous as ever. Gourmet cuisine in a lovely mansion overlooking the ocean. Pricey, so one for a special occasion.
Favourite dish: pan seared scallops.

Otelo, Adeje. The last of my 2012 list to make it through to 2016. Unlike the Barranco del Infierno over which it resides, Otelo’s doors remain open and it’s just as finger licking good as ever. Cheap and filling treat.
Favourite dish: garlic chicken of course.


Mirador de Garachico, Garachico. Creative cuisine, local produce and service with a warm smile every time. Mid-range prices and huge portions. Good value for money.
Favourite dish: sea bass and prawns with asparagus.

Los Roques, Los Abrigos. Lovely setting, lovely people, lovely food. What more do you want? Fine dining without the fuss and a perennial favourite with people who return year on year. Mid-range prices.
Favourite dish: avocado and lime sorbet.


Tito’s Bodeguita, Puerto de la Cruz. Gorgeous garden patio setting and an ideal lunch venue. The menu doesn’t tend to change but luckily, it’s got lots of great choices. Not cheap.
Favourite dish: Capricho de Pollo (crispy chicken goujons).

Empire, Playa de Las Américas. Gastro pub grub done exceptionally well in stylish surroundings in the Safari Centre. One of several restaurants in the Venture stable, every one of them raising the restaurant bar in the south. Good value.
Favourite dish: Fish´n´chips.

Habibi, Los Cristianos. If you like Middle Eastern food, you’ll love Habibi. More an institution than merely a restaurant, Habibi’s Arabian Nights décor sets the scene for fabulous spices, curries and couscous. Big portions, good value.
Favourite dish: mixed mezze with Lebanese bread.

Terrazas del Sauzal, El Sauzal. A new addition to my favourites list and one that will take some toppling. Sensational food in an uber stylish setting with panoramic views across the north west coast. Definitely one for a special occasion lunch. Not cheap.
Favourite dish: Milhojas de bacalau (cod in puff pastry with chestnut sauce).


Mesón Los Gemelos, Puerto de la Cruz. More leafy patios and great service from this cracking restaurant in my home town. You can’t book and you can expect to queue because everyone loves it. Traditional Canarian food done well. Big portions and cheap.
Favourite dish: steak, pure and simple.




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