The villages of Tenerife have a unique charm. Strolling through the streets while listening to the sound of the sea, seeing centuries of history through the buildings or enjoying the cultural heritage of the islanders in their surroundings, you might want to add these Tenerife villages to your list of things to do during your holidays.

Tenerife has a population of approximately 933,000. Many of these people live in their capital city or some of the best-known cities. Others, however, do so in some of the most beautiful villages you can find in the Canary Islands. This is our top 5 Tenerife towns not to be missed:

Villages of Tenerife South

Los Gigantes

It’s a small town next to a cliff in the south of the Island. This cliff is part of the Rural Park of Teno and reaches 600 meters high from the sea at some points. It is a great opportunity to spend a day on a beach completely different from the usual, but also for lovers of water sports, has a marina from which to depart. Here is also very common people who visit this town of Tenerife for diving or deep-sea fishing. Although its extension is not very large, you can enjoy a walk around and even enjoy a cocktail and a beautiful sunset in Oasis Los Gigantes.

La Caleta

La Caleta is one of the most welcoming villages in Tenerife south. It is a small fishing village located a short distance from Costa Adeje. If what you are looking for is to enjoy a sunny day by the sea and spend a few hours in a relaxed atmosphere, this is your place. In addition, you will also be able to taste some of the best seafood and fish, you will even be able to see the small boats on the coast off La Caleta, and taste local wines. Finally, every August the fiestas of Carmen are celebrated here, a perfect opportunity to enjoy the local fiestas with dance, music, food, and fireworks.

Tenerife North villages


To visit the beautiful town of Garachico you can make a small route through the southern part of the island or accessing the highway that links the towns of Tenerife North. This is one of the most beautiful towns in Tenerife and well worth a visit. Garachico unites the culture of Tenerife through its architecture, cobblestone streets, gastronomy, and even a small museum, with the possibility of enjoying the sunny climate of Tenerife in an unusual natural swimming pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, as you have surely already been able to find through Instagram, here is one of the most photographed points of the island that you might want to visit to have a little souvenir as well.

La Laguna


This city in the metropolitan area of the Island is one of the towns of Tenerife North with more history. It is a World Heritage City declared by UNESCO in 1999. The work of protection and rehabilitation carried out in the municipality gives tourists the opportunity to learn about the history of the Canary Islands while strolling through its cobbled streets and see some buildings of great importance. The streets of La Laguna are always full of life, street musicians, tascas, bars, restaurants, exclusive shops … Visit it!

La Orotava


Finally, we would like to close this post by talking about La Orotava. For many, this locality is the most beautiful village of Tenerife North that you will find in the Island. From the historical set, passing by its museums, beaches, natural footpaths, gastronomy… But also its height allows enjoying beautiful views from some of its viewpoints with the Teide crowning that beautiful image. The typical balconies that adorn the facades of their traditional houses are well known, something you will want to see during your visit to La Orotava.

We hope that these beautiful villages of Tenerife have aroused your curiosity and, in addition to enjoying your stay in Vanilla Garden, decide to go out and meet some of them.


Tenerife Gay Pride is a great occasion to celebrate the equality on the best climate and atmosphere in the world.

Tenerife Gay Pride

At Vanilla Garden Hotel we welcome all our guests under a non-discriminatory policy regardless of their sexual orientation. Our main priority is the comfort during your stay in our hotel and enjoy a pleasant holiday in Tenerife. Therefore, we would like to inform you about LGBTI activities and events in Tenerife. This year the International Gay Pride Day Tenerife is celebrated in the south of the island on the 18th and 23rd of June 2019.

The celebration of Tenerife Gay Pride is that no one should be ashamed of their biological sex, their sex-affective orientation, their sexual identity or their gender role. This celebration takes place on 23 June, the day on which the Stonewall riots are commemorated. These took place in 1969 and marked the beginning of the homosexual liberation movement.

ARN Culture & Business Pride

We would like you to get to know ARN Culture & Business Pride, without a doubt, the maximum event of visibility and awareness Tenerife LGTB. Celebrate the third edition through culture, technology, business, science, art and leisure in Arona, Tenerife South. This is an international event that will have the presence of relevant personalities of the collective. Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympic athlete; Lukas Dhont, Belgian director and scriptwriter; Coco Capitán, Sevillian artist; Nyle DiMarco, international model and activist; Daniela Vega, Chilean actress and protagonist of the film ‘A fantastic woman’; Boris Izaguirre, writer and television presenter; among others… To these names are added other personalities of importance for the collective’s visibility, such as Trinity The Thuck, winner of the fourth season of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

In addition, on Friday 21 June 2019 and Saturday 22 June 2019, different concerts will take place from 18:00 hours. On the stage located in c/ Arenas Blancas, next to Playa de las Américas, 1 KM from Vanilla Garden Hotel Boutique, you can see Neneh Cherry, Hercules & Love Affair, Miss Caffeina, Monarchy, Nancys Rubias, Putochinomaricón, David Rees, Lajalada and Lawrence Casal.



We hope that these events have awakened your desire to show your support for the LGTBI Tenerife collective and attend one or all of them! Admission is free and subject to capacity. If you prefer to enjoy a peaceful holiday in one of the Balinese beds in the Vanilla Garden pool or with a romantic pack waiting for you inside your room, it’s also a great way to celebrate. Whichever option you choose, our hotel team is at your disposal to make your holidays unique.

a romantic getaway to Tenerife

If you are planning a romantic getaway to Tenerife, you may need to consult this small practical guide that we wanted to share with you so as everything Will be ready at your arrival. Surprising your partner has never been so easy! Organize a perfect romantic getaway in Tenerife thanks to Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel.

Tenerife Resorts for couples

The first indispensable step for a romantic getaway to Tenerife is to book a hotel that captivates all your senses. At Vanilla Garden, we have worked to create a space that invites tranquillity and eroticism. In addition, this is a hotel only for adults, we believe that we have managed to create an intimate and close environment. Enjoying romantic Tenerife Resorts for couples without families with children can be a factor to consider for your getaway.

a romantic getaway to Tenerife

Many couples decide to stay in our romantic rooms. For this reason, we have created special packs to enjoy as a couple. Imagine arriving at Vanilla Garden after a long trip and, when you get to your room, there is a romantic welcome inside. Rose petals running through every corner of your room as you toast with cava and combine it with the taste of chocolate, can you think of anything more romantic?

Perhaps you’d like to know that some of our rooms have a Jacuzzi on the terrace – a very romantic hotel with a Jacuzzi for a special sunset! Be sure to make a difference with your partner with a little extra that is well worth it during your getaway in Tenerife.

Finally, our hotel has different areas to make your rest easier, such as our Chill Out or our solarium, where we have designed a chic space with personality. Under the wooden canopies, comfortable armchairs await you and under the rays of the sun, wonderful Balinese beds, in both cases, a warm atmosphere that invites you to relax.

Romantic Dinner Tenerife

a romantic getaway to Tenerife

A classic way to create a special souvenir is with a romantic dinner in Tenerife. In the heart of Vanilla Garden we have a French Restaurant open to the public. So, whether you stay with us or not, we recommend you visit it to enjoy a highly romantic dinner.

If you need to surprise a special person with a spectacular dinner, you might want to enjoy an evening at Chez Damien, as we not only offer a breathless menu, but an exquisite atmosphere that will make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Romantic Plan Tenerife

If what you are looking for is a romantic plan in Tenerife to surprise your partner, we also have some proposals! You may want to hire a spa circuit, go up to Teide National Park to see the stars, spend a day aboard a catamaran watching dolphins or, for couples who love adrenaline, you can go scuba diving to get to know the seabed of the Canary Islands. In any case, you can always count on our hotel team to help you organize your romantic plan in Tenerife.

We hope that this little guide to organize your romantic getaway in Tenerife has been useful to you. The best way to conquer your partner is just 3 short steps: book a Tenerife Resorts for couples, enjoy a romantic dinner in Tenerife and prepare the best romantic plan in Tenerife. We will be waiting for you!


The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has recently ended but if you didn’t get a chance to join the party, you’ve got one more try, the colorful Carnival of Arona that is celebrated in Los Cristianos!

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife flooded the streets of the capital of the island, light and colour until last Saturday 9th March, as we commented in our blog. However, you can still enjoy this acclaimed party in the Islands.

Canary Islands, attending the Carnival of Arona between March 21 to April 1, at a short distance from our hotel, Vanilla Garden.

Every year the carnivals of all the localities of Tenerife that celebrate it have a theme. The point is to encourage their attendees to disguise themselves as it. Carnaval de Arona 2019 has ‘La Jungla’ as its main theme. So prepare your disguise of the most exotic animals, living nature or that which is you can happen. Don’t put limits on the imagination!

The Carnival of Arona is the second most popular in Tenerife. Every year there are more people who are at that time enjoying their holidays in it. They decide to join this great party of costumes.

What can I see at the Arona 2019 Carnival?

We would like to highlight the following activities of the Tenerife South Carnival:

March 22nd: You will be able to experience the Comparsas de Los Cristianos Competition, an authentic festival of light, colour, movement, dance and rhythm.
March 23rd: Carnival Day, wig party, an excellent reason to toast with your funniest wig under the rhythm of Europa FM.
March 26th: Gala Election of the Queen of the Third Age of the Carnival.
March 27th: Gala Election of the Children’s Queen of Carnival.
March 28th: Gala for the Election of the Queen of Carnival.
March 29th: Carnival Drag Queen Gala, an authentic show that the lovers of transformism cannot be lost.
March 30th: The Day Carnival has two stages and dynamization through the nearby streets with the best music of Los 40 Principales.
March 31st: All the groups, groups, candidates and Queens of the Carnival joins the Gran Coso Apoteósico del Carnival.
April 1st: You can live one of the most special traditions, the Burial of the Sardine.

We hope we have awakened your desire to know the Carnival of Arona 2019! Also, if you have any questions about any of the events, don’t hesitate to ask our team. We will help you to enjoy this great experience.

If you’re thinking of booking a well-deserved holiday in Tenerife, you might want to add some adrenaline to the equation by booking active tourism activities.

Many people visit the Canary Islands and after 3 days of relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Islands or in our vibrant swimming pool, they need to look for new experiences but that allows them to know in depth the place they have chosen for their holidays.

Tenerife is an island of contrasts, its volcanic sandy beaches are just a clue to the grandeur of its mountains, ravines, sea beds … Today we tell you some active tourism activities that you might want to add to your ‘things to do in Tenerife’ list.

What is Active Tourism?

Active tourism is that way of travelling that involves developing certain activities in natural environments. Most of the time, these are excursions with a certain amount of physical exertion but with a controlled level of risk. Without a doubt, this is a different way of getting to know Tenerife and it makes the visitor get involved with the environment and enjoy an adventure holiday.


Sports tourism

First of all, we propose you some mountain tourism activities that perhaps fit well with what you are looking for.

Trekking: One of the most classic aspects of mountain sports tourism is to enjoy the countless trails that Tenerife has for trekking. Discover the greenest and wildest part of the island by walking along the summits of Anaga to the coast in Las Vueltas de Taganana; enjoy the path that leads to the beach of Antequera, you will pass from a thick laurisilva forest to an almost deserted beach where you can enjoy the sun and sea; finally, another example that you should know is the path of Alto de Guajara, with some amazing views of Teide and where, on clear days, you can also see other Canary Islands.

Canyoning: Another way to do mountain tourism but that will trigger your adrenaline is to practice canyoning. Jumps into the water, rappel down, connect with the wild and adventurous side of nature… The ravine of Arcos, Los Carrizales or La Sabina are some of the best known but there are many places to practice this sport in Tenerife.

Active tourism in the water

It is possible that if you have arrived here, we have already met you to practice active tourism during your holidays in Tenerife. But you may still be reluctant to move from the beach to the mountains, don’t be afraid! You can practice sports tourism without getting out of the water, how?

Kayaking in Los Gigantes: How about spending the day kayaking on the cliff of Los Gigantes? It’s certainly a unique experience with incredible views of Tenerife’s coastline as you alternate it with bathing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Diving: We have talked about the great characteristics of the coast and mountains of Tenerife, but you can also practice sports tourism underwater. Reach the depths of our Island to know more than 600 marine species that inhabit the south coast of Tenerife.

Don’t doubt it! Get into the rewarding experience of active tourism activities during your holiday in Tenerife – you’ll get to know our island like never before! In addition, the whole Vanilla Garden team is at your disposal to help you organise as many activities as you want and, if you haven’t found it among our recommendations, please contact us!


Valentine’s Day is coming, perhaps you still haven’t found the perfect gift to surprise your partner or perhaps you’re about to embark on a romantic holiday in Tenerife and want to surprise her or him with something extra during your stay at Vanilla Garden.

One of the most special days of the year requires one of the hotels in Tenerife for the best-valued couples you can find. In addition, they can also be the perfect excuse to look for plans to make as a couple and enjoy your romantic getaway in Tenerife.

We know that this 2019 on February 14 falls on a Thursday, which can make it a little more complicated to celebrate as a couple. However, we believe that this is the perfect excuse to take Friday off or simply postpone this well-deserved romantic plan in Tenerife until the weekend.

If you already have a reservation at our hotel in Tenerife for couples and you have just realized that ‘Valentine’s Day’ falls during your idyllic holiday in Tenerife, we remind you of some of the services we have available for you.

Surprise your partner with a romantic pack


Imagine you arrive at our hotel after a long trip, check in at our reception, pick up your key, head for your room and, when you open the door, a romantic welcome awaits you inside. Rose petals will run through every corner of your room, you can toast with a bottle of cold cava and also combine it with the taste of chocolate. Without a doubt, a wonderfully welcome surprise to start your holiday as a couple in Tenerife in style.

If you want to give a more sensual touch to your stay. We recommend our erotic pack, composed of some elements that will raise the temperature of your room so that the passion loses its brake. In addition, we also have other options with which to surprise your partner to improve your stay and ensure a dream vacation.

vanilla-garden-hotel-chef-damien-restauranteDinner at Chez Damien

A Valentine’s Day classic is inviting the person you love to dinner. That’s why we invite you to discover all the secrets of our French Cuisine Restaurant, Chez Damien. This is a unique place open to the public, so even if you’re not staying at Vanilla Garden, you can enjoy a succulent dinner for two.




vanilla-garden-playas-tenerife-vacacionesPlans for couples in Tenerife

To conclude, we propose some of the most romantic plans in Tenerife that you could imagine. We know that you have programmed your holidays especially to break the routine, relax and enjoy. But they can also be the perfect excuse to look for plans to make as a couple and enjoy your romantic getaway in Tenerife and, above all, when it comes to date as important as Valentine’s Day.





We hope we have helped you find the perfect plan for a romantic holiday in Tenerife. If you have any other ideas in mind, maybe our team can help you carry them out. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Vanilla Garden has an exclusive French restaurant called Chez Damien. t is a restaurant open to the public so that, whether you have decided to stay with us or not, you can enjoy this sensational gastronomic experience.

As you have already seen, Vanilla Garden is the perfect hotel to spend a romantic time as a couple. There are many celebrations in our hotel every day. There are those who like to toast with a tasty cocktail in our pool, hiring our irresistible packs to put the romantic touch to your stay and, who decides that the best way is with a lunch or dinner in our fabulous Restaurant in Tenerife South, Chez Damien.

Our exquisite menu of French cuisine is designed by our kitchen team to try to conquer all your senses. A modern and cozy space, avant-garde dishes that you will die of desire to try, the most exquisite flavors …

The Canary Islands, like France, has a wide gastronomic variety, not only in the variety and flavor of its dishes but also in the quality of its products. We believe that this similarity is one of the fundamental reasons that make Chez Damien’s menu and flavors unique. The recipes of traditional French cuisine with the exquisite flavors that only the climatic conditions of the Canary Islands can give.

If you need to surprise a special person with a spectacular dinner, you might want to enjoy an evening at Chez Damien, as we not only offer a menu that will leave you breathless but an exquisite atmosphere that will make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Maybe you want to put the finishing touch to a highly romantic evening enjoying a walk by the beach. As you may know, the Vanilla Garden Hotel is just a few meters from the beach. You can go hand in hand, next to the shore… And even enjoy a tasty cocktail in some of the most fashionable places you will find along the way.

If you’re looking for romantic restaurants in Tenerife to surprise your partner with, Chez Damien should be on your list – book a table for two now! You can do it through our hotel team, we are at your disposal to make your evening unique.


Another exquisite restaurant that you should try

Finally, we would like to remind you that, if you prefer a relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy a dinner or lunch at our Buffet Restaurant, which offers a cozy and fresh style for every meal of the day. This is a space in which you can enjoy thanks to the excellent atmosphere with live music. You can come to our Show Cooking Experience space and see how our fabulous kitchen team prepares your plate at that moment to the way you like.

Without a doubt, Vanilla Garden’s gastronomic offer will not leave you indifferent!



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