5 Beaches you should visit in Tenerife

Tenerife is an island that offers landscapes for all tastes and preferences. Its mountains, forests, mountains and beaches are as varied as we can imagine. Among all there are 5 that you should visit without fail: Playa Grande: quiet environment, with white sand and very close to the Poris. It is great to spend all […]

Play with the snow in El Teide!

Canary Islands are the favorite destination of many tourists and those of us lucky enough to live here know the reason. It’s a fantastic place that in 7 islands concentrates great diversity of landscapes and activities to enjoy alone, in couple, with the family and with the friends. The nature was generous giving the Canary […]

Charming places in the south of Tenerife

Talking about beautiful places in Tenerife is practically redundant. It’s a majestic island, full of incredible places that offer a wide range of options, for all tastes and preferences. The most common is that people recommend us to go to the north of the island when we look for information on places we can go; But […]

Traveling Tenerife through its wines

The world of wine in Tenerife are in luck. Coinciding with the feast of St. Andrew, the wineries open their doors and give entry to new wine. If you like to discover the destination through its flavors and new experiences, this is an event. To understand the history of the Canary wines would be interesting […]

Do you know our pool parties?

Do you know our pool parties? For sure you know our legendary pool parties. In our social networks they are the great players, and every week we love to share these events and enjoying celebrating. If you’ve never heard of them, We’ll tell you in a nutshell: “The pool parties Vanilla Garden Hotel are the […]


Autum in Vanilla Garden Days turn more and more to autumn: temperatures drop, the routine returns, the days shorten. We in Vanilla Garden love this season Why? Because here definitely nothing changes! We continue to enjoy the sun, the great weather and this special atmosphere, as we do 365 days a year. For us, autumn, […]


Nueva Apertura Chez Damien Desde el año 2000, El Chef francés Damien, con su pasión y su manera de entender y hacer cocina, lleva sorprendiendo a sus clientes durante años con sus exquisiteces culinarias derivadas de la cocina francesa, siempre con el máximo respeto por la materia prima. Es por esto que, Vanilla Garden Hotel ****, tras lograr […]

Three good reasons to choose Vanilla Garden / Tres motivos por los que escoger Vanilla Garden

Three good reasons to choose Vanilla Garden.   Vanilla Garden Hotel means colour, detail and love for design. It stands for comfort and relaxation. Pure relaxation. Many of our guests describe it as a Tenerife south hotel with a fresh, tropical style with coloured in pastel and white, and open design that conveys serenity. Others […]

5 Rincones escondidos de Tenerife para darte un baño

Si estás cansado de playas abarrotadas de gente, masificadas, llenas hasta los topes de turistas y quieres disfrutar de los pequeños rincones que Tenerife tienes para nosotros, los isleños, aquí te traemos nuestros secretos mejor guardados. Porqué sí, porque nos apetece, a ti que sigues emocionant.com te vamos a desvelar 5 de nuestros mayores tesoros […]